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This Servant was one of the employees of Arendelle's palace who helped Elsa prepare a meal for Anna, appearing in "Smash the Mirror"


Before the Curse

Servant 408 1
The servant is asked to leave. ("Smash the Mirror")

A series of confectionery treats have been prepared to welcome Anna home from her journey and Elsa tells her royal servant to hurry because she wants everything to be perfect for when her sister arrives. She runs through the foodstuffs on offer, stopping when she gets to ice cream, thinking maybe it's too obvious and they should lose it. The Queen then hears someone coming and so she calls for Anna not to come in yet because she hasn't got everything ready, however, it is Ingrid who enters, and she regretfully informs her niece that Anna won't be attending dinner tonight due to something quite terrible that's happened. She requests that the servant leave and a confused Elsa tells him that it's alright and they'll finish later. He leaves as requested, and Elsa demands that her aunt reveals what has happened. ("Smash the Mirror")

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