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The Thief is an unnamed man who tried to rob Alice of her necklace during her adventures, but ended up being attacked by her.


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Thieves OW106
The thieves are beaten up by Alice. ("Who's Alice?")

Alice is walking through the forest when she comes across two men who are sat cooking a chicken. Once they see the girl they stand up to stop her, asking where she thinks she's going. She explains that she's heading west to find someone. The first man tells Alice that if she keeps heading west she'll end up in the Black Forest. The second man adds that it's apparently so dark that you can't find your own nose. She tells them she'll take her chances before attempting to continue, however, the men block her way, pointing out that it's dangerous for a little girl to travel alone. The first man tells Alice she's on a toll road so needs to pay the toll. The second man creepily tells her to give him her necklace. This sparks an anger in Alice, who draws her sword and threatens to take his hand if he touches it. The two men draw their weapons and the first man tells her to be careful who she threatens, as a necklace isn't worth losing her life. She tells him that this one is before twisting and punching the second man in the face. As he moves aside in pain, the other man comes in with his weapon, but she blocks it and kicks him away. The second man then charges at her, screaming, but Alice blocks his attack and then kicks him before shoving him into a tree. As he's down, the other man comes in for an attack, but Alice dodges his swipe and then grabs his arm. She begins to punch and attack him before flipping him over he shoulder. As he's on the ground, she puts her sword to his neck, telling him to be careful who he threatens. She grabs a torch used by the men and thanks him for the light before continuing her journey.

OW106 09
The thieves deny being beat up by a girl. ("Who's Alice?")

Later on, the two thieves walk down the road and recognize Will. They state that they have a message from her. The second man states she's mad as she attacked them for no reason while they slept. Will notices the uncomfortable looks the men give and realizes they're lying. The first man tells Will to tell Alice that if they meet again they won't go easy. Will says he will if they point him in the right direction. They seem reluctant to answer, so Will points out that she saved his life so he needs to find her. The second man wishes Will luck and tells him she's headed to the Back Forest. Will is concerned. The first man sarcastically wishes luck to Will and then they both continue walking. Will begins to walk to the Black Forest. ("Who's Alice?")

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