We Are Both
Once Upon a Time 2x02
October 7, 2012
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"We Are Both" is the 24th episode of Once Upon a Time.


While Regina continues to find a way to regain her magical powers, David continues his quest to uncover the whereabouts of Mary Margaret and Emma, and the seven dwarves discover what happens when any of the townspeople try to step past the city limits of Storybrooke. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, as her wedding day to King Leopold approaches, Regina is confronted by a man of magic who promises to help her become independent and break free from her mother Cora's clutches.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Magic arrives to Storybrooke in the shape of a purple cloud and Snow and Charming hug as it engulfs them. ("A Land Without Magic") Charming tells the seven dwarves that the curse is broken. Grumpy asks why they're still in Storybrooke. ("Broken") Rumplestiltskin summons a Wraith to kill Regina. Snow asks if it can't be killed, what Regina suggests. Regina gets Jefferson's hat and they use it as a portal to get rid of the Wraith. However, when the Wraith is sucked away, it grabs Emma with it. Snow jumps in the portal after her daughter. ("Broken") In the fairytale world, after laying their prince to rest, Aurora and Mulan find Emma and Snow unconscious, stating they brought the Wraith that killed Phillip. ("Broken")


202 01
Sneezy crosses the line.

At the outskirts of Storybrooke, near the leaving town sign, an orange line has been spray painted on the road. Grumpy, the one responsible for the line, tells the other dwarves, Happy, Sleepy, Doc, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey, that it is their mission to discover if the "great barrier of their existence" still exists. He tells the dwarves that he made straws, so the short one will cross. As he gives them out, Happy asks if they can cross now the curse is broken. Sleepy then suggests with magic back, it could be even worse. Doc nervously says it could vaporize them. When Bashful suggests going home, Grumpy yells at the dwarves, telling them it is their duty as the royal guard to protect. He tells them this can be their chance to prove themselves to Prince Charming. He then hands out the rest of the straws and tells everyone to show their hands. As they all open their hands up, Sneezy sneezes, and everyone looks at him, for it is he who drew the short straw. He sneezes again, so Grumpy tells "Snotty" that he is up. He takes him to the line and then they all wait anxiously for him to cross. Scared, Sneezy suggests nudging a turtle over first to see what happens. Grumpy impatiently pushes Sneezy over the line. The second he steps over the line, a high pitched ringing is heard and a blue light covers his body. Sneezy appears frozen as something horrible is about to happen to him. Grumpy asks if Sneezy is okay, but when he doesn't move, he begins to yell out his name in horror.


Act I

202 02
Pinocchio still has life.

In the middle of Storybrooke, everything is destroyed after the Wraith paid a little visit. The streets are abandoned and cracked, cars are flipped upside down, destroyed, telephone poles are laying around in the street, utterly useless. A pickup truck drives past Granny's Diner with a car in tow, attempting to clear the dangerous streets. As the pickup truck drives away, Red comes out of the diner holding a sign. She places it on the pavement, announcing that Granny's Diner is officially closed. She then heads to the town center. In Granny's Bed and Breakfast, Pinocchio is laying on a bed, frozen in his wooden state. However, his bright blue eyes suddenly blink, revealing that there is still life in the puppet.

202 03
Red helps out at the crisis center.

At the town hall, Geppetto places a poster on an announcements board for his missing son, Pinocchio. As he puts it on the board, he cries out for his "poor Pinocchio". Red walks through the crowds of people that are gathered outside the town hall. She tells people if they're looking for a missing person then they should go to the front desk, if they need counseling then Dr. Hopper has a sign up sheet, and if the Wraith damaged someone's house, then there are cots at the Elementary School. Red then approaches the Blue Fairy and hands her some blankets. Blue tells Red that things are getting out of hand because people are in a panic and they don't know what to do. Red tells Blue it's okay and everything will be fine as long as people stay calm. She then tells Blue that she has a feeling Prince Charming is working on a plan right now.

202 04
Charming wants information from Regina.

Over at Regina's house, there is a loud knock on the door. She answers it and an angry Prince Charming enters, holding Jefferson's hat. He demands she tell him about it. Ignoring his request, she mocks the fact he doesn't have any armed guards. Charming explains he doesn't need them because if she steps outside, there is a line a mile long for her head. She asks who'd dare risk going after her, so Charming tells her that he knows the magic she previously used on him was an anomaly, so she is powerless again. He tells her the only reason she's alive is because Henry wishes it. He asks about the hat again, so she tells him it is what pulled his loved ones away. When he asks where she got it, she tells him she has forgotten. She then tells Charming he should be less concerned with hats, and more concerned with taking care of her son. Charming mocks how great a job Regina did with raising Henry, so she angrily tells him she will not by judged by a man who shipped his daughter to Maine. Charming explains he needs his family and says there is magic now, so he has to follow them. Regina asks where he'd follow them because all that is left is an airless void. Charming senses Regina seems frustrated and then tells her she deserves it. Regina tells Charming to keep baiting her because when she gets her magic back, she will get Henry back. Charming tells Regina that if she has to use magic to keep Henry, then she doesn't really have him. This comment seems to really hurt Regina.

