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Wicked Witch of the West
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Cora - Biological Mother
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Unnamed Adoptive Mother
Henry - Stepfather
Queen Regina - Half-Sister
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Henry Mills - Adoptive Nephew
Snow White - Step-Niece
Emma Swan - Great-Step-Niece
Prince Neal - Great-Step-Nephew
King Leopold - Half-Brother-in-Law
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The Queen may be evil... but I'm wicked. And wicked always wins.

Zelena, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West, is a supporting character on Once Upon a Time. A vile woman with a soft spot for flying monkeys, Zelena is the jealous half-sister of Queen Regina, having spent her whole life in Oz wishing she had a taste of the pampered life led by her sibling. Eventually, she went quite literally green with envy and has devoted her magical abilities to bringing Regina down, as well as anyone else who stands in her way. She proves her wicked powers by manipulating a Dark Curse that returns all the citizens of the Enchanted Forest back to the small seaside town from which they came, where she sets her carefully laid plan in motion. Ultimately, however, she is murdered in cold blood by the very man who trained her in the first place: Rumplestiltskin.


Before the Curse

I must give you away... to give me my best chance.
Zelena EL 318
Cora gives birth to her first daughter. ("Bleeding Through")

Cora is moonlighting at a tavern and fending off drunks when a man named Jonathan invites her to sit with him and drops a handkerchief, allowing Cora to see the royal crest embroidered on it. He explains that he's actually Prince Jonathon but that he didn't want this to be revealed so that Cora would like him for him, and not his crown. He makes a ring out of straw and offers it to her as a marriage proposal, promising to meet her in two weeks and give her a ring of gold, and Cora agrees to marry him, going on to keep him company in his room. Two weeks later, Cora waits at the crossroads where she and Jonathan agreed to meet, but he doesn't show up, and so two months later, Cora goes to the castle to find him. When she does, she realizes that he's a gardener and Jonathon admits to tricking her, accusing her of being a harlot nonetheless; Cora then reveals that she's pregnant and demands that he support the child, but he refuses and walks away. A man approaches her and introduces himself as Prince Leopold, much to her delight, and Cora stays at the palace with him. They bond as they walk through the woods together and Leopold reveals that he is betrothed to Princess Eva, who he hasn't met yet, but he'd rather take Cora for a bride, and she encourages him to do so, reminding him of his power. Later, Jonathan finds Cora at the garden, admiring the gold engagement ring that Leopold gave her, and he figures that the prince doesn't know about the child she's carrying. He demands that Cora give him as much gold as she can spare or he'll tell Leopold the truth, and she agrees to do so. Later, she is gathering money in the great hall when she's stumbled upon by Leopold, who's heard a rumor that she is with child. Cora insists that this is a lie, but Eva steps out and denounces her, explaining that she overheard her rendezvous with Jonathon earlier. Cora is taken away by guards and goes on to give birth back at her village, but she abandons her daughter in the woods and the baby is carried away by a magical cyclone. ("Bleeding Through")

Zelena EL 316
Zelena becomes... Wicked. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

A cyclone forms in the forest and a woodcutter and his wife leave the road to investigate the sound of a baby crying. The wife insists on taking it with them and says that they'll name it Zelena, and take her with them to the Emerald City of Oz. Years later, an adult Zelena shaves her widowed father. When she cuts him, Zelena summons a handkerchief and her father jumps back in fear, saying that she's wicked and that she is not his daughter. Zelena says that she leaves, and she will find the one person who can help her find a family who wants her: the Wizard of Oz. At the Wizard's palace, this latter agrees to show her past: Cora who abandoned her because Zelena couldn't give her the ability to become royalty, Regina who gave Cora what she wanted, and Rumplestiltskin who tries to give Regina the gift of magic. Then, he gives a pair of silver slippers to Zelena, in exchange of something of Rumplestiltskin's. Zelena teleports herself into Regina's quarters. She meets Rumplestiltskin, who at first thought she was Regina, and the latter confirms that she is Cora's firstborn, with one of her hair. The Dark One accepts to train her and tells her that magic comes from emotion. Later, at the Dark Castle, Zelena learns that Rumple still trains Regina. As she starts to lose control, she realizes that she's starting to turn green with envy. Later, Zelena goes to Regina's quarters and grabs her, holding a straight razor to her throat. She cuts her throat... and "Regina" transforms into Rumplestiltskin. He says that she failed his test. Zelena says that she can give him what he wants, and shows him the silver slippers. Rumplestiltskin says that he could reconsider, but Zelena says that he'll have to kill her to get them. Then, Zelena returns to the Wizard and demands that he take her to the past to the moment where Cora abandoned her. The Wizard says that it's impossible to change the past, and she pulls down the curtain. It's Walsh, who admits that he's an imposter. However, he also confesses that though he is a fraud, the items he has at his disposal, such as the slippers that he gave Zelena, are indeed real. Zelena then realizes that's why he needed her to obtain something from Rumple: to further his own collection of magical artifacts. Walsh further adds that such Magic that could undo the past doesn't exist. Zelena says that she has no use for him and transforms him into a flying monkey. She then sets out to find a way to change the past, and turns completely green with envy. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

