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Tyler Jacob Moore is a semi-recurring actor on Once Upon a Time, portraying the role of Hans.


Life and Career

Moore was born and raised in Catlin, IL. He studied musical theater and acting at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Howard Fine Acting Studio in Los Angeles. Before his days as a professional actor, he served in an Army Recon Platoon attached to the 3rd I.D. during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Previous to that, some of his various jobs included: Construction on log cabins, youth outreach, and working for Bunge North America (Filling rail cars with grain being sent as foreign aid to various 3rd world countries). During his time in the Army, he was informed a casting associate in L.A. had seen an independent movie Moore had starred in and wanted to meet with him. Shortly after his tour of duty, he took that meeting.

Tyler started acting professionally on February 27, 2007 on an episode of The Unit. Since then Moore has appeared as Tony Markovich in Shameless, Pastor John Tudor in G.C.B. and more. In 2014 Moore became a producer at Byline Films.

In 2014, Moore was cast as Hans on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Gallery of behind the scene stills released to promote the actor.

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