Ursula's Apartment
Ursula's Apartment
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Ursula's Apartment is the former home of the Sea Witch, Ursula, who lived there during her time in New York City as an aquarium worker.


After the Second Curse

Season 4

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Rumple reaches a breakthrough. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Inside an apartment, a microwave timer counts down seconds; Rumplestiltskin watches. Ursula enters, just as the microwave goes off; "It means it's ready," she states, not exactly knowing if the Dark One knows how the device works. "Yes, I know," Rumple replies, opening the microwave and getting his meal. "Cause the Dark One did so much cooking in his time," Ursula replies sarcastically, to which Rumple tells her not to worry, as his powers extend past Roman noodles; Ursula states that it doesn't in this life. She adds that she's beginning to think he's all talk about promises of "happy endings," as all he seems to be doing is eating her food and sleeping on her couch. "That better not be the last Roman," she says, closing the microwave, and turning to him, asking if it looks like she's made of money, stating she works at an aquarium. "No, that's not what you do," Rumple replies, correcting that she complains, "And you know why? Because your life, for a better term, is crap." Ursula reminds the Dark One who's been taking care of him recently, however, but Rumple states he would've done just as well without it, and it's nothing compared to what he can do for her. He states he'll solve all her problems, but Ursula states they both know he doesn't care about her. Rumple replies that she's right, that he cares about himself, and she's lucky their problems align. As Rumple eats his noodles, an email pops up. Once opening and reading it, he smiles, stating it's the beginning of the end of the misery, and now it's time to visit an old friend of theirs. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")