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All magic comes with a price.

Rumplestiltskin, also nicknamed Rumple, is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time. Rumple was once a normal man turned evil by the Dark One's magic. After losing his son, he became obsessed with making deals, and, more so, collecting in on them, most of which aided his ultimate goal of being reunited with Baelfire. In the town of Storybrooke, Maine, after casting of the Dark Curse, Rumplestiltskin lives as Mr. Gold, the enigmatic owner of the local pawn shop, as well as the town itself. Gold remains aware of his life before the curse and plays a key role in breaking it so that he can leave town and find Bae, with his need to satisfy revenge often getting in his own way and leading to events such as him providing the town with magic, which he views as power. However, unforeseen circumstances lead to Baelfire's death, and Rumple is left at a loss. His thirst for power could be his undoing, threatening dearly the relationship he has with his true love Belle.


Before the Curse

Run home, Rumple. It's what you're good at.
Rumple 308
Rumplestiltskin is taken from his father. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

Rumplestiltskin, a young boy, witnesses his father Malcolm get beaten up by a peasant when he attempts to scam him via a card trick, something his lowlife father is adept at. After giving him a straw doll and telling him to name it, Malcolm gets his son a job with a couple of spinsters, where Rumple discovers his talent for spinning at the wheel. They tell him that everyone knows of his father's shady reputation, and the only way he'll be able to escape it is by going to a new land. He is given a magic bean so that he's able to do this, and shows it to his father, asking where he'd like to go. Malcolm speaks fondly of the place he visited in his dreams as a child, and wants to go there, so the bean is dropped, a portal opens, and the two of them make their way to Neverland. Here, you can do anything so long as you can believe it, but Malcolm is disappointed when he's unable to fly, realizing that he'll need pixie dust to do so. Malcolm climbs a high tree in order to collect some dust from the flowers at the top, and whilst he's up there, he makes a deal with the island's only resident: the shadow. Rumple waits at the bottom, scared something terrible has happened to his father, but Malcolm soon returns, telling Rumple that he can't fly because he's not a boy. However, due to the deal he made with the shadow, he will be one soon, and leaving Rumple is the price for that. The shadow then takes Rumple away, causing the boy to drop his straw doll in the process, whilst Malcolm is turned young again by pixie dust, able to stay on Neverland for the rest of his days. Rumple is returned to the spinsters, who proceed to raise him and offer to make him a new doll. However, the child woefully states that Peter Pan (the name he gave his doll, and also the name that his father assumes as a child in Neverland) is gone. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

Rumple 214 01
Rumplestiltskin meets his son, Bae, soon after running from the war. ("Manhattan")

Many years later, Rumplestiltskin arrives home to his wife, Milah, with exciting news - he has been selected to fight in the Ogres War. Milah, however, does not seems to share in his excitement, having heard stories from the front line about how brutal the war has become. Rumple explains that he needs to go in order to prove that he is not a coward like his father, and Milah backs him up. When at war, Rumple encounters a young girl, a seer, who can tell the future. She tells Rumple that he will have a son but that his actions in this war shall make the boy fatherless. Rumple refuses to believe this and later sees a group of soldiers who are being sent home thanks to the extensive injuries that hey received on the front line, meaning that Rumple is re-positioned to there. When one of the seer's minor predictions come true (that he will ride "cows", meaning the saddles on the horses, into battle), Rumple decides that her words were true and that his actions up at the front line shall leave his son fatherless. Fearing this, Rumple takes a mallet to his foot, injuring himself so that he may be sent home, he arrives to Milah holding their new born baby, Baelfire, and she asks if its true that he injured himself to be sent home on purpose. Rumple denies this, wondering who told her, and she states that rumors travel fast on the front line, accusing him of being a coward and saying that she would have preferred to be married to someone who fought and died. ("Manhattan")

204 08
Rumple meets Killian Jones. ("The Crocodile")

This made him the village coward and his wife, Milah, was ashamed of him. Rumple returns home one evening to see his son, Baelfire, without his mother, he decides to take his son out looking for her, Milah is found in a bar, drinking with pirates. Rumple tries to ask her home but she refuses, insulting Rumple as she does so. Bae then emerges and Milah changes her attitude, leaving with her son to protect him. Later that night, Rumple asks his wife if she'd really have liked him to die in the Ogre-Wars, she tells him that she just wishes he would have fought. The next day, Rumple is told that Milah has been kidnapped by pirates and he goes to the ship of Killian Jones to ask for his wife back, however, Jones refuses. He offers Rumple a duel in exchange for his woman but Rumple doesn't rise to the challenge. He is laughed from the ship. ("The Crocodile")

108 22
Rumplestiltskin uses his new found powers. ("Desperate Souls")

A girl by the name of Morraine is taken from her parents in Rumple's village, he shields his on, Baelfire, from the sight but is warned that soon Bae will be fourteen years old, like Morraine, and therefore carted off to a pointless war. Rumple assures his son that he'll find him a way out. As Rumple is running away with Bae, he is found by Hordor and his son is exposed to the truth from the soldier, that his father ran away from war and that his wife left him in shame, Bae is maddened by this as he believed his mother to be dead. Rumple's only way to be let go is to do something for Hordor - kiss his boot. Rumple obliges and is kicked in the face as all of the soldiers laugh at him. Bae and his father are soon taken in by a hospitable old man by the name of Zoso who assures Rumple of a way to prevent his son from going to war - finding the Dark One's dagger which will give him the power to control said Dark One. Rumplestiltskin breaks into the Duke's castle and steals the Dark One's dagger, he is soon presented to the Dark One himself and kills him, taking his magic. The Dark One is revealed to be Zoso who warns Rumple that all magic comes with a price. When Rumple returns to his village, he is the Dark One, and arrives to see Hordor and other soldiers there to take Bae. Rumple orders Hordor to kiss his boot, and, when the soldier kneels down to do so, Rumple places a hand on the man's head and snaps his neck, killing him. The new Dark One proceeds to kill the rest of the soldiers with complete ease, much to the protest of Baelfire. ("Desperate Souls") Rumplestiltskin walks onto the battlefield and leads all of the children home. ("The Return")

Rumple 304
Pan offers Rumple a deal. ("Nasty Habits")

