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The Wealthy Man is an unnamed man who fell victim to one of the Merry Men's robberies.


Before the Curse

Carriage OW103
The carriage comes across the Merry Men. ("Forget Me Not")

It's night time in the Enchanted Forest and we see a carriage riding down a road in the woods. In the distance, a man is lying on the road screaming in pain while two others are at his aid. One of the men flags down the carriage. The drivers stop and ask who the men on the road are. Another man explains that their friend was injured and they ask for help. One of the drivers climbs down and explains to his wealthy passenger that he'll be quick. He then asks the other driver to watch the men as he begins to approach them. The second driver watches the men, armed with a crossbow. One of the men on the road explains that his friends leg is broken, shocking the driver, who asks if there's blood. The second man states they need to stop the bleeding and the first man adds to bring water if he has it. The driver heads back to the carriage, collects some water, and heads back to the men. As he's turned away, a mysterious cloaked man sneaks down through the trees, grabs two bags from the carriage and then sneaks away, unseen. The driver hands over the water to the men and then they pour it on the injured man's leg. He lets out an almighty scream of pain. ("Forget Me Not")

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