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This ship is the boat that Brennan Jones travelled on with his two sons, Killian and Liam Jones, shortly before abandoning them, leaving them to work for the captain.


Before the Curse

Killian 511
Killian learns his father has abandoned him. ("Swan Song")

A young Killian Jones is brought aboard a ship by his father, but during the night he fears the storm brewing outside. With his brother, Liam, asleep, he has no other choice but to call for his father. Brennan assures his son that everything will be alright, and he goes on about how everyone is braver than they think, so Killian needs to work on molding himself into the man he wishes to be. When asked what that is, Killian reveals that he wants to be just like his father; Brennan is pleased, and re-tucks his son into bed. Killian wakes up again later on though, but this time his father is no where to be found. A captain enters, revealing that Brennan fled an hour prior, something Killian does not understand, and so the captain further explains that the boy's father is a fugitive of the law and that when he heard there would be soldiers at the next port he traded both his sons into the captain's service in order to obtain a rowboat to get away in. This devastates Killian. ("Swan Song")