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Violet Roberts is a character in the Once Upon a Time novel, "Red's Untold Tale". She was the school bully with a particularly nasty fixation on Red Riding Hood.


Before the Curse

Violet is the first to give Red her nickname, although she intends for it to be malicious, spreading rumors that she's a slut and generally terrorizing her through such acts as inviting her to a picnic so that she and her lackeys Florence and Beatrice can pelt her with snowballs. She attends Peter's seventeenth birthday party and trashes Red's cake for fun, then kissing Peter half against his will and forcing him to dance with her on the condition that she tell him where Red went after she stormed off in a strop. This news comes as quite the blow to Red, whose Granny is trying to get the Forget-Me-Not ball cancelled, to Violet's chagrin. Violet lets the whole school know that Red kissed Tucker Williamson in an attempt to torpedo her relationship with Peter, and she tells her Granny vicious lies about her granddaughter when she sees her skipping school. Ultimately when the ball is cancelled due to the wolf, Violet tries to hold her own and ends up attacked. Luckily for her, Red arrives and fends the wolf off, and is paraded by her village as a hero. ("Red's Untold Tale")

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