320 30
Zelena is the "real" victim of her jealousy... or not? ("Kansas")

Zelena watches as Rumplestiltskin tries to teach Regina how to cast a spell. Glinda comes in and points out that Zelena is wasting her power, trying to go back in time, and suggests that Zelena come with her. Glinda takes Zelena to meet her sister witches from the North and East. There is a fourth empty seat at the west and they'd like Zelena to fill it. Then, Glinda explains that the Book of Records foretells that a powerful sorceress will come to Oz in a cyclone and be a powerful protector. Glinda tells Zelena that she's always been meant for more and she can do it if she lets go of her past. Zelena returns to the Emerald Palace and conjures an image of Regina again. After a moment she says that she's over Regina. Glinda appears and offers her a pendant. She tells Zelena to guard it with her life because it is her life, and the pendant will let her harness and protect all of her power. Glinda welcomes her to their Sisterhood and gives her a mirror, and Zelena watches as her green skin fades away. Later, Glinda takes Zelena to the West, her new land. A cyclone appears and a house drops out of it. When the two witches go to investigate, they find the ruins of a farmhouse and a young girl. She introduces herself as Dorothy Gale. Sometime later, Dorothy enjoys a meal with the Sisterhood and they all welcome her. Zelena watches from the shadows and Glinda notices her. She goes to her and Zelena turns, her skin partially green. Zelena accuses them of fawning over their newest protégé, and Glinda assures her that no one is taking her place. Despite her denial, Zelena opens the Book of Records. According to the prophecy, the Witch of the West will defeat the great evil that Oz has ever seen. Zelena believes that she is the greatest evil, but Glinda tells her that only she can shape her evil. Later, Zelena - now fully green once more - confronts Dorothy as she is taking water from a well. Zelena attacks her with a fireball. Dorothy throws her bucket of water on her and Zelena melts to nothing. Dorothy decides to come back to Kansas, and Glinda accepts to help her. Behind them, Zelena reforms. Glinda and Dorothy arrive at the Emerald Palace and the Wizard appears to them behind his curtain. He makes the silver slippers appear and Dorothy uses them. Then, Glinda invites Walsh to show himself... and Zelena steps out. She explains that she tricked Dorothy into leaving so that no one could stop her, and Glinda vows to find someone else to stop her. Zelena banishes her to the Enchanted Forest. ("Kansas")

Before the Second Curse

Pay attention, sis. This is how you take away a happy ending.
Zelena 312
"Wicked always wins." ("New York City Serenade")

After the return of the inhabitants of Storybrooke and their departure to the Dark Palace, Aurora warns her husband that they have to tell "her" that they've returned. Phillip says that "she" will be furious if she finds out, but Aurora reminds him that the woman would take it out on their child if she suspected they hid anything from her. Later, Regina and Snow are attacked by a Flying Monkey in the forest. Regina throws a fireball at the creature but it dodges the blast and grabs Regina. It tries to fly off with her but Snow grabs her ally and drags her back to the ground. Finally, the two women are saved by Robin Hood. When the group arrive at the Dark Palace, they are surprised to learn that it's surrounded by a protection spell - one that wasn't cast by Regina - meaning someone else is currently inside. Indeed, the flying monkey that attacked Regina arrives at the queen's castle and gives a drop of Regina's blood to his mistress. After doing so, the Wicked Witch of the West mixes the blood with a potion. Then, she smiles in triumph and says that she will finally get her revenge against Regina. ("New York City Serenade")

Zelena 313 1
A rivalry begins between two sisters. ("Witch Hunt")