Rumple arrives home and gives his son, Baelfire a present: a knife he took from one of the villagers he terrorized for being unable to pay him, but Bae refuses to accept any more gifts that stem from Rumple's fearsome power. Bae then says that he'd like to leave home once in a while in order to make friends and see the world beyond his hovel, but Rumple doesn't allow it as he's hiding his fear that, should Bae leave, he might never come back. When Rumple returns home the next day, he is shocked to discover that his son is gone. He finds the answer in the village of Hamelin where the townspeople tell him that a mysterious Pied Piper led all their children away in the night using music that only the kids could hear, and they believe this to be the same person to took Baelfire. That night, Rumple is able to hear the music also (as he too feels abandoned, like them), and goes along with the children to a large bonfire where all those who have been abducted are dancing. He is shocked to learn that the identity of the piper is Peter Pan (Rumple's father), and Pan offers him a deal: ask Bae to come home, and if he does, Pan will let him, but if Bae declines, he will be taken to Neverland where he will never see Rumple again. However, Rumple simply uses his magic to transport he and Bae home, where he discovers that Baelfire knew of the deal, and he's extremely angry with his father for not asking him to come home, instead of taking him there. ("Nasty Habits")

119 10
Rumple strikes a deal with his son. ("The Return")

When Bae scrapes his knee due to tripping in front of a donkey cart, Rumple arrives on the scene and turns the donkey cart driver into a snail before stomping on him, killing him, scaring the entire village and displeasing Bae. Inside, Rumple tries to heal Bae's knee with magic, but Baelfire refuses it, asking for normal remedies instead. He tells his father how unhappy he is with magic in his life and asks him if he would be subject to getting rid of it. Rumple takes out his Dark One's knife, saying that the only way to rid him of the power is to kill him with it. Rumple puts it away before Baelfire asks his father if, if he was able to find a safe way to do so, he would give up his powers, Rumple agrees with his son, striking the deal with a hand shake. Bae is shunned by other children who fear his papa but is comforted by Morraine who tells him of Reul Ghorm who will know a way to do what Bae requires and strip his father of his powers. Bae summons the Blue Fairy who gives him a magic bean which will lead to a land without magic, Bae takes it graciously. Rumple is presented the bean by his son and is forced by deal to go through with it. Bae and his father go into the woods and use the bean to open a portal, Bae wants to go through but Rumple cannot. As Baelfire begins to slip in, Rumple grabs him, too scared, however, Bae is let go after calling his father a coward and the portal closes, Rumple immediately regrets his actions. Rumplestiltskin calls upon Reul Ghorm who appears to him, telling him there is no other way to the land except via curse, Rumple vows to make this curse and find his son. ("The Return")

204 16
Rumple defeats Killian Jones in battle. ("The Crocodile")

Rumplestiltskin is well earning his reputation as the Dark One and feared by many, he is one day approached by a Mr. Smee in a bar who tells him that if he is granted eternal life, he will get him a magic bean, Rumple tells Smee that he will regress him to a child, however, should he fail, he'd be turned to dust. Smee obliges. Rumple soon sees Killian Jones and his men enter the bar and decides to have some fun, he pretends to be a weak old man outside and then, he reveals himself, startling Jones, he offers him a duel to take place at dawn. Killian arrives for the duel and Rumple throws him a sword, wanting to kill him with his own. The two battle and Rumple gains the upper hand, just as he places his hand into Jones' chest to rip out his heart, Milah arrives to stop him, who Rumple believed to be dead. Milah explains that she fell in love with Killian and offers Rumple the magic bean in exchange for their lives, he agrees. When on the ship, Rumple asks Milah how she could leave Baelfire and she tries to defend herself, however, the argument ends up with her admitting that she never loved Rumple, causing him to rip out her heart and reduce it to dust, killing her. Killian wants to avenge his love and attempts to stab Rumple with a hook, Rumple tells him that it'll take more than that to kill him but Killian assures im that he will get his revenge, after Rumple severs his hand by sword. Soon, Rumple gets back to his potions, wanting to find a way to get Bae back, when he realizes he has no magic bean. He becomes enraged that he was tricked. ("The Crocodile")

Rumple 214 02
Rumple hears the seer's final prediction. ("Manhattan")

Rumplestiltskin has a meeting with the seer that predicted his death in the war when he was a soldier, he tells her that she was right as his actions in war (running away) caused his son to be fatherless (pulled down a portal and accidentally abandoned by Rumple). He now wants to know if and when he and his son shall be reunited. The seer says that he and his son will be reunited but that it will require a curse, one strong enough to rip everyone from the land, and that it will take a large deal of time. Rumple demands to know more, but the seer tells him that even her power has limits, causing Rumple to believe that she is holding out on him. At this, Rumple waves his hand and takes her power from her, now being able to see into the future. He says that it's all a confusing jumble and that it's not a gift at all, and the seer thanks him for taking it away, offering up another piece of the puzzle out of gratitude. She tells the Dark One that when he and his son meet again, there shall be a boy who stands in his way, one that will be Rumple's undoing. He shrugs this off, stating that he'll just have to kill the boy. ("Manhattan")

105 14
Rumplestiltskin gives Jiminy a potion that shall solve his problems. ("That Still Small Voice")

Rumplestiltskin is spinning straw to gold at his wheel, as he turns the material, Jiminy walks in holding a bag of goods, Rumple giggles, "Thank you very much," he says. Jiminy displaces the good upon Rumple's table. "And the names?" Rumple asks. At this, Jiminy pulls some paper from his inside pocket, "To whom do these treasures belong?" Rumple asks eccentrically, standing up. Jiminy silently places the list onto the bag of goods. Rumple cuts a piece of gold thread and throws it to Jiminy, telling him its a reward for his thievery. "Thank you, you can go," Rumple tells Jiminy, blatantly. Jiminy begins to walk away. "But you want something else," Rumple notes, the thief stops. Rumple places some more gold thread into a dish, asking if he's correct, "Something with... magic," he says, pouring some potion in with the gold thread, making it shine and fizz. Jiminy is hesitant, "Every year, I'm stuck in that damn wagon. I wanna be free, I wanna... I wanna be someone else, but... something keeps holding me back," Jiminy explains. "Something or someone?" Rumple asks, hovering his hands over the potion. "It's my parents," Jiminy reveals, Rumple turns the potion in the dish into a vile and hands it to Jiminy, telling him that it's exactly what he needs. Rumple explains that it will set him free and tells him to pour it, sprinkle it, put it in their drinks, anything will work. Jiminy goes to garb the potion but Rumple pulls it away from him. "Ah, but you have nothing else to give to me," he points out, "Tell you what, after the potion has... done it's work, leave them where they are, and I'll come collect them. They'll be my fee," he offers. "What will become of them?", Jiminy asks. "...worry you not. They'll be in safe hands. And you'll be free," Rumple assures him, handing him the potion. Jiminy hesitantly accepts the vile and walks away with it. ("That Still Small Voice")

Rumple 216
Rumplestiltskin teaches Cora the wonders of magic. ("The Miller's Daughter")

