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The woodcutter's wife is a woman from the land of Oz. When Zelena is transported to the mysterious realm, she convinces her husband to let her keep the baby. She appears in "It's Not Easy Being Green".


Before the Curse

316 01
Baby Zelena finds a new home. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Years ago, in the land of Oz, a cyclone appears. As it blows numerous objects through the sky, a baby's cry is heard. The cyclone comes to a stop, and a woman exclaims, “Did you hear that?” A couple are seen walking in the nighttime – a woodcutter and his wife. The man tells his wife that it's nothing and to stick to the road, but the woman is unable to avoid the sound. She looks around and finds none other than a newborn baby sitting in a basket, crying. The woodcutter's wife wonders where it came from; the woodcutter says that a cyclone must have come through. The woman starts untying the tie on the baby, and removes the little girl from the basket. The woodcutter wonders what his wife is doing. “Well what do you expect me to do? Leave the poor thing for the wolves?” the woman replies as she lifts up the baby. The woodcutter and his wife stare at the child, the woman comments that she is beautiful. However, a tree branch starts to break, coming down on the woodcutter and his wife, but the baby girl saves the day by waving her hand, using magic to make the tree fall in the other direction. This horrifies the woodcutter. “She did that,” he exclaims, but his wife brushes this off, saying it was just the wind and that she is only a baby who needs help. She then proceeds to ask her husband if they can keep her. The woodcutter does not think this is a good idea, clearly scared of the baby after seeing what she is capable of. He tells his wife that she is not like them. The wife agrees, saying that she is not like them because she is all alone, but now they are going to take care of her. She then tells her husband to start walking or else they'll never get to the Emerald City before dawn. As the couple start walking, the wife carrying the baby with them, the woodcutter wonders what they should call her. “Zelena,” the wife exclaims, “She is going to be the happiest baby in all of Oz.” As the couple continue walking, the camera pans out, revealing that they are going down the yellow brick road, and we are shown a far away view of what is known as the Emerald City. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

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