Vorpal Blade
Vorpal Blade
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Jafar (formerly)
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Trapping and harming the Jabberwocky
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The Vorpal Blade is a magical blade created by the powerful wizards that once, long ago, managed to entrap the Jabberwocky. It is the only known blade capable of trapping or harming the Jabberwocky, so it is something she desperately tries to claim, giving her full freedom to terrorise the world.


Before the Curse

The Vorpal Blade was forced by magic in Wonderland and a rumored five hundred of the greatest sorcerers teamed together to trap an ancient being known as the Jabberwocky. They stabbed her with the blade, to stay in place as long as the weapon remained embedded within her body. For a hundred years, the Jabberwocky remains pinned by the Vorpal Blade, waiting to be released. ("Nothing to Fear")

After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Vorpal Blade OW109
Jafar frees the Jabberwocky by removing the blade. ("Nothing to Fear")

Upon learning of the Jabberwocky from the Caterpillar, Jafar requests she help him retrieve a genie lamp, and she agrees in return for her freedom. Jafar pulls the Vorpal Blade from her stomach, allowing her to be mobile once again. When she attempts to take the weapon from Jafar, he insists on keeping it. The Jabberwocky then gets inside Jafar's head, demonstrating the power of fear she has. ("Nothing to Fear") The Jabberwocky grows impatient when Jafar refuses to give her the Vorpal Blade, despite all her assistance. After she taunts him about the person in his staff, he threatens to keep her as a slave forever. Realising she'll have better luck elsewhere, she betrays Jafar and pretends to bring Cyrus as a prisoner. She helps lie for the genie when he claims Alice left Wonderland with the missing staff. After Cyrus is thrown in a dungeon, Jafar still refuses to give the Vorpal Blade to the Jabberwocky. ("To Catch a Thief") After finally breaking the laws of magic, Jafar summons the Jabberwocky and asks her what he's now afraid of. After she claims he's afraid of nothing, he unexpectedly advances on her and stabs her with the Vorpal Blade, pinning her against the wall. As she watches him leave, she asks what he's going to do with his new power, so he replies that he'll do whatever he wants before leaving and extinguishing all light in the room. ("And They Lived...")