When a young woman named Cora brags before the king that she is able to spin straw into gold, he locks her in a tower full of straw so that she may make the kingdom rich again, and if she doesn't, she shall be put to death. As she is considering jumping from the tower, Rumplestiltskin appears to her, and advises her not to do that. He introduces himself and shows her that he can spin straw into gold using magic and that he shall preform her duty in exchange for her first born. However, Cora asks Rumple to teach her how to do magic herself, and the contract between them changes so that now Cora must only give Rumple his own child. He tells her that magic consists of emotion and tells her to think of a painful memory in order to use it, Cora does so and is able to endlessly spin the straw into gold for the kingdom, meaning that she is able to marry Prince Henry. On the night of her wedding, she is met by Rumple who begins to kiss her, revealing that they are having an affair. She asks Rumple if he can give her happiness, but he says that he can only bring her darkness, and she proceeds in marrying Henry. However, she later tells Rumple that she has the desire to kill King Xavier, who once humiliated her, by ripping out his heart and crushing it, before she runs away with Rumple. That night, Rumple waits to meet Cora outside the palace but she tells him that she is not coming with him and that she chose not to kill the king. He asks whose heart she's carrying and she explains that it's her own as she saw her feelings for him as an obstacle. He exclaims that she's breaking their deal, however, Cora reminds him that their contract changed so that she only has to present him with his own child, and from now on, any child she does have, shall be the prince's. ("The Miller's Daughter")

Rumple 407
Rumple shifts some gloves. ("The Snow Queen")

Ingrid, the future Queen of Arendelle, grows up with the power to wield ice and snow magically, and wishes to get rid of it with aid from Rumplestiltskin. She and her sisters, Helga and Gerda, visit him at his Dark Castle in order to make a deal, but he points out how rare her brand of magic is, offering to give her lessons instead. Ingrid refuses, wanting the power gone, and so the Dark One obliges in offering her a pair of gloves that will help to block her magic, so long as she believes they will, as well as a magic urn that will be able to trap her should she go completely out of control. Ingrid accepts his offerings and prepares to leave, but Rumple points out that that's not how deals work, wanting something in return. They wonder what, and he forces them to hand over the ribbons they've had since children, which represent their sisterly bond. Reluctantly, they sacrifice them, and Ingrid walks away with the objects in tow. ("The Snow Queen") The parents of James and his brother trade one of their children to Rumplestiltskin in exchange for a farm. Rumple later trades the baby he owns to King George in exchange for an "abidance". ("The Shepherd")

202 24
Rumplestiltskin offers to teach magic to Regina. ("We Are Both")

Regina summons Rumplestiltskin in order to escape her wedding day, as her overbearing mother, Cora, is forcing her into a loveless marriage with King Leopold. Rumple offers to teach Regina magic just like, as it's revealed, he taught Cora everything she knows. Regina doesn't want to use any magic and Rumple tries to persuade her otherwise, handing her a book of spells; he also gives her a mysterious looking glass. Later, Cora binds Regina with magic for defying her, and Regina, envisioning Rumple, breaks free with her own magic and sends Cora through the looking glass, leaving her stranded in an "annoying little world". Later, Rumple talks to Regina and asks her how it felt, and she says she never wants to use magic again because she loved it, which scares her. Rumple is gladdened by this and offers to teach her everything he knows, believing she can be a great sorceress. ("We Are Both")

Rumple 316
Rumple begins to train Zelena, Cora's other daughter. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Rumple's training of Regina begins, but, as it transpires, her magical abilities are quite lacking. One day, Rumple thinks he sees her manage to transport a rock into her hand, but it is in fact Cora's firstborn daughter, Zelena. He is at first wary, but when Zelena introduces herself, he confirms her claims by plucking out a strand of her hair and putting it in a small bottle, which glowed green. She requests that Rumple train her in magic, being very powerful, and he agrees, taking her into the woods where he blindfolds her. He tells her to use her anger to fuel her magic and she does so, using her jealousy of Regina, and manages to find Rumple despite her blindfold during the training exercise. He then tells her to use a happy thought to tame that anger and explains that his own happy thought is of the meat pies made by the two spinsters who raised him because it made him forget what he truly was: a boy who wasn't wanted by his papa. Zelena uses the moment that Rumple agreed to train her, for that was the moment she felt wanted. One day soon, Zelena makes Rumple a meat pie reminiscent of the ones the spinsters used to make him, but he tells her to leave for he has another lesson soon. She is confused, having just had a lesson, and he reveals that he's still training Regina, much to her rage. Rumple warns Zelena not to be so envious because it's starting to show via the green patch of skin growing across her neck. Incredibly jealous, Zelena breaks into her half-sister's dressing room and tries to slit her throat, but she turns out to be Rumple in disguise and he tells her that he failed her test, going on to say that she will not be the one to cast his curse because, to do that, she must sacrifice the thing she loves most, but the thing she loves most is him. According to Rumple, Zelena's love for her master is what makes her dangerous to him and therefore, cannot be entrusted with enacting the Curse. This angers her deeply, but still tried to get on Rumple's good graces by stating that she can give him what he wants most. But the Dark One says unless can somehow create a gateway that will bring him to a Land Without Magic, then it is not possible. Zelena reveals that she has a pair of silver slippers capable of going anywhere, even a land without magic. Rumple senses that she's not lying about the slippers, and so he inquires more about them, even taking back everything he said seconds before. But Zelena was not dissuaded, she states he has to kill her in order to gain access to them. When Rumple tries to steal them, she fends him off with the magic he taught her, using the slippers to return to Oz where she begins plotting her master plan. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Rumple 320
Rumple teaches Regina how to make a fireball. ("Kansas")

In the Enchanted Forest, Regina is meeting with her tutor, Rumplestiltskin, for one of their magic lessons. He makes a fireball in his hand, trying to teach her how to do the same, however, although Regina manages to create one, it does not stay alight for very long, extinguishing almost immediately. It is then revealed that Zelena, completely green with envy, is spying on the two of them using the magic she has access to in Oz. She states to herself that it's not that difficult, making a fireball in her own hand with ease, angry that Regina is still being trained when she is clearly better. She is then visited by Glinda, who works to stop Zelena from feeling envious, but she ultimately returns to her wicked ways and continues her plot of going back in time to claim what is rightfully hers. ("Kansas")

Rumple 212
Meet Stiltskin, Rumple Von Stiltskin. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Rumplestiltskin is seen watching Dr. Frankenstein and his brother in the land of black and white. He later appears to Frankenstein in his lab as he is clearing up and tells him that he's interested in his work. Frankenstein assures him that he cannot bring back loved ones but Rumple says that that's not why he's there, saying that he merely wants to know how Viktor does what it is he does, before dropping a pile of gold in order to pay him with and disappearing. Viktor goes out to collect a body but is met by soldiers and his brother ends up getting shot. Rumple appears to Frankenstein again and tells him that he will give him a magical heart from his land that, paired with Viktor's procedure, could bring his brother back to life. Frankenstein jumps at this chance but Rumple reveals that there's a price. He tells him that he will introduce him to a master of the hats who will take him to a girl, he asks Viktor to put on a show for her but that when he shows her his work, he must fail, in order to help her move on. Viktor asks the girl's name and Rumple reveals it to be Regina. ("In the Name of the Brother")