202 05
Regina is controlled by her mother, Cora.

In the fairytale land that was, Regina is riding away from her castle on her horse, Rocinante. As they flee down a long dirt road with tall trees either side, some vines emerge and grab Regina off her horse, which keeps running. The vines suspend Regina in the air while her mother appears behind her, stating she thought they were done with this nonsense. Regina coldly greets her mother and then asks what evil she has conjured. Cora chuckles and tells her it's a barrier spell, not evil. She then opens her spell book and enacts one of the spells by blowing onto the pages. Regina is released from the vines and she falls to the floor. Regina asks if that means she cannot leave, but Cora explains that she can as long as she is with the king. She tells her daughter she will be queen in two days, so she will be free to go as long as she's with her husband. Upset, Regina tells her mother she doesn't want to marry the king and she doesn't want that life. Cora tells her daughter she's frightened of having the power, but Regina insists she doesn't want power, she wants to be free. Cora says that power is freedom, and, smiling wickedly, says she's here to show her that.

202 06
Sneezy doesn't remember himself.

Back in Storybrooke, David arrives at the crisis center. He finds Henry and asks him if he has seen the Blue Fairy/Mother Superior. Henry says he hasn't and then tells Charming that everyone has been looking for him. With that, Red comes up to the prince and asks if anyone has seen Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold. Jiminy then approaches him and asks if the queen has regained her powers. Geppetto then explains that he thought he would have found his son, but he hasn't. Henry explains Rumple has to be planning something, but Charming notices Blue so heads to her. On his way, Dr. Whale asks if the nuns are still nuns or can they date. Charming blanks out this question and then asks Blue if there could be a tree in their world like the one they used to send Emma away in. She tells him it is possible, but without fairy dust it would be useless. Henry tells him they'll find another way, because things always look bad before the good news arrives. With that, Grumpy and the six dwarves come running to the town hall screaming "terrible news". Grumpy explains that they were at the town limits and then asks Sneezy to tell everyone who he thinks he is. Sneezy asks Grumpy to stop calling him that as he knows who he is; Tom Clark who owns the Dark Star Pharmacy. Grumpy explains if you cross the border, you lose your memory again. Jiminy asks if coming back doesn't fix it, so Grumpy angrily tells him he wouldn't have come back screaming "terrible news" if it did. Grumpy states that if you leave, your cursed selves will become your only selves, terrifying everyone.

Act II

202 07
The crowd overwhelms Charming.

Moments after learning that leaving Storybrooke makes you forget your former life again, everyone begins to panic and pile questions at Prince Charming simultaneously, not giving him chance to answer a single one. Also panicking, the Prince simply walks away from the crowd, however, they all follow him and continue to yell questions at him. He turns to them all and stops them from talking, which they do. He tells everybody to meet back at the town hall in two hours so he can tell them his plan to fix everything. As he walks away from the partially satisfied crowd, Red follows him and asks what the plan is. However, Charming tells her that he doesn't know what it is, stating he has two hours to figure it out. Red stops with fear and then watches as Charming walks off with Henry following close behind, holding the storybook.

202 08
Regina struggles with her magic.

Meanwhile, over at Regina's house, Regina is sat in her living room looking at a candle which is placed on a coffee table. She stares at it, muttering "come on" to herself a few times. Suddenly, a fire starts to flicker on the candle wick. Regina smiles with great happiness for a short while until the fire goes out and then starts to flicker very rarely. Her smile then turns into an evil glare. She quietly yells "light, damn you" at the candle. When it fails to, she picks up the candle and throws it into the fireplace, smashing it. An idea then pops into Regina's head. She heads to her front door and peers outside, making sure the coast is clear. When she sees it is, she quickly runs around the side of her house to her car, but she's startled when somebody stops her. However, she is relieved to see it is only Jiminy Cricket. He tells her he thought she would maybe want to talk, confusing her for a moment, but she soon understands it's the "conscience thing". She insists she's not in the mood, and as she gets into her car, he explains talking about her pain may be helpful because it could help her learn who she truly is. Regina leans in closely to Jiminy and with an evil smile, tells him she knows who she is. Jiminy doesn't respond and then she gets into her car.

