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The Wonderland Vault is located in the realm of Wonderland, and known for being home to the many hearts in the possession of the Queen of Hearts, most notably that of Will Scarlet.


Before the Curse

OW112 11
Alice steals back Will's heart from Cora's vault. ("To Catch a Thief")

Having been pushed through a looking glass and sent to Wonderland, Cora takes over as the Queen of Hearts, and eventually has a vault constructed to hold the many hearts she obtains throughout her reign. She eventually comes to possess the heart of Will Scarlet, who goes on to become her Knave; however, wanting his heart back, he makes a deal with his new alley, Alice, to go to Cora's vault to retrieve it for him. After getting by the Queen of Heart's armed men, Alice is able to sneak into the vault, get Will's heart, thus holding up her end of the deal. ("To Catch a Thief")

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Queen Regina finds what it is she was looking for. ("Hat Trick")

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Queen Regina meets with portal-jumper, Jefferson, in hopes of forming a deal. She convinces him to take her through his portal hat to the realm of Wonderland, but does not fully go into the details for why she is taking said trip. Upon arriving, Regina heads for the Queen of Heart's vault where she retrieves a box. The two then make a run for it, escaping the Queen of Heart's guards, and they make it back to the road where they arrived. Regina opens of the box she stole from the Queen of Heart's vault, and resizes what was in it, revealing to be none other than her father, Henry. Seeing as how the same number of people who go through the hat must return, Regina goes through the portal with her father, leaving Jefferson to be caught by the Queen of Heart's guards. ("Hat Trick")