Storybrooke Carnival
Storybrooke Carnival
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The Storybrooke Carnival was a party suggested by Henry Mills that was thrown to make the people of Camelot feel more welcome and safer after being brought over by the Dark Curse.


After the Third Curse

Season 5

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Henry impresses Violet at the carnival. ("Dreamcatcher")

When Mary Margaret realizes that, as the leaders of Storybrooke and hosts to the Camelot refugees, she and the others need a way to raise morale, Henry suggests having a block party, which David assumes is an excuse for the lad to talk to his girlfriend. Henry assures that Violet isn't his girlfriend, while Regina continually wonders just who this girl is; he soon goes to meet her to ask if she got his text, telling her of the pending party, and she says that she did... but she's in no mood for parties, because her beloved horse Nicodemus is missing. Henry promises to find him for her and goes to Emma for help, reminding her that he brought her to this town to bring back people's happy endings and saying that that's what she needs to do now, and she agrees to help him track Nicodemus down, which he comments as being akin to their days carrying out Operation Cobra. Since pumpkin is the horse's favorite treat, Emma has the idea to head to a local pumpkin-selling place out in the woods, and, sure enough, Nicodemus is there. Emma tries luring him to her but he fears her because she's the Dark One, and so Henry uses a piece of pumpkin to earn the creature's trust and proceeds to ride him through town until he makes it to the block party, where Violet awaits. She is ever-so-grateful, and her father Sir Morgan expresses his pride in the boy; Violet rewards Henry with a kiss on the cheek. ("Dreamcatcher")