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Take the van.
Mr. Gold

The Dove is one of Mr. Gold's employees who appeared in "Skin Deep", where he helped repossess Moe French's van.


After the Curse

Season 1

112 03
Moe French has his truck repossessed by Mr. Gold. ("Skin Deep")

In Storybrooke, Moe French steps out of his florist's van to deliver some flowers, however, he is greeted by Mr. Gold and his lackey (The Dove), who have apparently been looking all over for him. "I'll have your money next week," Mr. French says, but Mr. Gold says that his terms were fairly specific. "Take the van," Mr. Gold tells one of his employees who bows and obliges. "Wait! No! Tomorrow's Valentine's Day! The biggest day of-" Moe stops as the man gets into his van. Mr. french stands in front of the van and tells the man now inside it to stop, the engine starts, "You've gotta let me sell them!" Moe exclaims to Gold who seems not to care in the slightest and begins to walk away, "This is not the way to do business, Gold!" Moe yells and Mr. Gold walks away. The van rems its engine and Moe tries to stop it. The vehicle speeds away after Mr. French yells at Gold, telling him that people aren't going to put up with this. He is left standing on the street. ("Skin Deep")

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