202 09
Regina imagines killing Snow White.

In the fairytale land that was, Regina is sat in her castle brushing a young Snow White's hair. When she looks at her hair, she tells Regina it looks beautiful, however, Regina tells her that it is her who looks beautiful, blushing Snow. She looks into a nearby jewelry box and takes out a necklace. When she asks what it is, Regina is clearly disturbed, explaining it's hers. Snow tells her it's pretty and then puts it around her neck, asking where she got it. She explains that Daniel gave it to her. Snow recognizes him as the stable boy who left her. Regina explains he didn't leave her. This statement shocks Snow, so she asks what she means. Regina tells her that he was killed, horrifying her. Regina angrily tells Snow that he was killed because she couldn't keep a secret from her mother. Snow White is frozen with fear and then tries to explain herself, saying Cora was going to help her. Regina growls that her mother corrupts young souls. She then pulls the necklace Snow is wearing tight against her neck and it begins to choke her. Snow tries to pull it away to get a breath as Regina says none of this would have happened if she wear stronger. Snow then takes a final breath and falls back, dead. Regina suddenly snaps out of that dream and returns to reality, when Snow asks where she got the necklace. However, this time, a clearly traumatized Regina tells her she doesn't remember.

202 10
Regina expresses her anger to her father.

Later on, Regina is walking outside her castle with her father, Henry. Crying, she tells him that he doesn't understand what her mother is doing to her. She claims it is like her mother is turning her into her. She insists she must get away, shocking her father. He reminds her that the wedding is tomorrow, so Regina explains that she doesn't want to marry the king. He tries to play it off as cold feet, but Regina tells him that it is insanity. She explains that she's angry all the time and her mother is making her crazy. Henry tells his daughter that Cora wants to give her everything she never got for herself. Upset, Regina cries that she doesn't want her mother's life, but a life of her own, Henry is unsure how to respond. Regina then asks how her mother got the way she is. Her father shockingly tells her that there was a "man". He tells his daughter that this man brought magic to Cora and gave her the book of spells. Regina asks his name, but her father doesn't know, stating not even Cora will tell him. Regina then evilly asks her father to confirm the the book is that man's.

202 11
Rumplestiltskin gives Regina her spellbook to help her regain her magic.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina enters Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer shop, despite the sign on the door saying that it's closed. She looks around many shelves, in cupboards, bookcases, but she cannot find the thing she so desperately wants to find. When Rumplestiltskin arrives, he finds her looking through a book, so tells her that the library is underneath the clock tower. She tells Rumple that she needs "the book" and she needs to get her son back. Rumple sarcastically asks which book, and then chuckles too himself. He asks if it's come down to "that", needing her mother's help. She tells him to give her the book, but he asks if she needs the "smell of the written word to get her magic flowing again". He suggests relaxing and it might happen, however, she tells him she doesn't have time. She tells Rumple her magic worked before, so she just needs a "shortcut back". Rumple states that he doesn't have time either, so asks Regina to please leave. Regina smiles when she realizes that his pleases have lost their power on her. Rumple tells her the fact remains that helping kick start her magic isn't his best interest. Regina states something else that isn't one of Rumple's best interests; having everyone know the Enchanted Forest still exists, knowing that only those two are keeping that secret. Regina looks over to a large chest in the shop, stating he is up to something, and it doesn't involve going back home. As she opens the chest, he slams it shut and then magically makes her spell book appear in his hands. As he hands her the book, he tells her to be careful because they are "straight up spells" and are "rough in the system". Regina clenches the spell book evilly and states she doesn't care if they turn her green, as she wants her son back. As she heads to the door of the shop, Rumple chuckles "Oh, my". Regina asks what, so he tells her that despite previously saying she didn't look like "her", he can now see "it". Regina is taken back by this comment, letting out a sort of gasp before bursting out of the store.


202 12
Regina meets Rumplestiltskin.

In the fairytale land that was, Cora is asleep in her bed. Regina enters the bedroom and sneakily removes her mother's spell book from underneath the pillow her head is rested on. She takes the book to the balcony of her own room and reads through it to find the name of the man it once belonged it. When she finds the name "Rumplestiltskin", she attempts at pronouncing it to summon him, but she cannot manage to say it correctly. Despite this, the man himself appears suddenly, explaining that's not how you pronounce it. He also tells her she didn't need to say his name at all. Regina cannot believe what she is seeing and she lets out a little chuckle, asking what he is. Offended, he tells her that is a rude question, stating he isn't a "what". Regina apologizes and tells him she doesn't know what she's doing, Rumples states that much is clear. He then introduces himself to Regina, and when she tries to introduce herself, he claims to already know her. Regina asks if it's because he taught her mother, as she looks like her mother when she was younger. Rumple tells her he cannot see the resemblance. He tells Regina that isn't the reason he knows her, so she nervously asks how. He tells the woman that he knew her long ago, claiming it has been some time. He tells her he knew this day would come, and he's been waiting for it. Regina becomes slightly worried by Rumple, who is saying this into her ear. He tells her he's so happy that they're back where they belong. Regina asks where that is, so he states "together".

