Wandering Oaken's Trading Post & Sauna
Wandering Oaken's Trading Post & Sauna
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Wandering Oaken's Trading Post & Sauna is a local shop and sauna in Arendelle, ran by Oaken. During her quest to find the rock trolls, Belle stops by for directions, which results in her running into Anna.


Before the Curse

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Oaken, in his shop. ("Family Business")

Belle is seen making her way towards a log cabin building. Once inside, she has placed a map of Arendelle on the front desk for the shopkeeper - Oaken - to look at. Having learned Belle wishes to search for trolls, Oaken warns the girl that they're dangerous. Belle clears it up, stating that she meant rock trolls, not bridge trolls. "Oh, yeah, their harmless," Oaken replies. As Anna enters the shop, Belle asks the man if he can direct her to them. Oaken bluntly tells her no, having not ever met them. He then calls out to Anna, waving. Belle is confused, replying that Oaken just said they were nice. "I've heard." Belle sighs, asking him to please help her, as she just lost her mother. Oaken apologizes, but states that trolls can't bring life. Meanwhile, Anna, who is picking up supplies for her journey notices Belle. Oaken tells the girl he can help sooth her, however, asking if she's tried the sauna yet. Belle says no thank you, and prepares to leave. Anna, having witnessed her conversation with Oaken, asks her if she needs any help. Belle confesses that she was trying to find her way to the rock trolls, but the map she has is not being too helpful. Anna assures Belle that Oaken means well, but she doesn't need him or a map, as she can help her, "I'm on my way to see them, come with me." Belle is surprised, and thanks the redheaded girl. The two gals then introduce themselves, shaking hands. "Friend of Anna's, half-price on the sauna," Oaken speaks up. The two gals look back at Oaken and awkwardly smile. ("Family Business")