205 24
Rumple's plot is revealed. ("The Doctor")

During one of their lessons, Rumple asks Queen Regina to remove and crush a unicorn's heart, after immobilizing it, however, she refuses because it's innocent, and so Rumple crushes it himself, killing the creature to show her how. Later, Regina visits Rumple and he asks her why she really wants magic, knowing that it's not for power, and she admits that she wants to be able to bring back the dead so that she may be reunited with Daniel, her true love. Rumple tells her that she is silly to think such magic exists and terminates himself as her teacher. Regina is taken by Jefferson to see Viktor Frankenstein to see if he can restore Daniel's body with a magic heart, however, the procedure fails. Regina returns to Rumple, who is now teaching a new student, and she takes this student's heart from her body and crushes it, killing her. Rumple agrees to continue teaching her, impressed that she's clearly been able to get over her past. It is soon discovered that Rumplestiltskin orchestrated the failure so that Regina would get the delusion of resurrection out of her head. He gives Frankenstein a magic heart in exchange for his abidance on the matter so that he can go on to bring his brother back from the dead. ("The Doctor")

Rumple 303
Rumple stops by for dinner. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Regina is sat dining to a feast on her own in her palace. When she pours herself a drink, Rumplestiltskin suddenly appears at the far end of the table, saying he thought she was dead. Regina is startled, but then composes herself and tells Rumple to go away. Ignoring this, he adds that when she didn't turn up for her lesson today, he thought she'd died. "Roast swan," he says, giggling, pointing to a swan that is part of the feast. Regina glares at him, so he tells her she'll get it later, referring to Emma. Regina begins to reconsider her lessons, stating she doesn't want a future that looks like him. Insulted, Rumple asks if she's feeling a bit persecuted. She asks why she shouldn't be and goes onto explain that she's practically a prisoner married to a king who still loves his dead wife and his insipid daughter. She sighs, telling him there's nothing to do and nowhere to go, adding she wants freedom and needs options. Rumple tells her it cannot be done and explains the situation. He tells Regina that she thinks she is the diner at the feast, tasting the options, a bit of love and darkness. When in reality, she is the feast and the darkness has tasted her. Regina tells Rumple that he's vile and demands he leave her home. He continues, saying the darkness likes how she tastes and it doesn't mind the bitter. He tells Regina that she cannot fly away from her fate, just like the roast swan can't. Regina appears saddened. Rumple then says he'll see her tomorrow, asking her to bring her simmering rage as it's all she has. With that, Rumple vanishes, and Regina heads up to her bedroom. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Rumple 414
Rumple admires Regina's newfound blood-lust. ("Enter the Dragon")

Regina rages about the fact that Snow White has become the best rider in all the land while she is no closer to claiming her revenge, and Rumple catches her hiding Maleficent's spell book, realizing that she wants to wield similar powers to her, such as being able to transform into a dragon. He explains to her that such magic takes time to perfect, but she simply believes him to be a poor teacher, hoping to be able to learn from Maleficent instead. He teleports her away to a tree which still burns from the hot fire Maleficent breathed its way many years ago, and Regina goes on to meet the dragon witch and instill within her the drive she needs to regain her dragon powers and claim her revenge on Briar Rose's daughter, Aurora, on the day of her wedding. When Regina returns to Rumple she is sitting with a sleeping horse, and he quickly realizes that it's in fact under a sleeping curse. She explains that Maleficent helped her realize that she doesn't want to kill Snow White... she wants to make her suffer an eternal fate, far worse than death. Rumple likes the sound of that, and would be happy to teach Regina such methods; she in turn is happy to re-accept him as her teacher. ("Enter the Dragon")

Rumple 412
Rumple betrays the Queens of Darkness. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Cruella De Vil and Ursula are summoned to Maleficent's Forbidden Fortress by Rumplestiltskin, who wants the three villainesses to team up with him in order to steal something that will make it so they can achieve their happy endings - the Dark Curse. Though reluctant at first, they soon agree to work together and make their way to a dark cave. Cruella's magic is first needed to control a horde of poisonous bugs, which she inhabits and forces to deviate, granting them access to what's inside. Maleficent then uses her staff to swallow the fire that surrounds what they're aiming to steal, and Ursula grabs it using one of her tentacles - the scroll which contains the curse, sealed in a glass orb which is then dropped into Rumple's hand. A grand demon named Chernabog then emerges and Rumple leaves the three ladies to deal with it, having planned on betraying them all along, and the trio has to work together in order to escape. Maleficent tackles the beast as the other two get away, and Ursula uses her tentacle to pull her to safety. From then on, they decide to form a tight-knit alliance with one another. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Rumple 402
Rumple watches Anna. ("White Out")

When Anna, the young princess of Arendelle, travels to the Enchanted Forest on a secret mission to find out what it is her parents died for, she stops at the farm of David and Ruth in order to seek refuge, knowing them to be friendly. She witnesses the two humble shepherds be bullied by vicious warlord Bo Peep and ultimately helps David defeat her by teaching him how to wield a sword. Once all is done, she sets about her way, but not before receiving some advice from Ruth, who tells her of a man who may be able to help. Not wanting to speak his name, Ruth writes it down for the princess, and Anna struggles to read the name "Rumplestiltskin" as she rides off on her horse. From his magic crystal ball, Rumple watches her with a smile. ("White Out")

Rumple 404
New hat. ("The Apprentice")

Rumplestiltskin is visited by Anna of Arendelle who wants to know why her parents came to the Enchanted Forest all those years ago, offering to do whatever it takes for this information. This gladdens Rumple and he makes the princess sign a contract, sending her on her way to poison a sorcerer's apprentice who guards a magic hat. She goes, but cannot poison him, shocked to learn that the "poison" was actually an antidote to the spell Rumple had earlier enacted to turn the kindly old man into a mouse; he explains that he needed her tear to break the enchantment guarding the box containing the hat, which can only be broken by those who've faced their inner-darkness and overcome it. She argues that she never even considered killing the man, so it doesn't count, and so he tells her that her parents came to the Enchanted Forest because they feared their daughter Elsa and goads her into killing him - which she does contemplate, but ultimately can't do - and takes her tear afterwards. He then takes the hat for himself, wanting to use it to collect enough magic to end his dagger's thrall over him, but the apprentice (still in mouse form) soon bites his hand and causes him to drop said dagger, which Anna then picks up and uses to force him to hand over the hatbox and send her back to Arendelle. He begrudgingly obliges. ("The Apprentice")

