Snow's wanted posters
Snow's wanted posters
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Finding Snow White
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Snow's wanted posters are numerous pieces of paper spread around the Enchanted Forest, nailed onto trees, warranting the capture of Snow White for her crimes against Queen Regina.


Before the Curse

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The prince identifies the bandit. ("Snow Falls")

Shortly after meeting and befriending Red Riding Hood, Snow White runs through the Enchanted Forest evading the Evil Queen's Black Knights, who are trying to capture her. After narrowly avoiding being caught, the princess stops when she sees a WANTED poster with her name and picture on it. She angrily tears it from the tree it's nailed to before continuing to run with Red. ("Child of the Moon") Snow, now a bandit, steals some jewels from Prince Charming and Princess Abigail's carriage, so that she can make a deal with some bridge trolls. The prince hunts her down, desperately wanting a ring that belonged to his mother back. He tracks Snow to her hidden base inside a tree trunk and catches her in a net. He then reveals that he knows who she is, showing a WANTED poster for Snow White. ("Snow Falls") When Prince Charming abandons his promise to marry princess Abigail for Snow White, King George begins hunting him down for execution. One night when the king and his guards come close, Red fights them off in wolf form as the prince escapes. As he escapes on horseback, he rides past one of Snow's WANTED posters, but doesn't notice it. ("Heart of Darkness")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

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Hook and Emma realize when they are. ("Snow Drifts")

In the fairytale land that was, Emma and Hook drop to the ground, having just been spat out by the Wicked Witch's time portal. Emma gets up and realizes where she is, not wanting to believe it, and Hook comments that it appears they're back in the Enchanted Forest. She says that she got that, and the pirate raises the question of when they are. Suddenly, Emma spots something and gets to her feet, looking stunned. Hook wonders what's the matter, but the blonde continues to stare at something on a nearby tree, saying, in answer to his question, that she has a pretty good idea. Hook stands up beside her and sees what she sees: a WANTED poster with Snow White's name and picture on it (For crimes against the Queen: MURDER, TREASON, TREACHERY), thus revealing that Hook and Emma are currently at a point in time wherein the latter's mother was on the run from Regina. ("Snow Drifts")