In the Queen's palace, the Wicked Witch admires the jewelry that Regina left behind. She dons one of her dresses and tells one of her flying monkeys to let Regina know that she's here. Later, when Regina prepares to curse herself with the Sleeping Curse, the Wicked Witch emerges and teleports the curse into her hand. She realizes that Regina doesn't recognize her and introduces herself as Zelena. Zelena offers the castle back since she didn't really want it, and explains that she was able to break the blood lock because they're half-sisters. Regina insists that it's not possible, and Zelena explains that Cora had her first and then gave her up and sent her away. She's angry that Cora gave Regina everything, and Regina tells her half-sister that she was lucky to escape their mother. Zelena says that she crossed paths with Rumplestiltskin and learned her magic from him, and Regina warns her that the curse Rumplestiltskin taught her wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Zelena is satisfied that she made something of herself despite Cora and Rumplestiltskin, and Regina tells her that they're both dead. Briefly taken aback, Zelena then tells Regina that she's going to take everything away from her. Regina says that she's already lost everything that matters, but Zelena says that she will make her suffer a fate worse than death. She then summons her broom and flies away, promising to see Regina soon. ("Witch Hunt")

Zelena 315 1
The Witch gets the dagger... and Rumple. ("Quiet Minds")

At the Dark Castle, Lumiere explains to Neal and Belle that it is the key to a vault of the Dark One, where the first Dark One was born out of darkness. They must go there if they wish to bring Rumpelstiltskin back, and Lumiere agrees to direct them if their promise is true. Neal says that they'll live in the morning and blows out the candelabra. Once they go, the Wicked Witch comes in and lights the candelabra again, and says that Lumiere fooled them just as they agreed. Lumiere demands his release, but the Witch tells him that there is more to be done. At the Dark One's Vault, Neal opens the vault and screams in pain as Rumplestiltskin forms out of the black liquid. He sees Belle and Neal and goes to them, realizing the cost his son paid. The Witch appears and says that Lumiere helped her trick Neal. Rumplestiltskin tells Belle to go and tries to leave, but his dagger holds him back. Realizing what he must do, Rumplestiltskin tosses the dagger away and the Witch picks it up. Rumplestiltskin and Neal merge, driving Rumplestiltskin insane, and the Witch tells him to kill Belle before they go. However, Lumiere uses his magic to bind the Witch and tells them to run before the Witch frees herself. Belle grabs the candelabra and runs. ("Quiet Minds")

Zelena 319 1
Zelena refuses to be a victim of the Dark Curse. ("A Curious Thing")

At the Queen's palace, Snow and Charming inform Regina, Aurora, and Phillip that they are gathering the entire kingdom to announce that Snow is pregnant. Regina doesn't think much of the idea since Zelena is still at large. Belle comes in and tells them what happened at the Dark One's Vault. Aurora explains that Zelena threatened her unborn child if she and Phillip didn't tell her when the others returned to the Enchanted Forest. Zelena flies in on her broom and transforms Aurora and Phillip into flying monkeys. As they soar off, Zelena freezes Charming, Snow, and Regina. She then touches Snow's stomach, and says that the child will do nicely. Zelena tells Snow to take care of it and she'll be back when the baby is born. After their meeting with Glinda, Regina prepares the curse and tells Snow and Charming that the only way to do it is to give up David's heart. After Charming's death, Zelena flies in and casts a spell on the curse. She tells Snow that Charming's sacrifice was for nothing. Zelena boasts that she's added a forgetting spell to the curse, confident that they will be too busy worrying about what happened to Charming. Zelena mixes the memory potion and tells Rumpelstiltskin that the curse is coming. However, what she needs to do can be done from any land, and she vows to change the past. Rumplestiltskin points out that she will have to remember it, and Zelena drinks the potion and then gives it to Rumplestiltskin to drink as well. He hesitates and she points out that he will be blind and stupid like the others without it. Zelena walks away and Baelfire appears out of his father's body, knocking Rumpelstiltskin out, and says that Emma needs to remember. He summons the dove, gives it the bottle along with a brief note, and tells it to seek out Hook. ("A Curious Thing")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

We are doing it all over again. What I'm casting isn't a curse... it's a second chance.
Zelena 313 2
Zelena has an interesting prisoner. ("Witch Hunt")