Rumple 408
Rumple takes the urn away from Ingrid, and Elsa with it. ("Smash the Mirror")

When Elsa is trapped in a magic urn by her sister, Anna, under the influence of a shattered sight spell cast by Ingrid, Rumplestiltskin shows up in their castle in Arendelle after Ingrid has frozen Anna and her fiancé and is currently stealing memories from the urn's prisoner, having learned the magic of the rock trolls. Rumple points this out, and goes on to mention how much he prefers Anna when she's neither talking nor breathing. He picks up her snowflake necklace from the fireplace and takes it for himself, then wanting to know where the sorcerer's hat is. Ingrid reveals that she's hidden it, and so Rumple takes away her urn, hiding it away in his vault of magical things he doesn't understand. She is told that she will get Elsa back should she recover the hat and say his name three times to summon him, but she ultimately does not due to extenuating circumstances involving a prophecy and her transition to the land without magic. ("Smash the Mirror")

112 02
Rumplestiltskin acquires a new maid. ("Skin Deep")

Rumplestiltskin appears before Sir Maurice, whose kingdom is tormented by the Ogres War. He offers to help Maurice for a price - Belle, his daughter, for her uses as a maid. Maurice and Sir Gaston, the girl's fiance, protest to this, however, Belle takes a stand and agrees to live with Rumple for the kingdom's sake, stating that no one decides her fate but herself.. When Belle arrives at the Dark Castle, she is immediately thrown into a cell, much to her dismay. Later, Belle is being told her list of chores and at, "Skin the children I hunt for their pelts," Belle drops a tea cup. Rumple reveals that it was a quip and Belle becomes very apologetic for chipping the cup, however, he reminds her that it's just a cup. ("Skin Deep")

Rumple 220
Hag and the beast. ("The Evil Queen")

Rumple appears to Queen Regina after she has just slaughtered an entire village for not giving up the whereabouts of Snow White, after harboring her. He tells her how well she suits power but points out how her subjects will never love her. Regina protests otherwise, saying that once Snow is gone, her kingdom will see her goodness. As a way to kick-start this, Regina asks Rumple to teach her Cora's shape-shifting spell, but he says it takes months to perfect. She then asks for him to cast the spell on her and he turns her into an unrecognizable peasant who will be able to find an unsuspecting Snow White and kill her, in exchange for her bankrupting King George's kingdom. He tells her that she may not be happy to hear what her subjects think of her whilst she's among them, but she doesn't care, so long as Snow dies. Later, Regina returns to Rumple in his Dark Castle, still in her disguised form, and he jokes that he already has a promising maid. Regina demands to be changed back and asks why Rumple didn't appear to her when she called him, as agreed, but he points out he never agreed to show up. She tells him that he was right, her subjects will never love her. Rumple turns Regina back to her normal self and she declares that the queen is dead. Long live the Evil Queen. ("The Evil Queen")

106 12
Rumple explains the glory of heroism to Charming. ("The Shepherd")

Prince James is promised to slay a fearsome dragon for King Midas, merging the latter's kingdom with King George's. However, James is killed outside of Midas' knowledge and George wants to hush this up so that he may still retain Midas' riches. The king sends out for help which arrives in the form of Rumplestiltskin, who promises to do what George desires. However, the Dark One reveals that he cannot bring James back from the dead. But, what Rumple can do, is replace James with his twin brother. Rumple goes to Charming's farm where the poor shepherd is horrified to discover that he has a twin brother who was given away at birth. The situation is explained to him by his mother and Rumple convinces the boy to pose as Prince James so the dragon may be slayed, persuading him with the idea of being a hero as well as saving his mother and the farm. Charming obliges. ("The Shepherd")

104 02
Rumplestiltskin warns Cinderella that all magic comes with a price. ("The Price of Gold")

Cinderella is doomed not to attend the kingdoms ball when she's left to sweep up her stepmother and stepsisters mess outside her house. She is then utterly thrilled when her Fairy Godmother approaches her and tells her that she shall go to the ball, once she grants her wish. But Ella is then devastated when her Fairy Godmother is murdered before her very eyes by the Dark One himself - Rumplestiltskin - who steals the fairy's wand. Rumple then tells Cinderella that he can use his magic to send her to the ball himself, but that doing so will involve her owing him an unknown favor to be paid at a later date. Ella, who believes her life to be wretched, signs the contract that Rumple puts before her, and Rumple then uses the Fairy Godmother's wand to turn Ella into a beautiful princess in glass slippers. Thanks to him, she's able to attend the ball and meet her true love, Prince Thomas. ("The Price of Gold")

Rumple 219
Belle sees the good in Rumple. ("Lacey")

Belle cries over her fate in her cell and Rumple begins to grow very annoyed. He gives her a pillow to muffle her cries but when he leaves, Belle follows him upstairs where they discover a thief stealing a magic wand. Rumple manages to capture the thief, despite the latter's possession of a bow that never misses its target, and begins to torture him viciously. Belle is disgusted by this and frees the thief out of sympathy for him, but when Rumplestiltskin discovers this, he is livid. He tells Belle that she fell for deceit as the thief stole the magic wand on his way out and tells her that her punishment is that she has to accompany him on his mission to execute the thief with his own bow and arrow. They come to pass the Sheriff of Nottingham who offers them the thief's name and whereabouts in exchange for a night with Belle. Rumple refuses this and steals the sheriff's tongue, making him give up the information if he wants it back. The sheriff agrees and tells Rumple that the thief is in Sherwood Forest and goes by the name Robin Hood. Rumple and Belle find Robin as he is using the magic wand to cure his dying, pregnant lover. Belle insists that Rumple must feel sympathy, but he assures her otherwise, before firing the arrow. The arrow misses and Belle takes this to mean that Rumple must have some good in his heart, despite him denying this. When they return to the Dark Castle, Rumple shows Belle a room full of books for her to enjoy, she is very thankful, even though he insists he did it simply for her to have more cleaning to do. ("Lacey")

Rumple 411
Rumple bests the Queens of Darkness. ("Heroes and Villains")

