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This thug is one of which Cyrus cons in a game, but gets revenge by setting fire to his home, nearly killing his mother. He appears in "Dirty Little Secrets".


Before the Curse

OW110 01
Cyrus plays a dangerous card game... ("Dirty Little Secrets")

In Agrabah, Cyrus is sat at a table in a tavern with a group of men playing a card game. He passes on his turn, signalling the turn of the other men. When it gets back to his turn he places his compass among the betting coins. The men are insulted that he'd add it, but he explains its a golden compass with magical properties that will point them to anything you've lost and wish to find again. He jokes that in one of the men's cases it might be soap, this causes Rafi, his younger brother to smirk. Taj, Cyrus' older brother, warns him to quit while he's ahead, but the genie-to-be decides to go on. One of the men decides to go in on the round, and after a moment of hesitation, Cyrus reveals a winning hand. He cheerfully goes to grab his winnings, but the man angrily punches the table, accusing him of cheating. Cyrus points out that it'd be hard to prove he cheated since he just ruined the game. He wishes the man better luck for next time before kneeling down to pick up his money, but the man stands on his foot. Cyrus pushes him off, causing the man to attack him in return. Other men intercept and kick the aggressive man out, but before he leaves, he tells the brothers that they'll pay for this. "Not as much as you did" Cyrus mocks him before turning to everyone in the tavern and offering drinks for everyone.

OW110 02
...And ends up paying the price. ("Dirty Little Secrets")

Later that night, Cyrus and his brothers, Rafi and Taj are walking home from the tavern, laughing about their day. Rafi comments on Cyrus' luck, telling him that only he could have that many lucky hands. Taj reveals to the youngest brother that he cheated, but Cyrus drunkenly points out that it's only cheating if he's caught. Taj tells Cyrus that one day his luck will run out and he'll have to play the hand he's dealt. However, before he can reply, they're shocked to see the angry man from the tavern outside their house. Cyrus tells Rafi to give him his knife, but the man and his accomplice quickly get onto their horses and ride away. Suddenly, their house lights up in flames, shocking all three brothers. Rafi points out that their mother is inside, causing Cyrus to run desperately to the house. ("Dirty Little Secrets")

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