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The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole
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The Rabbit Hole is a local club and bar in the town of Storybrooke, Maine which resides on the area's central street, frequented by town residents seeking alcoholic beverages and pool playing. It appears fairly regularly throughout the series, some of the more prominent times being when Ashley Boyd, Ruby and Mary Margaret Blanchard had a girls' night out and when Belle gained cursed memories, becoming Lacey, and became a regular there.


After the Curse

Season 1

Ashley, Ruby and Mary Margaret have a girls' night out in The Rabbit Hole which ends with Sean proposing to the former within the bar. ("Skin Deep")

Season 2

Smee is turned into a rat by Mr. Gold outside The Rabbit Hole. ("The Outsider") Regina and her mother pull up beside it and make amends outside the bar. ("In the Name of the Brother") When Belle becomes Lacey, she becomes a regular at The Rabbit Hole and it met by fellow regular Keith, who she turns down when he hits on her. She later goes on a date with Mr. Gold but sneaks off to make out with Keith, and later, Gold viciously beats Keith with his cane outside The Rabbit Hole. ("Lacey") Mr. Gold and Lacey terrorize Dr. Whale outside of the establishment. ("Second Star to the Right")