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Snow's tiara
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Snow's tiara is a tiara that once belonged to Queen Eva, and her mother before her. It is given to Snow White before her birthday, in hopes that she could wear it for her ball. However, after Eva's tragic death, the young princess ends up wearing it to her mother's funeral.


Before the Curse

Snow 215
Snow wears the tiara at her mother's funeral. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Snow White and her mother, Queen Eva, are overseeing final preparations for Snow's royal birthday party when her mother wants to show her the special present she will be giving her on the day - a tiara. When Eva goes to show it to Snow, they find Johanna, the maid, trying it on, causing Snow to scold her. However, Eva reminds Snow that she raised her better than that, saying that she's not better than anyone just because she's royal. Soon, Eva collapses in a coughing fit and is taken to bed where a royal doctor diagnosis that she is dying. Fearing the loss of her mother, Snow visits the Blue Fairy for a way to save her, however, the only way is a magic candle that will take the life of another. Not being able to take anyone's life, Snow apologizes to her mother for not saving her life, however, Eva tells her daughter that she is proud as she did the right thing. Snow later attends Eva's funeral, wearing the gifted tiara, staying longer than anyone else. ("The Queen Is Dead")

After the Curse

Season 2

215 04
Snow receives something from her childhood. ("The Queen Is Dead")

In Storybrooke, after the curse is broken, Johanna sends Snow White her tiara, which she happened across in Mr. Gold's shop. This leads Snow to come and locate her old friend, and they have a happy reunion. Snow notices the flower bed that Johanna was attending to, and states she hasn't seen those flowers in a long time. Johanna explains that they reminded her of Snow as she was born in the harshest winter. Snow notes that it's why she's called Snow. Johanna adds that the flower bed was a nice way to honour the late queen. However, the reunion is broke up when they hear a noise coming from the woods and Snow goes to investigate; revealing it to be Cora and Regina. ("The Queen Is Dead")