After Snow cursed again the Enchanted Forest, Zelena ends up in the reformed town of Storybrooke, Maine, with everyone having lost a year of their lives, except her. One day, the townspeople gather at the town hall and Emma tells them that people are being abducted near the town line. Many of them believe Regina is responsible and they turn to her. Disgusted, Regina casts a spell to shake the building and then teleports away, and Emma and the others vow to capture her. In the crowd, the Wicked Witch without her green skin watches with interest. At the diner, Mary Margaret is reading a book on child-raising when the disguised Wicked Witch approaches Mary Margaret and claims that she missed the last curse. She says that she was no one memorable in the Enchanted Forest - just a midwife named Zelena - and assures Mary Margaret that she will be fine. The Wicked Witch offers her help giving birth and Mary Margaret accepts. Later, Leroy tells everyone at the diner that Regina is creating a memory potion. The Wicked Witch immediately leaves. That night, Emma and Regina wait outside the mayor's office, waiting for someone to take the bait. They see someone in the office and go up. The intruder has broken all the potions. They spot the Wicked Witch in the shadows but she teleports away in a puff of green smoke before they can see her face. Later, Zelena goes to a farmhouse outside of town and feeds a prisoner in the cellar. Rumplestiltskin in Gold's body grabs her hand and says that she shouldn't have brought him back, but she tells him that they have work to do. ("Witch Hunt")

Zelena 314
The noose is tightening. ("The Tower")

At the farm, Zelena enters the cellar. Gold is spinning gold as she opens the cage and invites him to attack her, but holds up his dagger and reminds him that he can't do anything to her while she holds it. Zelena orders him to sit back down, and then asks what she's waiting for. Chuckling, Zelena says that she's not there to kill him and tells him to keep up appearances. She carefully shaves him, and explains that she used to shave her father because his hands shook. Zelena talks about how she and Gold both had to conceal what was rotting inside of them, but now they're in a land of opportunity. Then, she tells him that she wants something that she can't afford to wait long for. Later, Zelena goes to the pawnshop. Zelena asks after Gold and Belle says that he died. The witch then says that she's there to buy a baby gift for Mary Margaret because she's helping her as a midwife. Belle is eager to help and turns away, and Zelena freezes her and then removes a jar with a root from Gold's safe. Then, at her apartment, Mary Margaret is regaling Zelena with tales of her past when David arrives. He's clearly uncomfortable and Zelena goes to the kitchen to make some tea. As she works, David wonders if they can trust her and Mary Margaret says that Zelena was friends with Johanna. Meanwhile, Zelena dissolves the root into David's cup of tea. She assures Mary Margaret and David that the second birth can often go much faster. Zelena brings up how they lost their daughter during the first curse, noting that Mary Margaret had some concerns. She says that they should get their feelings all out in the open, including their fears. David assures them that he has no fears and they share a toast. Zelena says that they've done enough for the day and suggests that David get back to town business. Later, Zelena checks her purse and the hilt of Charming's sword is there. Mary Margaret thanks her for coming by and Zelena says that she feels lucky to have met her and David. She says that there's no reason to be scared and they exchange a hug. ("The Tower")

Zelena 315 2
"They may know who I am now, but it no longer matters, not when I have you." ("Quiet Minds")

On the outskirts of Storybrooke, Zelena attempts to use Rumplestiltskin's dagger to summon him. Nothing happens and she realizes that the Dark One has broken free and knows too much about her. She sends one of her flying monkeys to find him. Later, Mary Margaret calls Zelena when she doesn't feel her baby move for a while. The midwife offers her orange juice and suggests that Mary Margaret may be close to delivering. Zelena points out that everyone in town knows about the Wicked Witch, and Mary Margaret complains that she's cooped up while the others are hunting for her. The midwife assures her that she's working hard to have a baby and gets her to drink the orange juice. As soon as she does, the baby kicks and Zelena assures her that her child could be there any day. Later, as Neal lies dying, Gold tells Emma that Zelena is the Witch, and that she wants what she doesn't have. Emma and David return to the loft and demand to know where Zelena is. They discover that she's fled out the bathroom window and David tells Mary Margaret that Zelena is the Witch... and that Neal is dead. In the woods, Gold sits with his son's body as Zelena arrives. Gold says that Emma knows who Zelena really is, and the others will soon find and kill her. When Gold lunges at her, Zelena takes out the dagger and freezes him in place. He says that she'll never get close to any of them again, but Zelena says that it no longer matters as long as she has him and his brain. Gold has no choice but to go back to the farmhouse and enter his cage... mourning the death of his son. ("Quiet Minds")

