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This unicorn was used by Rumplestiltskin in his magic lessons with Regina to see if she was able to crush the heart of a living creature in "The Doctor".


Before the Curse

205 04
Regina has trouble learning magic. ("The Doctor")

Regina and Rumplestiltskin are stood in the middle of the enchanted forest beside a distressed unicorn that keeps jumping onto its hind legs. Rumple tells Regina to show him what she's learned and immobilize the creature. Regina casts a spell that freezes the unicorn as it stands on its back two legs. He giggles cheerfully and Regina excitedly claims she did it. "Excellent work, my apprentice. Now, there's just one last tiny, tiny, tiny little detail...take its heart" Rumple says. Disgusted, Regina asks if he means like her mother did to Daniel. Rumple states that she'll already know how it's done. Regina hesitantly moves closer to the animal and readies her hand. Rumple states that if she does it gently and right, no harm will befall it...unless she wills it. Regina prepares herself to take the animal's heart, but when she looks into its innocent eyes, she draws her hand away, stating she can't because it's innocent. " innocent" Rumple growls. Rumple moves towards the animal and rips out it's heart, which is now glowing. Regina looks away in disgust. The freezing spell disappears and the unicorn falls to the floor, weak. Rumple explains the creature belongs to him, because when you take a heart, it becomes strong and enchanted. He points out that you aren't hurting the animal, but controlling it. He then throws Regina the heart and tells her to show him what she can do with that power and kill it. Regina is shocked, so Rumple says she's seen it done, so she can do it herself now. "Show me you can take the next step in your training...crush it". Regina begins to crush the heart and it starts to crack, but when the unicorn cries out in pain, she stops and shakes her head, very upset. Disappointed, Rumple explains he had such high hopes. Regina tells him she didn't sign up to kill unicorns. "Magic is power! Until you can take power, you're not learning anything. Do you want me to teach you or not?" Rumple huffs. Regina instantly says "yes", so Rumple asks her one simple question as she is in need of the answer... "What's holding you back?" A while later, Regina enters a room with a glass coffin in it. Inside the coffin is Daniel's body, preserved by a preservation spell. Still upset over his death, Regina tries to hold back her tears. ("The Doctor")

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