Thinking Rumple is away, Belle uses this time to search through his castle instead of cleaning it. He returns home a few days early, however, and discovers this. Belle argues that he has so many items from all over the world that he never talks about, and all she has ever wanted to do was travel the world herself. When trying to get him to open up to her, he transports her outside to do the laundry, something that she isn't too happy about. When talking to herself, something catches her site - a little dalmatian puppy. As she begins following it into the woods, she is suddenly kidnapped by an unknown person. Later, when Rumple goes to check on his maid, he sees she has vanished. A crow flies over the castle, dropping off a magical sand dollar for Rumple, containing a video message of Belle who is being held captive in exchange for the gauntlet from Camelot which is capable of pointing to anyone's weaknesses. Knowing who is behind this, Rumple tracks down the culprit, Maleficent, who is accompanied by none other than Cruella De Vil and the Sea Witch Ursula. Rumple tries choking Maleficent in order to regain his maid, but Ursula uses her tentacles to slowly suffocate Belle until the Dark One gives in, tossing the gauntlet over and freeing Maleficent. He warns them that that was a risky move, but Ursula states it was worth it, as they have spent too long living in a world where villains never win. Cruella points out that the gauntlet will reveal their enemies weaknesses and they will be the victors. Ursula then shoves Belle over to the Dark One, and she along with her two allies disappear. Belle questions why Rumple would do such a thing, but he states it doesn't matter as they will not be able to harm her. Belle asks why he cares about her, to which Rumple awkwardly pushes her away, claiming he doesn't, but if anyone is going to crush her heart it's going to be him. Later on, Rumple returns to the evil trio, taking back his gauntlet. ("Heroes and Villains")

112 11
Romance. ("Skin Deep")

Whilst Belle is up on a ladder trying to fix Rumple's curtains, the Dark One is spinning at the wheel and asked by his maid why he does this so much. He explains that it helps him forget things, leading her to wonder what he needs to forget. Not answering, he jokes that it must have worked, and Belle laughs. Rumple then wonders what she's doing herself, and she tells him that she's trying to open the curtains to let the light of Spring in, but they're stuck. She asks if he nailed them down, and he says that he did; she continues to try to get them open, but the curtains tear and she falls from her ladder, leading Rumple to catch her in his arms; an awkward yet romantic moment ensues, and he promptly places her back on the ground. ("Skin Deep")

Rumple 311
A remembrance is held in Bae's honor. ("Going Home")

In his castle's library, Rumple lights a candle for Baelfire's birthday, stating that it's been too many years to count, but he hasn't stopped counting. Belle soon walks in but is told to go away by her master, who snuffs out the candle. She apologizes, not having realized that he was carrying out a remembrance, and Rumple explains that it's his son's birthday. Belle wonders how old he would be now, but Rumple tells her that he's not dead, he's just "lost". She doesn't understand what this means and asks how this came to be, and Rumple tells her that it was due to his cowardice. She assures him that it's not too late for him to redeem himself, but Rumplestiltskin denies this, stating that his ending will not be a happy one. ("Going Home")

Rumple 112
Rumple falls in love with Belle. ("Skin Deep")

Later, Rumple and Belle are conversing, during which time she admits to her past ambitions of heroism and that she had no interest in her old fiancé Gaston, and she soon mentions having seen small clothes in his closet, as if for a child. He admits that they were his son's, and Belle is curious to hear about him. Before she can do so, there is someone at the door, and Rumple answers it to Belle's former fiancé, who demands that the beast unhand the lady. However, he simply uses his magic to transform Sir Gaston into a rose, killing him, and gives the rose to Belle as a present. Rumple soon becomes so friendly with Belle]that he lets her go; he tells her that she is to go into town and buy some more straw for him to spin, and when she returns, he will tell her all about his son, Bae. She asks if he trusts her to come back, to which he admits that he never expects to see her again. To the Dark One's shock, Belle later returns with the straw he requested, and asks to hear about Bae. He tells her that his son was lost, and that there's not much more to tell. She wonders if he's loved anyone else since this occurred, and it isn't long before the two of them share a passionate kiss of true love. This kiss begins to return Rumple's skin to normal, robbing him of his magic, and so he quickly stops. Belle tells him that it was working and that true love's kiss can break any curse, even his, but this leads him to wonder who told her this. He soon realizes that this was Regina's attempt to rob him of his powers, as the Queen conversed with Belle when she left the castle, but his maid continues to try to convince him that her love is true. She asks why he won't believe her, and he exclaims that no one could ever love him, proceeding to throw the girl back into her old room in the dungeons. He then goes into a fit of rage and begins smashing up his belongings; he throws his tea set at the wall, smashing each cup, but stops short of the one that Belle chipped, which he keeps around. Later, he lets her go, telling her that she's free and that his power means more to him than her, but she refutes this, saying that he just doesn't think she can love him; but now he's made his choice and he's going to regret it forever, and all he'll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup. A while later, Regina stops by to ask Rumple for a favor, but notices how upset he is. She wonders if it's about the girl she met on the road, and proceeds to tell him that when Belle returned home, she was tortured for her association with the Dark One and ended up throwing herself from a tower, dying. When the Queen leaves, Rumple knocks a previously prized possession off of a pedestal and places Belle's chipped cup in its place: now his most treasured item. ("Skin Deep")

110 05
Snow White makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin. ("7:15 A.M.")

It's dark as Snow White rows a little boat across misty waters to a small dock. She gets off and then ties her boat to the dock, but she's startled by the voice of a man, asking how much she wants for the boat. She looks onto her boat to see Rumplestiltskin sat in it. Confused to how he got there, she looks around, and then tells him the boat is not for sale. Rumple states it is because nobody comes to see him without a deal in mind. She asks if he is Rumplestiltskin, he confirms this. He gets off the boat and admits he's been looking forward to meeting her, saying she really is the fairest of them all. He asks how he can help, so she tells him she needs a cure. He asks what ales her, so she tells him a broken heart. Rumple recognizes this as the most painful of all afflictions. He tells Snow if he wants her to make someone love her, then he cannot do that, nothing can. Snow explains that's not the problem, stating they can't be together. Rumple tells her he can help with that and he pulls out a small vile, laughing insanely. He puts the vile into the water, filling it up, and then he uses his magical abilities to enchant it, turning it a misty white. Baffled, Snow asks if that will do it. As no true love's are alike, he states it must become more personal and he plucks a few strands of Snow's hair. He puts one into the vile and tells her once she drinks it she won't remember who her true love is anymore. Snow seems saddened that she won't remember him, but Rumple explains that love is the most powerful magic, so the cure must be extreme. Snow is unsure. "Don't doubt yourself now, dearie. Love makes us sick, haunts our dreams, it destroys our days. Love has killed more than any disease." he tells Snow before handing her the vile. She asks his price, so all he admits to wanting is a strand of her hair. Asking if they have a deal, Snow take the vile. He tells "Snow White" to take it in good health before walking away into the fog. Snow is left highly confused and scared, as she never revealed her name. ("7:15 A.M.")

