Violet's Stables
Violet's Stables
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Violet's Stables are the stables owned by Violet and her father, Sir Morgan, where they keep their horses, including Nicodemus.


Before the Third Curse

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Violet and Henry bond over their lost parents. ("Dreamcatcher")

When the Dark One powers become too overwhleming for Emma, the group decide to take her somewhere quiet. Henry knows of a location for Emma to go so she can be alone, and so he and Hook set out to take her there. This turns out to be the stables of Henry's new friend, Violet, which are owned by her family. When arriving, Henry has Emma and Hook hide when Violet hears them coming, for he does not want his new friend to know they are there. Henry meets with her, however, and the two of them head for horseback riding while Hook is left with Emma, who has her own opinions about Henry and Violet. Hook wishes to distract his love though, and gets one of Violet's horses for the two of them to go out with. ("The Broken Kingdom") In Violet's stables, the two kids brush Nicodemus, Violet's horse. She tells Henry about how her mother gave her the horse shortly before her passing and the two bond over their lost parents. When Violet leaves the stable, Henry plays with a heavy sword and ends up damaging a fence. Hearing the commotion, Sir Morgan, Violet's father, enters and insults the boy, claiming he isn't good enough for his daughter. ("Dreamcatcher")