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Watchy is a dwarf who watches over the dwarfs eggs, waiting for them to hatch. He appears in "Dreamy".


Before the Curse

Watchy 114
Watchy and Bossy view Dreamy's hatching. ("Dreamy")

When Nova the fairy delivers some fairy dust to the Blue Fairy, she accidentally drops some of the pink, sparkling magic below the clouds. It is carried by the wind and goes through a tunnel, finding its way into a room filled with giant eggs, settling upon one in particular. The egg begins to stir and a dwarf, Watchy, steps out from behind an adjacent egg, saying that the stirring one is "ready". Another dwarf, Bossy, tells Watchy that it's too early as the egg is not scheduled to hatch until sundown. Watchy, who is inspecting the egg with his stethoscope, says that someone's eager to get out before the rest of his brothers. This being said, the egg begins to creek, the two dwarfs step back and a fist punches through the eggshell, cracking it. He breaks the shell some more and the dwarf we know as Grumpy pokes his head out, amazed by the freedom. "Welcome to the world, dwarf," Bossy tells him. The newly hatched dwarf smiles. ("Dreamy")

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