Yaoguai's Cave
Yaoguai's Cave
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Yaoguai (formerly)
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The Yaoguai's Cave, located in a mountain habitat, is where the Yaoguai would hibernate by day during the reign of terror of which it lead on Mulan's village.


Before the Curse

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Belle searches for the Yaoguai. ("The Outsider")

Hearing of a quest to hunt a furosious beast known as the Yaoguai, Belle tags along, only to be abandoned when deemed useless. She then goes out on her own and makes her way to the Yaoguai's mountain habitat, where she has learned from her book that it hibernates during the day and hunts at night. When startling the beast though, the Yaoguai awakens and runs out of its cave. Belle is then joined by Mulan, who was also hunting the beast in order to save her village, and the two girls end up working together. However, before killing the beast, he is given a chance to write out a message, pleading for help. With some fairy dust, he is transformed back into none other than Prince Phillip. ("The Outsider")