Zelena 316
Zelena vows to get her half-sister's heart. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

In his cage, Gold crouches in fear as Zelena looks down on him. She taunts Gold, telling him that his son is dead and asks if Neal was worth the trouble. Gold insists that it was because Neal was family, something she knows nothing about. At Granny's Diner, Zelena comes in, carrying the Dark One's Dagger. She admits that she's responsible and she says that she's there to meet with her little sister, and explains to Regina that they are half-sisters. Once she does, Zelena tells her to meet her on Main Street at sundown so she can destroy her. Later, at her farmhouse, Belle goes into the storm cellar. Gold tells her to leave but Belle refuses. Zelena appears in the shadows. Belle runs out and Zelena sends Gold after her. He emerges from the storm cellar and says that if they try to stop Zelena again, he will kill them. That night, the townspeople gather on Main Street when Zelena and Gold appear and she demands to know where Regina is. Emma tells Zelena to fight her. Zelena refuses to fight an amateur and knocks her back, and Regina steps forward. She demands to know what Zelena thinks she did to her. Zelena says that she was born and Regina slaps her. Regina realizes that Zelena is jealous of her and throws a traffic light at her. Zelena blasts Regina back into a car and blows out her flames when Regina tries to create a fireball. Zelena then chokes her and says that she's always been the better student of Rumple, and throws her into the clock tower. She then teleports up and she says that she plans to destroy her and she needs her heart. She reaches into Regina's chest only to discover that it's not there. Then, Zelena vows to get her heart and flies off on her broom. Later, Zelena locks Gold back up and figures that she will find Regina's heart eventually. Zelena tells him that she plans to cast a second chance. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Zelena 317
Zelena uses Hook's love as weapon against Emma. ("The Jolly Roger")

As night falls, Hook runs after Ariel and confesses that they met during the missing year. He explains how Black Beard captured Eric and he sacrificed Eric to save the Jolly Roger. Ariel slaps him, furious that he let a man die to get a ship, and Hook explains that he's empty inside and would do anything to make things right. She wonders how she can trust a man who no longer believes in love, and Hook insists that he does. Ariel asks him if he still loves the woman who broke his heart. When Hook says that he does and swears on the name of Emma, "Ariel" smiles and casts a spell on his mouth. She transforms into Zelena and disarms Hook when he tries to stab her. Zelena explains that Ariel was never there and she found Eric on Hangman Island, outside the force of the curse. They've been living happily together ever since. Zelena pretended to be Ariel to corrupt Hook's love and cursed his kiss. The next time he kisses Emma, all of her magic will be taken. When Hook vows to tell Emma, Zelena says that she will send the Dark One to kill Emma. Hook realizes that Zelena is bluffing and can't kill Emma for some reason. Zelena says that it will no longer matter because Hook will do what she wants. If he doesn't, Zelena will hurt Emma's family and friends. She leaves the choice up to Hook and teleports away. ("The Jolly Roger")

Zelena 318
The Witch is seduced by her prisoner. ("Bleeding Through")

Regina is at her house preparing for the day when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it but no one is there. However, there is a basket of green apples on the step. Zelena is already in the dining room and talks about how she strives for things while Regina used a curse to run away from happiness. Zelena explains that she's there to keep Regina distracted while the Dark One takes Regina's heart. Regina throws a knife at Zelena, who teleports away. Once Rumple came back with the heart, Zelena places it with the sword hilt in a chest. She then takes a suit out of a wardrobe. Zelena takes it to the imprisoned Gold and tells him to put it on. When he refuses, Zelena tells him that she can use his dagger to force him, or he can cooperate. She walks off, leaving Gold to consider. Later, Zelena has Gold sit for dinner. Zelena explains that her secret will reunite Gold with Baelfire, and assures him that Neal is alive... in the past. She plans to change history and assures Gold that the problem is that no one has been powerful enough to do it. When Mary Margaret's baby is born, Zelena plans to travel into the past to change her life, and invites Gold to go with her and change his own past. Gold thanks Zelena for giving him the chance to apologize for wronging her and Gold offers to make amends. He kisses her but tries to grab the dagger; Zelena has cast a spell to prevent him from touching it. She says that Gold has lost his only chance to get his son back, then she uses the dagger to force him to go back to his cage. ("Bleeding Through")

Zelena 319 2
Emma's light magic is more powerful than Zelena. ("A Curious Thing")