116 27
Rumplestiltskin bottles true love. ("Heart of Darkness")

After taking Rumple's potion, Snow White becomes angry all the time as her love has been extracted. The seven dwarfs hold an intervention for her and request that she go back to the man who sold her the potion - Rumplestiltskin. Snow returns to Rumplestiltskin to ask him for an antidote for the potion her gave her, however, he tells her that no such antidote exists. Snow does not much care and goes on to ask Rumple for something that will help her kill the Queen. Rumple is much too happy to oblige and gives Snow and bow and arrow which never misses. Snow takes these graciously. Later, Rumplestiltskin is visited by Prince Charming who asks the whereabouts of Snow. Rumple refuses to give him any information unless he gets something out of it. Charming asks the Dark One what he wants and Rumple requests Charming's cape, Charming wonders what he wants with his cape, but Rumple refuses to provide a proper answer. Charming gives Rumple his cape and Rumple gives Snow's whereabouts, explaining that if she is successful in her mission to kill the Queen, her heart will become as dark as the woman she kills. Charming quests to stop this from happening. Soon, Rumple is seen extracting hairs from Charming's cape and combining them with Snow's which he collected in exchange for the potion. Magic ensues between the hairs and Rumplestiltskin finally bottles true love - the most powerful magic of all. ("Heart of Darkness")

Rumple 122
Rumple overpowers Charming. ("A Land Without Magic")

Prince Charming is banished to a never-ending forest by the Evil Queen, still on his quest to find Snow White, who's already taken a bite out of the Queen's poisoned apple, sending her under a sleeping curse. Charming, on his venture, runs into Rumplestiltskin and decides to battle him, however, it is no use, as Rumple bests every one of Charming's maneuvers. Rumple steals Charming's mother's ring and enchants it to glow brighter the closer it gets to Snow. Charming wants this desperately but Rumple refuses to give it to him until a certain task if performed. The Dark One gives Charming a golden egg in which a potion consisting of true love is concealed. He asks Charming to hide it with the dragon, Maleficent. Charming defeats the dragon and hides the egg with it before returning to Rumple, retrieving the ring, and finding his true love, awakening her with a kiss. ("A Land Without Magic")

Rumple 302
Rumple demands that Snow pay the price for wasting his time. ("Lost Girl")

Rumplestiltskin is annoyed to be visited by Prince Charming, having just helped him find his princess, and Charming asks the Dark One for anything he has that may be able to vanquish the Evil Queen. Rumple has nothing and Charming leaves disappointed, however, he decides to trick Snow into believing that an ordinary sword is in fact Excalibur, the most powerful sword in all the realms, which then gives her the confidence she needs to stand up to Regina. Snow later calls upon Rumplestiltskin and asks him what his price is in exchange for the information he provided Charming, but Rumple reveals that he never told Charming anything, and proves that the sword in Snow's hands is a fake by turning it to dust. Snow realizes what Charming is done and is furious, but before she is able to confront him, Rumple snatches the pearl necklace from around her neck. The princess begs the Dark One to hand them back as they were given to her by her mother, but Rumple tells Snow that everything comes with a price, including wasting his time. ("Lost Girl")

Rumple 210
Rumplestiltskin makes a deal with Snow White. ("The Cricket Game")

Rumplestiltskin is in attendance of Queen Regina's execution, he stands cloaked in the back, ready to see the Queen killed. However, at the last moment, Snow demands for the execution to end, meaning that the Blue Fairy stops the arrows that are heading for the Queen when they are a mere feet away. Rumple later visits Snow White, telling her that the execution was a disappointment. Snow refuses to apologize for sparing a life, saying that she believes that Regina can be redeemed, Rumple finds this idea laughable. He offers Snow a way to test whether or not Regina can truly be redeemed, but Snow is hesitant, knowing that everything always comes at a price when it comes to Rumple and that he just wants the Queen dead. Rumple tells her not to question his motives, but to seize opportunity. Snow takes the deal. Snow White sets Regina free, giving her a chance to change, however, Regina strangles Snow and stabs her with the knife intended for her. The knife does not affect Snow thanks to Rumple's magic and it is revealed that he took a hair from her blindfold to create a protection spell, meaning that Regina cannot use her magic to attack Snow's kingdom. Later, Rumple visits Regina, telling her of Snow and Charming's wedding. Regina is annoyed as she cannot harm them in that land, however, Rumple points out that he could harm them in another - implying the use of the Dark Curse. He reminds her that he is her friend before vanishing, and Regina decides to crash the wedding. ("The Cricket Game")

104 25
Rumplestiltskin is ensnared. ("The Price of Gold")

Thanks to the deal she made with Rumplestiltskin, Cinderella goes on to marry Prince Thomas, but at the wedding, Ella ends up dancing with Rumple, who's in attendance, and he reveals his price for giving her her wish is her first born. Ella is stunned and horrified; she is forced to tell Thomas that it was not her Fairy Godmother that allowed them to meet, but the Dark One, and her prince concocts a plan along with Snow White and Prince Charming: a way to trap Rumplestiltskin for good. They create an enchanted cell in the old mines in order to contain him and Ella plays a crucial roll in creating a rouse. The princess meets with Rumplestiltskin and tells him that she's to be expecting twins, and that she'd like to give him her other baby in exchange for crops for her kingdom. She presents him with a contract and quill, which Rumple admires, and the Dark One signs the deal. However, once he does so, he becomes immobilized thanks the magic in the quills ink, which stuns him long enough for him to be captured. He swears revenge on Ella, however, for double crossing him, and Ella is distraught when she later emerges after Thomas has disappeared; Rumplestiltskin is to blame. He assures Cinderella that in this world or the next, he shall have her baby. ("The Price of Gold")

101 11
Rumplestiltskin shares his knowledge with the royal couple, for a price. ("Pilot")

Snow White and Prince Charming visit Rumple in his cell.The Prince starts to announce what their reason for being there, and Rumplestiltskin interrupts them, saying he knows why they're present: they want to know about the Queen's threat. Snow White demands that he tell them what he knows, and he mocks her by saying, "Tense, aren't we?". He then tells her not to fear, as he can ease her mind... but it's gonna cost her something in return. The Prince tells him "No", and tries to warn Snow that this is a waste of time, but she comes toward Rumplestiltskin and asks what he wants. He wants the name of their unborn child, and the Prince tells him absolutely not, but Snow says "Deal. What do you know?". Rumplestiltskin smiles and explains that the Queen plans to enact curse, and goes into full extent of what the curse will do, in short, rob them of happy endings. A desolate Snow asks him what they can do, and is told that they can't do anything. She asks "Who can?", and he tells her "That little thing, growing inside your belly", as he reaches for her stomach. The Prince reaches for his knife and hits Rumplestiltskin's hand with it, warning him that next time he'll cut it off. Rumplestiltskin tells them the infant is their only hope. He then turns to Snow and tells her to get the child to safety, and on its 28th birthday the child will return. The child will find her, and the final battle will begin. He then laughs like a mad man. Snow White is shaken by all that she's been told, and Prince Charming tells her they're leaving, as they've heard enough, and thus the two of them and the guard walk away, but Rumplestiltskin reminds them, furiously so, that they made a deal: he wants her name, the baby's name, he needs it. The Prince tells him it's a boy, and Rumplestiltskin addresses Snow personally, telling her she knows he's right. He then asks again what her name is, and Snow White turns to him and says "Emma. Her name is Emma." She then walks away, and Rumplestiltskin, with a large smile, repeats the name to himself. ("Pilot") When in his cell, Rumple writes a scroll repeatedly saying the word "Emma" in his own personal supply of magical, squid ink. The same ink that was used to ensnare him. ("Queen of Hearts")