202 13
"It's the Mad Hatter's hat".

Back in Storybrooke, Regina is sitting on a bench in her garden beside an apple tree. She is holding the spell book in her hands and she silently watches it, sighing. Meanwhile, Charming is working on his speech, however, he cannot find the right thing to say. When he stops, Henry urges him to keep going as he was onto something. Charming replies that he wasn't, explaining he did the fighting and Snow did the talking. He takes Jefferson's hat out of his bag, intriguing Henry. He asks to see it, so he passes it to the young boy. Henry claims that he thinks he knows what the hat is and runs over to his storybook. He quickly rushes through the pages until he finds a picture of the Mad Hatter, claiming it belongs to him and the hat is a portal between worlds. Charming seems to recognize the name, so Henry asks if he knows him. Charming explains that as a prince he didn't know him, but David Nolan has memories of reading Alice in Wonderland as a child. Wanting to get the hat working again, he asks who the Mad Hatter is in Storybrooke. Henry doesn't know, so suggests trying the crisis center, as he may have signed in there, saying he can check after the "thing". Charming asks what "thing", so Henry reminds him of the meeting where he tells everyone his plan. Charming grabs the hat and then rushes off. Henry asks his "gramps" to use him, as the curse is broken because of him. However, Charming ignores this and leaves the building, disappointing Henry.

202 14
Charming makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin.

A while later, at Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, Rumplestiltskin is packing a backpack with numerous maps for different States of America. He hears the bell indicating someone has entered his store ring, annoying him, as the closed sign is still up. He tells the person that he apparently wasted his money on the sign. Charming, the person who entered agrees. When Rumple sees Charming, he seems slightly unnerved and steps back a little, apologizing for his wife and daughter. He tells Charming that portal jumping is outside his purview. Rumple asks what the commotion outside is about, so Charming tells him there's a problem with crossing the border. Intrigued, Rumple asks him to explain. However, Charming says he wants something from Rumple, a way to find someone, like the ring he gave him to find Snow. Rumple realizes he wants magic and then asks who he's following. Charming doesn't tell. He asks if Charming has something belonging to the missing person, which he does. Rumple asks to see it, but Charming refuses, amusing Rumple. He then takes out a blue potion from a small box and offers to give it to him in exchange for peace. Charming agrees under the condition that he does the same to him; they both stay out of each others ways. Rumple agrees and then gives Charming the potion. As Charming leaves the store, Rumple asks what happens when you cross the border. He tells Rumple that you lose your memory of your past lives and then leaves. When Charming is out of the shop, Rumple smashes numerous glass cases in his shop with his case, furious that he cannot leave town to find his son.

Act IV

202 15
Rumplestiltskin gives Regina a gift.

Back in the fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin tells Regina that he knows everything about her. He claims to have held her in his arms when she was younger. He then tells her that there is much history between him and her family; in the past and future. Regina asks if he can help her, to which he replies "possibly, yes". He asks if she seeks power, the death of an enemy, or the death of a friend. Disgusted, Regina explains she doesn't want to hurt anyone, this shocks Rumple. Rumple senses Regina is very powerful, exciting him. He tells her she could do so much if she let herself. Regina doesn't know how, so Rumple suggests letting him show her the way. He then turns Regina around to show her a wrapped tall thin object that has suddenly appeared in her room, she is amazed. She asks how he brought it, so he explains magic, claiming it can set you free. Regina refuses to use magic and become like her mother. Rumple assures Regina she won't have to, as the gift will do the magic for her. Intrigued, Regina asks what it is, so Rumple tells her it's a portal between worlds. The portal he has given takes you to an "annoying little world" that is useless to him, but perfect for Regina's situation. He then tries to tempt Regina by saying she'll never see her mother again. Regina stares at the portal, trying to decide if she is strong enough to get rid of her mother. Rumple explains all her mother needs is a little push and rhetorically asks if she can do it.