On the outskirts of town, a car is seen pulling up in the wooded area. All dressed in black, Zelena awaits with a single red rose on her. Gold gets out of the car and comments on the rose, to which the Witch asks him if he's earned it. Gold pops open the trunk of the car and reveals a tied up and gagged Captain Hook inside, so Zelena answers her own question, claiming that it appears he has. Zelena removes his gag, and Hook promptly asks if she's never heard of a telephone, since they're in Storybrooke. Zelena chuckles lightly and caresses Hook's lips with the rose's crown, deeming them to be pretty, but wasted. She asks him why he hasn't used those luscious lips and kissed Emma, and he answers that a fella likes to be courted. Zelena, annoyed, tells him this isn't a joke, she needs to have her magic removed, and if Snow's baby is born before their kiss, she's not going to have another option: she's going to have to start killing people, people that Emma loves, starting with her son. She drops the rose on Hook's chest and orders that he take away the savior's magic, or the next rose will be for her little brat's grave. She closes the trunk. After Henry regains his memories, Zelena appears and teleports Henry to her. She blasts Regina unconscious and tells Emma that Hook failed her and the cost is Henry's life. Emma kneels and there's a blast of white light, burning Zelena's hands. Henry breaks free and runs to Emma, and Zelena warns them that Emma and Henry don't have much time left. She teleports away and Henry runs to the unconscious Regina. ("A Curious Thing")

320 47
Zelena is killed by Rumplestiltskin. ("Kansas")

At the farmhouse, Zelena transforms Gold's spun gold into a representation of his brain. Zelena says that there's one more ingredient to collect. Zelena has Gold dig a series of trenches in the barn and realizes that he thinks she'll fail. Gold insists that destiny can't be thwarted, but Zelena insists that she can fix the past. She places the three talismans at the cardinal points of the design that Gold is digging. Later, Zelena tells Emma that she can either keep her magic or save the man she keeps trying to run away from. She then has Gold toss Hook into a water trough and hold him under, and Emma is unable to pull him out. Zelena and Gold go to the hospital, and the Witch walks to Mary Margaret's room and teleports away with the baby. She takes the baby to the barn and places her at the western point of the pattern. Zelena begins her spell. Magic surges from the four items and meets in the center, just as David, Regina, Emma, Hook, and Robin arrive. Zelena orders Gold to stop them. Zelena lifts Regina into the air, choking her. She tells Regina that she can't hope to use light magic against her, but Regina says that she's wrong and her hands glow with light magic, and she blasts Zelena away. Zelena loses the dagger and wonders how Regina could have changed, and Regina tells her that she makes her own destiny. She snatches away the pendant and Zelena collapses, and the magic in the pattern fades away. Gold vows to make her pay for everything she's done, but Regina says that good magic doesn't exact vengeance and heroes don't kill. In a jail cell, Zelena asks Regina why she doesn't just kill her. Regina tells her to create a new destiny. If she doesn't then Regina will take her heart and crush it. Regina then leaves with the pendant to put it in her mausoleum. Later, Zelena hears someone enter the jail and realizes that it's Gold. He explains that Regina gave the dagger to Belle, and reveals that she only thinks he has it. Gold takes out the dagger and says that he switched daggers and teleports into Zelena's cell. He says that he promised that his son's death would be avenged and he never breaks a deal. He stabs her and she transforms into porcelain, and then shatters. However, as Gold walks out, the pieces fade away. In the mausoleum, green mist flows from the chest and makes its way to the barn. The mist enters the pattern and it glows with magical energy. ("Kansas")


Season 3

It seems her great escape was of a more permanent nature.
Mr. Gold
Zelena 321
Zelena's death is obliterated. ("Snow Drifts")

Following Zelena's death, the time portal is opened. Rumple stores away his dagger so that no one can find it. He and Belle attend the coronation of the Charming baby at Granny's Diner. Everyone, however, is soon distracted when they see that Zelena's time portal has opened. They go down to the sheriff's station to investigate. Rumple, knowing that the security cameras have recorded him turning the Wicked Witch to porcelain and smashing her, he uses magic to change the footage. When they all watch the video, they are shown Zelena using magic to kill herself, thus causing the magic in her pendant to open the portal. Emma and Hook later go down to the Witch's old barn, but while there, they are sucked into the portal and sent back in time to before Snow and Charming first meet. ("Snow Drifts")


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