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The villager is an unnamed man from Wonderland who informs Alice and the Lizard of an upcoming execution.


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

OW104 17
The villager runs into the girls. ("The Serpent")

Alice and the Lizard keep walking and reach a conglomerate of people gathered around a public announcement. She asks a villager what is going on, and the man cheerily informs her that there's going to be an execution. The two travelling companions are quite alarmed. The man walks off and they make their way to the group of people. Alice wants to make way through them, but they won't make notice of her, until she unsheathes her sword and informs them that she has a blade. The people gasp and part ways to let her through, and Alice is shocked to see what the announcement is about. Elizabeth asks her what it says, and Alice says that they're executing the Knave. Before her, several wanted posters featuring the Knave's face that had been previously seen now have a small attachment banner saying "Public execution today!" ("The Serpent")

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