202 16
Regina regains her magic.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina is still sitting on the bench in her garden beside the apple tree with rotting fruit. Holding the spell book in her hand, she gently strokes a heart shaped jewel that is held in the cover of the book with her thumb. She then flips the book open and scans through the pages until she finds the specific spell that she wants. She stops at a page that has a picture of a tree and strange writing around the border. She leans in and blows onto the page, activating the spell. Brown dust blows off of the page and hovers around Regina's face for a short while. She looks at it with beauty. She then takes a deep breath in through her nose, inhaling the magical dust. She closes her eyes as she does this, and when she opens them, they are glowing a bright pink color. However, this only last for a short while, and when the pink fades, the rotting fruit on her apple tree turns into fresh bright red apples. Knowing she has regained her magical abilities, Regina smiles evilly and gets up to leave.

202 17
Charming finds Jefferson.

Meanwhile, just outside Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, Charming pours the potion he received from Rumplestiltskin onto Jefferson's hat. He looks at it for a moment, but it doesn't seem to do anything, so he chucks it onto the bonnet of his car, giving a glare at Rumple's shop. He suddenly gets a call on his mobile, so he goes to answer it. However, as he is about to pick up, the hat starts to shake on it's own. Charming watches it for a while and then goes to grab it. However, it lifts off into the air and flies down the streets of Storybrooke. Charming runs after the hat until it finally comes to a stop, when it lands on top of an overturned car. Charming is confused until he hears a man crying out for help. He looks around for the man and it soon becomes clear he's inside the flipped over car. Charming looks through one of the windows and then moves some debris out of the way, allowing him to open the door. The man inside, Jefferson, who is holding a stuffed rabbit, thanks Charming, explaining that nobody heard him. Charming asks if he's okay and Jefferson says he is. Pleased, the prince says that means they can talk and he grabs Jefferson out of the car

202 18
Regina torments the residents of Storybrooke.

Over at the town hall, everyone has gathered inside to hear Prince Charming's plan. Henry is on his phone, trying to get an answer from his grandfather, who is refusing to pick up. He groans with frustration, begging him to pick up. Red tries to calm everyone down, assuring them the prince will arrive any second. Granny comes walking through the crowd holding a crossbow. Embarrassed, Red asks if it is really necessary. Granny states if they're in a lawless town then she does need it. Red then rushes over to Henry and begs him to keep calling Charming. However, everyone is stopped when the doors to the main hall slam open, revealing Regina standing behind them. Everyone is immediately panicked by the queen, who is smiling menacingly at all of them, and they all move to the side, making a path for her. The queen sarcastically states it's such a nice turnout and then walks past everyone. She intimidatingly tells them there's "no need for a fuss, it's just little old me". Jiminy steps forward and pleads for Regina to think about what she's doing. She turns to him with a scowl and calls him a "bug" before flicking him away with her magic. Grumpy charges towards Regina to defend Jiminy, but she just pushes him away with ease. Granny then steps forward with her crossbow and fires it at Regina. However, she catches it in her hand and sets it on fire, stating "how sweet". She then turns it into a fireball and throws it to the crowd. It flies around the room before coming back around and hitting a sign behind the queen. Red steps in front of the crowd and angrily demands to know what Regina wants. Henry shouts out that she wants him, pleasing the queen. He steps towards his adoptive mother and promises to go with her if she leaves everyone alone. Regina strokes Henry's chin and smiles, saying "that's my boy". The two then walk away with Regina's arm around Henry's shoulder. As they leave the room, the queen uses her magic to shut the doors behind her.

Act V

202 19
Charming threatens Jefferson.

Outside Granny's Diner, Charming and Jefferson are sat at a small round table. Charming places Jefferson's clearly damaged hat in front of it's owner and asks if he can use it. Jefferson simply tells him "no". Charming asks if he can get Snow and Emma back, Jefferson rolls his eyes at this request. Charming then asks if he can get it to work, so Jefferson lets out a little insane laugh. The prince assumes Jefferson has a daughter because of things he saw in his car so explains he has one too and she's trapped in the enchanted forest of a void with his wife. Jefferson assures Charming that they're in the enchanted forest, but explains he cannot get there. Charming asks if it exists, which it does, but Jefferson says it doesn't matter because they can't go there. Charming asks if that means he won't help, so Jefferson explains that he's a portal jumper and his portal has been destroyed, so he's out of luck. Furious, the prince grabs Jefferson by his scarf and pulls him close, threatening to lock him in a cell until he figures out a way. Seemingly not bothered by the threat, Jefferson claims they'll both just sit, stuck with two lives in their heads; the worst curse ever. Charming lets Jefferson out of his grasp as he continues to talk. The mad man states there is double the pain and double the suffering. Seeing an opportunity to escape, Jefferson throws the table at Charming and runs away. The prince runs after him but is stopped by Red, who tells him Regina turned up to the meeting and took Henry with her newly gained powers. She tells the prince that everyone is panicking and want to leave town, meaning they will lose everything.

