Ruth's necklace
Ruth's necklace
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Determining the gender of a baby
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Ruth's necklace is a magical necklace, once owned by gypsies, that fell into the possession of Ruth. With the power to detect the gender of an unborn baby, Ruth uses it on Snow White, however, it detects nothing. After a fertility curse is taken off Snow, David uses the necklace to detect she'll have a girl.


Before the Curse

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Ruth checks the gender of Snow's first born. ("Lady of the Lake")

After meeting Lancelot, he and Snow realize that Charming's in danger as the soldiers are heading to the cabin, where his mother is. When Snow and Lancelot arrive, Ruth has already been attacked and has a poison arrow in her chest. Charming suggests that they use the water from Lake Nostos. They journey there, and, on their way, Ruth shows Snow a necklace that is used to determine the gender of your first born, however, it detects nothing for Snow, she admits to having the curse that George afflicted and Ruth tells her to use the lake water for herself. However, when they arrive, the lake is empty. However, Lancelot finally manages to find a morsel of magic water and it is given to Ruth, but it does not work, her final wish is to see her son's wedding, which is then performed by Lancelot and involves sipping from a cup, Ruth dies. Charming later dangles the necklace over Snow's hand and it begins to show indication of a child, Snow realizes that Ruth never drank the water as it was really put in her wedding cup. Snow than tells Lancelot that the child will be a girl. ("Lady of the Lake")