Zimmer House
Zimmer House
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Ava Zimmer (formerly)
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The Zimmer house is a Storybrooke home where Ava and Nicholas lived without any parental supervision, until Emma Swan came along and gave them their happy ending with their father.


After the Curse

Season 1

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Ava and Nicholas reveal they live alone. ("True North")

When single mother Doris Zimmer dies, her children are left alone in her Storybrooke home. While at the Dark Star Pharmacy, Ava and Nicholas steal some supplies to help out around their abandoned home, trying to use Henry as a scapegoat. This results in the town's new sheriff, Emma Swan, being called. Henry is let go, and Emma, realizing that the Zimmer kids were just seeking necessities, takes pity on the two thieves and offers to drive them home. She drops them off at a house near to their own, but she is good at telling when people lie to her, and so she leaves suspicious. Ava and Nicholas then sneak off to their true home, which is a lot more rundown, but Emma, knowing they lied, is already there to greet them. She asks them where there parents are and they reveal that they don't have any, meaning they live in this rundown house all by themselves. The sheriff takes further pity of them and helps them to reunite with their father, Michael Tilman, meaning they're able to go and live with him and leave the horrible house. ("True North")