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Toto's more than a pet, isn't he?
Red Riding Hood

Toto is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. Back in the realm of Kansas, Toto was given to Dorothy as a gift by her Auntie Em, after being shunned by her immediate family when they wouldn't believe her stories about her trip to Oz. Toto later accompanies Dorothy on her second journey to this magical world, working by her side as she battles the Wicked Witch of the West, and winds up eventually becoming a permanent resident with his owner... and later her true love.


Before the Curse

She gave me Toto. He's all I have left of her. He's the only one who understands me.
Dorothy Gale
Toto 516
Toto helps against the Wicked Witch. ("Our Decay")

When Dorothy Gale's family turns her away after returning from her first trip to Oz, she is taken in by her Auntie Em, who gives her a dog, Toto, as a pet. ("Sisters") Dorothy later hears word from some munchkins that Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, faked her death all those years ago and is now tyrannically ruling the magical land of Oz. As such, Dorothy uses her silver slippers to return, and she brings Toto with her. After she barges in on Zelena torturing the Scarecrow, wanting to rescue him, she opens up her bag and Toto pops out. He scurries along the floor, out of the Wicked Witch's sight, and makes it so that her curtain comes tumbling down on top of her. As she's momentarily incapacitated, Dorothy, the Scarecrow and Toto all successfully flee. However, she soon tracks them down and kills the Scarecrow anyway, ripping out his brain. ("Our Decay")

After the Third Curse

Season 5

Your mutt for the slippers. You've got until sundown tomorrow to decide which you prefer.
518 13
Toto is kidnapped. ("Ruby Slippers")

Years later, still living in Oz with Dorothy, Toto senses the arrival of another canine in the realm - Red Riding Hood, otherwise known as Ruby, who is in fact a werewolf in search of her pack alongside the great warrior Mulan. Dorothy doesn't take too much of a liking to them when they cause Toto to run off into a magical cyclone, meaning he's able to be kidnapped by the Wicked Witch following her return. She places the dog in a basket and ransoms him for the silver slippers, wanting to find a way back to Storybrooke. He is placed in a cage in the meanwhile, and Dorothy attempts freeing him; however, she is instead put under a sleeping curse. Toto is eventually freed by Mulan after Zelena successfully flees Oz, and Dorothy is woken up by true love's kiss from Red. ("Ruby Slippers")

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