202 20
Henry is trapped by a barrier spell.

Over at Regina's house, she and Henry enter. She tells him she doesn't want him to expect everything to turn back to normal, but he runs away from her, going into his room. He pulls out a rope made from blankets and attaches it to his radiator. He then drops it out of his window and begins to climb down it. As he slowly lowers himself to the ground below, it appears as though he has managed to escape. However, a sudden creaking sound is heard coming from a nearby tree. He turns around to see multiple vines headed towards him. They grab him and then suspend the wiggling boy in mid-air. Two vines come and grab Henry's arms, so he begins to struggle against it. Regina suddenly appears from Henry's window. She tells him not to fight against it as he will get a splinter. Henry glares at his adoptive mother with a despising look.

202 21
Regina tempts Henry with magic.

A short while later, Regina and Henry are sitting on the latter's bed. The young boy asks the queen how long he will be a prisoner for, asking if it will be until he grows up. Regina explains that she saved Henry because she loves him, he tells her that's not fair. Regina reminds Henry that he knows where she comes from, stating that isn't fair. She tells him the world in which Storybrooke resides is the fairest of them all. Henry tells his mother she has ruined lives and she sent away Snow and Emma. Regina tells him it was an accident. Henry tells his mother the way she treated him wasn't an accident, she made it so nobody believed him and everyone thought he was crazy. The queen tells him that will all change now as he can know the secrets and live in a house with magic. She demonstrates some of her magic to Henry and makes a giant cupcake magically appear in her hand. She offers to teach Henry that and so much more. She tempts Henry by allowing him to have any friends over whenever he wants and he can show them his book. Henry tells the queen that nobody will come over because they're scared of her. Regina angrily tells Henry that he can make people not be scared and he can make them love him. Frustrated, Henry claims he doesn't want that, he doesn't want to be her. He then gets up from the bed and leaves the room.

202 22
Cora is banished by Regina.

In the fairytale land that was, Regina is in her room trying on her wedding dress. Cora enters and asks why the tall thin gift from Rumplestiltskin is. Lying, Regina says she doesn't know. Thinking it's a portrait, Cora unwraps it, but instead it's a tall looking glass, which is much less personal. Cora admits to sometimes wondering if the people really love her daughter. Regina says she is doing her best. Realizing she's upset her daughter, she apologizes and then takes her towards the mirror, holding her beside her. She tells her daughter to look at herself with her whole life ahead of her, promising her it'll be better than she imagines. She then steps in front of her daughter, holding her hands, and tells her the king isn't a strong man, so the kingdom will soon be hers. She tells her daughter to raise the tributes and form a personal guard and if she lets everyone know where the power lies, she will hold their hearts. Regina steps away from her mother and asks if that's what she would do. Cora chuckles and admits it is. Regina tells her mother that she doesn't want to be her. She then turns around and runs at her mother, but she's stopped by her magic. She asks her daughter what she's doing and tells her it isn't that easy to get rid of her, claiming she's stuck with her forever. Suddenly, Regina sees an image of Rumplestiltskin in the mirror, telling her to push Cora. Regina suddenly starts to build up a power, resisting against her mother's spell. Finally, she breaks free and the force given out from it pushes her mother into the looking glass. She is sucked through it and then it smashes into a million pieces, leaving Regina horrified at her power.

202 23
Charming gives his speech.

Back in Storybrooke, at the border, numerous cars, packed and ready to leave, are ready to cross the line. However, Charming and Red come driving past them all and block the road just in time. The prince stands on top of his car as the everyone angrily gets out of theirs. Jiminy demands the prince move his car as he has a right to leave. As the people begin to panic, Charming asks them all to listen to him. He then begins his speech "If you cross that line, you're gonna be lost, everyone who loves you will lose you. But there's something worse, you'll lose yourself. Look, I get wanting to leave here, I do, and I get that it's easier to let go of bad memories, but even bad memories are part of us. David, Storybrooke David, was, is, weak, confused, and he hurt the woman I love. I wouldn't give up Charming just to be him, but you know what? I wouldn't make the other trade either, because that David not only reminds me of who I lost, but of who I want to be. My weaknesses and my strengths, David and the Prince. I am both, just like you. You are both. The town is both. We are both! Stay here and every choice is open to you, live in the woods if you want, hell, live in a shoe if you want, or eat frozen burritos and write software. Let's open Granny's and the school and get back to work. I will protect you. She won't be able to hurt any of us, not as long as I'm alive, not as long as we all come together as we did before, as we shall do again." Everyone is seemingly touched by the prince's heroic speech and they all agree with him and decide to head back to town. Charming stands proud on his car and Red looks up to him, smiling.

