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The unnamed sailor was part of Captain Liam's naval crew, until such time that his captain perished and he became a pirate under the lead of Killian Jones.


Before the Curse

Sailor 305 1
A sailor gets his rum taken away to avoid bad form. ("Good Form")

When Leiutenant Killian Jones is preparing his crew for their next voyage, he notices an undone button on a sailor's shirt and so fixes it for him, leading the sailor to thank him. He later finds a bottle of rum in the same sailor's pocket, and swarns him against it, as rum leads to drunkenness, drunkenness leads to bad form, and if there's one thing Killian Jones doesn't tolerate, it's bad form. He throws the rum into the sea. The sailor is present when Captain Liam orders the crew to "deploy the Pegasus", meaning they lower a sail woven from Pegasus feathers; this then allows the ship to fly, and they head to the second star to the right and straight on 'til morning, ending up in Neverland. When Liam dies thanks to a nasty poison the king asked them to retrieve, Killian makes a speach to his new crew, saying that from now on they will live by their own rules as pirates and sail under the Jolly Roger. The crew, including the sailor, seem to agree with this idea, and chant Killian's name in celebration. ("Good Form")

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