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The Soldier is an unnamed man fighting in the Ogre War in "Manhattan".


Before the Curse

Soldier 214 1
The soldier with a worried Rumplestiltskin. ("Manhattan")

Rumplestiltskin walking through his war camp at night times, seeing men with various injuries such as a solider who is carried past with two limbs less than he should have. The soldier with Rumple looks at the men being carried away due to severe injury and describes them as "lucky bastards". Rumple says he thinks that they would beg to differ, but the solider points out that they're not dead but they can't fight which means they get sent home - "That's the only way out of here alive. When the ogres rip you limb from limb, pray that they're quick." This appears to worry Rumple as an army leader approaches them and announces that fortune is in their favor. He states that today they shall not be marching into battle, but riding. Rumple asks just what exactly they'll be riding, and the leader wonders what kind of question that is, saying that they'll ride horses "of course". He proceeds to tell the soldiers to grab themselves a cow and get ready. Rumple stops him, asking him to repeat himself, and the leader tells him that they need to grab a cow, which refers to the saddles they got in made from the finest leather. He tells Rumple to grab his so at least the ride into doom will be soft on his backside. As the soldiers disperse, Rumple's friend asks him if he's alright, to which Rumple answers positively, telling him to go on. His friend obliges and Rumple continues to look worried. ("Manhattan")

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