Summer Palace
Summer Palace
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King Leopold (formerly)
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Snow White (formerly)
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The Summer Palace was once the vacation home of Snow White's family; originally made for the deceased Queen Eva as a gift from her husband, Leopold. Snow and her parents would always visit, but once Regina took the throne she was unable to anymore until years later when staying for her honeymoon with Charming.


Before the Curse

Snow 310
Snow decides to make a baby. ("The New Neverland")

Snow is livid after Regina makes her threat, scared that the Queen wasn't bluffing, and Charming tells her that the way to defeat Regina is to go on their honeymoon and be happy, as that way she'll realize that she can't take their happiness away. Snow suggests going to the summer palace where her mother and father honeymooned, but it is soon revealed that she only wants to go here as she will be able to find something able to defeat Regina. Upon arrival, Snow sneakily begins trekking through the woods but is immediately caught by Charming, who decides to accompany her in her quest to find Medusa, a gorgon who is able to turn people to stone with one look of her eyes (Snow plans to use the immortal beast's head against the Evil Queen). But when they find Medusa, things don't go according to plan and they leave unsuccessful. Back at the summer palace, Snow decides that her husband is right and that they need to be happy, and so she decides to start trying for a baby with him despite living in fear of Regina's threat. ("The New Neverland")