True Love Potion
True Love potion
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Bringing magic to a land
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Emma Swan (formerly)
Maleficent (formerly)
Prince Charming (formerly)
Rumplestiltskin (formerly)
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True Love Potion was a potion created by Rumplestiltskin using a single hair from Snow White and Prince Charming. The potion was used to bring magic to the town of Storybrooke.


Before the Curse

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Rumplestiltskin manages to bottle true love. ("Heart of Darkness")

Rumplestiltskin becomes highly invested in creating a bottle containing a true love potion. In a deal with Snow White, he gives her a Forgetting potion and takes a strand of her hair as payment. In another deal, he obtains hair that was left on Prince Charming's cloak after telling him Snow's whereabouts. Now in possession of both hairs, he puts them together in a bottle and watches as they entwine and glow. ("7:15 A.M."/"Heart of Darkness") Before giving Regina the Dark Curse, he places a drop of true love on the spell parchment and then stores the remaining potion in an ornate golden egg. In another deal, he has Charming hide the egg inside Maleficent in her dragon form. Rumplestiltskin reveals to Charming that the remaining potion stored in the egg is "all I have left," indicating that he has already used some of it. Prince Charming successfully throws the egg into the dragon's body for safekeeping. ("A Land Without Magic")

After the Curse

Season 1

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Rumplestiltskin works a little magic. ("A Land Without Magic")

After Henry falls unconscious after eating a poisoned apple turnover, Emma and Regina are forced to team up to try and save Henry, and so they meet with Rumplestiltskin. He tells Emma to retrieve something that they will need to cure Henry, and sends her off on a quest to meet a 'friend' that Regina has hidden somewhere else, in a form different from other people that she cursed. Emma then learns that the friend in question is a dragon: Maleficent, trapped in a dragon form. Emma slays the dragon and retrieves the item Rumple wanted: the true love potion hidden in an egg case. Rumple, however, steals the potion for his own purposes, therefore double-crossing Emma. She and Regina are then called to the hospital where they learn that Henry's condition worsened and he perished. They are both left broken-hearted. Emma then tells the apparently deceased Henry that she loves him, and gives a him a kiss on the forehead... a kiss that breaks the curse. Meanwhile, Rumple takes the potion to the Wishing Well in the woods and drops it into the waters, enacting a huge spell that brings magic to Storybrooke. ("A Land Without Magic")