Act VI

202 24
Rumplestiltskin offers to teach Regina magic.

In the fairytale land that was, Regina is slowly riding Rocinante away from the castle, ready to leave. As she looks behind her and turns back around, Rumplestiltskin suddenly appears before her, asking if she's leaving. She tells him that was always the plan and then gets off her horse. She then gives Rumplestiltskin a gift, his spell book back. He takes it and claims it can't be a gift if it was his to start with. Regina scowls at Rumple and then turns around to get back on her horse, but she's stopped by Rumple who asks her a question. He asks how it felt. Regina claims that she loves her mother, but Rumple tells her that's not what he asked. He repeats his question, asking how it felt to use magic. She tells him it doesn't matter because she'll never use it again. He asks why that is, so she turns to him and with desire pouring from her, she tells him it's because she loved it. Rumple squeaks with joy at this statement. He tells Regina that she has discovered who she is, worrying her. He tells her she can do so much now, and in a little song, he explains "if you let me show you how". She asks "through magic?", so he tells her "through many things". Regina smiles and asks what he gets out of it, so he tells her one day she'll do something for him. He hands Regina the spell book and asks her to let him guide her. Tempted and a bit nervous, Regina asks if she'll become like her mother. Rumple tells her that is up to her.

202 25
Regina wants to redeem herself.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina is sat in her house, looking at her spell book when the door is suddenly kicked open by Charming holding a sword. She is startled to see him stomp to her, demanding to see Henry. She silently walks towards Charming and he holds his sword near her neck. She then calls out for Henry to come down, without even putting up a fight. As they wait, Regina tells Charming that he won't be needing his sword and then she pushes it away from her neck. Henry comes down the stairs and Regina walks towards him. She tells the boy that he'll be going home with the prince, confusing them both. Henry asks if she is being serious, so she confirms. She admits to being wrong for locking Henry up and then explains that she doesn't know how to love very well. She tells him she wasn't capable of love for a long time, but states she remembers that if you hold onto someone too hard it doesn't make them love you. She apologizes for lying to Henry and for making him feel the way he did. She tells Henry that she wants him to be with her because he wants to, not because she is forcing him with magic. She then whispers to him that she wants to redeem herself and then tells him to go get his things. After he runs upstairs to pack, Charming tells Regina to prove that she wants to redeem herself by answering one question: if the Enchanted Forest still exists. After a slight moment of pause, Regina tells him it does, but admits to not knowing how to get back. Charming looks slightly disheartened, so Regina says she can see she's launched him on a heroic quest. She pleads him to just make sure he takes care of Henry. Charming assures her he will. Later on, Regina watches as Henry and Charming leave her house, looking sad over losing her son.

202 26
"It's off to work we go."

At little while later in the center of Storybrooke, the people, having listened to Charming's suggestion, begin to open the town again and get back to their lives. One man opens the doors to the Marine Garage, ready to fix cars. Over at a cafe, a woman changes the sign on the door from "closed" to "open", ready for customers. And, a man at another shop lets down a sign saying "Coming Soon: One-Stop Cobbling. All the dwarves, minus Sneezy, exit another shop whilst holding pickaxes over their shoulders. As they walk away, they run into Sneezy, who asks them what they're doing. Grumpy tells his friend that he's "lost something" and explains that it'll take fairy dust to get it back, so he and the other dwarves will "do what they do best". Grumpy then tells the group "its off to work we go" and they walk away. Meanwhile, over at Granny's Diner, Henry and Charming enter. Henry sees Geppetto, so approaches him and whispers something into his ear, shocking the old man. Later on, Geppetto enters the room in which his son resided in as a wooden puppet. It's empty, but he finds the hat Pinocchio used to wear as a child. This brings back hope to Geppetto. Meanwhile, over at the town border, Rumplestiltskin is stood at the line, furious that he cannot cross it. Over at Regina's house, Regina goes to put the spell book into the fire, but decides otherwise and keeps it locked in a cupboard. Back at the diner, Henry and Charming are sat at the counter, eating. Henry looks disheartened as he misses his mother and Snow, so Charming assures him the Enchanted Forest exists, and states to believe that the two girls are still alive because he can feel it.

202 27
Emma and Snow are taken prisoner by Mulan and Aurora.

Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that is, Mulan and Aurora are riding their horses along a coastline with Snow and Emma tied up, following behind them on foot. They soon stop as they arrive somewhere, so Snow asks what the place is. Mulan tells them it is their home. A while later, when they arrive at the "home", the four girls walk through the camp, and there is many more people there, shocked to see Snow and Emma, mainly because of what they are wearing. Emma states it's like the people are refugees, so Mulan snaps that they are survivors. With that, Snow kicks the princess in the stomach and calls out for Emma to escape. They both run away, but Snow is knocked unconscious when Mulan throws a sling at her. Emma goes back to help her mother and then the warrior orders for them to be thrown into "the pit". Moments later, one of the men pushes Emma into the pit through a door and then another carries her mother in. Emma tells him to be careful placing her down, but he doesn't listen and just throws her to the ground. The men leave, so Emma, in a panic, tries to wake her mother up. Suddenly, a fragile, but familiar, sounding woman calls from the shadows, asking if Emma needs help. Emma looks at her with horror, asking who she is. The woman explains she is a friend and then steps out of the shadows, revealing herself to be no other than Cora, Regina's mother, but she looks like she has seen better days. The queen's mother then introduces herself to Emma and then smiles sweetly at her.

Deleted Scenes

"Young Confidence"

David is seen to be staring through the hole he made when crushing Jefferson's hat, apparently pondering the item. He flips it in his hands, looking through the other end of the tear, but soon puts it down on the counter with a large sigh. He notices his cell phone lying beside the hat and picks it up, flipping it open as he does so, before dialing something. Suddenly, the apartment's phone rings, that having been the call David just made, and the answering machine message says: "You've reached Mary Margaret and Emma, we're not here, but I'm sure we'll be back soon." Henry is then heard descending the stairs and so David quickly flips his cell shut and hides it, along with the hat, in his backpack. Henry asks what's going on, saying that he thought he heard the phone, and David admits that he just wanted to hear Mary Margaret's voice again. Henry, who's now wandered into the kitchen, tells his grandfather that he bets he's going to get them back today, referring to Snow and Emma. David tells Henry that he's pretty optimistic as the latter places two pop-tarts in the toaster. He then confirms his optimism, reminding David that he's a prince and sword-fought with a baby (see "Pilot"). "I fought with a baby?" Charming asks, confused, and Henry expands, saying that Charming was holding the baby in his arms as he fought to protect her. He then goes on to list other of the prince's accomplishments, such as putting an egg in a dragon (see "A Land Without Magic") and killing "that water lady" (see "What Happened to Frederick"). He then asks how hard it can be to find two people. "Right..." David says, not being able to think of anything else. Suddenly, the pop tarts in the toaster spring up and Henry goes to collect them, handing one to his grandfather. David points out that he should be making breakfast for Henry, not the other way around, but Henry comments that he's ten-years-old, not ten months. He takes a bite out of his pop tart and David smiles before taking a bite out of his own; he comments that it's good before putting it down and applying his jacket, telling Henry that he has to pay someone a visit and will be back later. "You know, Emma used to bring me. I'm pretty much the authority on this kind of stuff," Henry says, but David tells his grandson that it's different this time, and taps him on the shoulder consolingly before exiting the apartment.

"A New Day"

A couple of nurses walk through the halls of the local hospital as a speaker voice talks overhead. As they pass, Dr. Whale emerges and punches a code into a locked door. He makes sure no one is around before opening said door, and suspiciously wanders into the laboratory, closing the door behind him.
Across town, Archie is seen to be walking down the street with Pongo on a leash at his side. He suddenly stops, however, when he sees something in the window of Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer - the parents of Geppetto in their mummified doll forms. He turns away with a pained expression on his face.


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  • This marks the seventh writing credit for Jane Espenson. It also marks the seventh directing credit for Dean White.



The episode saw a drop from the previous showing (and from last season's second episode), being viewed by 9.84 million people, and garnering a 3.4/9 Nielsen rating/share in the key 18–49 demographic.


  • The Huffington Post's Laura Prudom liked how the storylines came together without being rushed: "The second episode of Season 2, 'We Are Both,' had a lot more breathing room, resulting in an hour that emphasized what the show does best: compelling backstory, fascinating character interplay, and a lot of secrets still to be revealed," adding that it "did an excellent job of peeling back some of those layers, revealing that Rumple has known Regina since she was a baby, and had a particularly unnerving fascination with her back in 'the fairytale land that was.'"[1]
  • The A.V. Club's Oliver Sava gave this episode a B, citing the buildup in how the storylines are starting to come together: "After such a big reveal, it’s underwhelming to spend almost this entire week’s chapter away from Emma and Snow White, showing in the last five minutes that they’ve become prisoners of Aurora and Mulan. Granted, the final shot of this episode justifies the fairyback, but it still cuts into the momentum that this show built up during the season première." Sava also added that "It’s a great acting moment from Josh Dallas, who shows that he can play an authoritative leader as well as he can a lovesick heartthrob."[2]


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