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This villager poured middlemist petals over Queen Guinevere's party, at the request of Lancelot, in "The Broken Kingdom".


Before the Curse

Villager 504 1
Petals are poured for Queen Guinevere's birthday. ("The Broken Kingdom")

While dancing with her husband's closest ally, Guinevere reveals that he's getting worse, always locked up in that room all day instead of actually building the kingdom they dreamed of. Lancelot says that Arthur may have much on his mind, but tells Guinevere to look around, pointing out that he still managed to throw her quite a party. The villager soon announces a birthday gift from the King to his Queen - middlemist petals, which are scattered over the guests. Guinevere is delighted as her subjects continue to shower her in her favorite flower, but she soon grows sad, knowing that Arthur didn't plan any of this himself. "The fact that you won't deny it tells me all." She thanks Lancelot for all he's organized, but soon stops dancing with him when Arthur comes outside. ("The Broken Kingdom")

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