102 17
Two powerful beings, face to face. ("The Thing You Love Most")

The Evil Queen goes to visit Rumplestiltskin in his cell.The Queen is seen holding the curse's script, and tells the dark magician before her that it is not working. Rumple jokes that she is so worried, like Snow and her lovely new husband. Regina asks "What?", and Rumple tells her that the royal couple paid him a visit as well, and they were very anxious about her and the curse. Regina come s up to him and asks him what he told them, and Rumple claims to have told them the truth, that nothing can stop the darkness, and Regina smiles... until he adds "...Except of course their unborn child." The Queen's smile disappears, and Rumplestiltskin tells her that, no matter how powerful, all curses can be broken. "Their child is the key.", he says, with a provocative smile. He then points out that the curse has to be enacted first, and she asks him to tell her what she did wrong. He says that for that there is a price, and she asks him what he wants. Rumple says that it's simple, in the new land, he wants comfort, a good life. The Queen acquiesces, telling him that he'll have an estate and be rich, and he says that he isn't finished, there's more. She tells him there always is with him, and he says that in the new land, should he ever come to her for any reason, she must tend to his every request, and do whatever he says, so long as he says 'please'. The Queen reminds him that if she should succeed, he won't remember any of this, to which he tells her, "Oh, well, then... what's the harm?". She tells him "Deal.", with a smile, and then asks him what she must do to enact the curse. He tells her to sacrifice a heart, and she tells him that she sacrificed her prized steed. He tells her that a horse will not do for such a powerful curse and that she knows what she loves. He instructs her to go and kill it. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Rumple 309
The Evil Queen comes to gloat, but leaves dissatisfied. ("Save Henry")

As the Dark Curse is taking effect on the Enchanted Forest, Queen Regina magically teleports herself into Rumpelstiltskin's prison in order to gloat. However, he points out that her victory is flawed as she'll have no one to hold it over, and she'll eventually be left with a hole in her heart that revenge just cannot fill. Not liking what he's saying, Regina accuses the malevolent imp of trying to strike a new deal with her, but doesn't bite, but the Dark One refuses, assuring that Queen that when the time comes that she realizes he's right, she will come to him for a solution. Regina continues to refute this, continuing to theorize that Rumple wants to get out of their previous deal and escape the curse, but the Dark One asks her why he'd do that, given that, not only has he been promised a cushy new life in the world he's entering with obliviousness, but he's exactly where he wants to be. This confuses the Evil Queen, who leaves Rumple locked up in his cell so that she may go taunt her sworn enemy before she forgets who Regina is, and the Dark One is soon stripped away from the Enchanted Forest by the Dark Curse, just like he always planned. ("Save Henry")

After the Curse

Early Life

Every moment I've spent on this Earth, that's been my name.
Gold EL 217
Regina becomes unhappy with her end of the deal. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

After the Dark Curse hits, Rumplestiltskin becomes trapped in the town of Storybrooke, Maine with the new identity of Mr. Gold, the "owner" of the town as well as its local pawnbroker. However, it is as of yet unconfirmed as to whether or not Gold retained his memories from the fairytale land that was during the curse's entire duration. Due to the curse's repetitive nature, everyday as Mayor Regina Mills is walking along the sidewalk, Mr. Gold limps past before she sees Marco fixing the sign above a store. One day, Regina bumps into Mary Margaret, otherwise known as Snow White, who humbly apologizes. Noticing her meekness, Regina realizes that the people of the town she runs aren't obeying her because they want to, but because they have to. At this, she goes to visit Gold at his pawn shop and tells him that this isn't the deal they made as she was meant to be happy within this town. Gold appears to have no idea what she's talking about, apparently having lost his memories, and Regina believes this to be true. Gold then wonders why she isn't happy as she's the most powerful woman in Storybrooke, and Regina begins to vent her new found boredom within her town. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Gold EL 309
Mr. Gold procures a son for the Mayor. ("Save Henry")

Eighteen years later, Regina again storms into Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer and begs the shopkeeper to give her a baby. Amused, Gold tells the Mayor that he's flattered, but not interested, and she assures him that she didn't mean it like that; she requires that he find a baby for her to adopt and soon, as the waiting lists she's looked into are all at least two years. He promises to do this for her, and a very short time later, he tells the Mayor that it's her lucky day: a baby boy is available for adoption (who just so happens to be the son of the savior, Emma). Regina takes the boy, who she names Henry, but again storms into Gold's shop when she learns he is the grandson of Snow White and Prince Charming. Gold seemingly has no idea what she's talking about, and the dissatisfied Mayor storms out with the announcement that Henry will be returning to Boston - from where she adopted him - the following morning. However, she soon realizes how much she loves the child, and decides to take him home with her, later drinking a homemade potion that forces her to forget her troubles. ("Save Henry")

Season 1

When two people both want something the other has, a deal can always be struck.
101 28
Emma meets some of the locals, including Mr. Gold. ("Pilot")

Emma is then seen making her way to a local resting place, Granny's Bed & Breakfast. When she enters, she overhears Granny herself arguing with her granddaughter, Ruby, about how she was out some night and is now going out again. Ruby tells her grandmother that she should had moved to Boston, and Granny ironically apologizes over her heart attack interfering with her plans to sleep her way through the Eastern seaboard. Ruby is the counterpart of Red Riding Hood, and Granny is Red's grandmother. Emma calls out for their attention, and says she'd like a room. Both women are surprised, and Granny asks Emma what view she'd like. Granny then asks what her name is, and she tells her it's Emma Swan. A male voice behind her then repeats the name "Emma"... she turns around to find the man - the counterpart of Rumplestiltskin. He tells her Emma is a lovely name. She thanks him. Granny then hands him a wad of cash, telling him 'it's all here'. He takes it, thanking her, and then says "Enjoy your stay... Emma." He then leaves. Emma asks who that was, and Ruby says, behind her, that it was Mr. Gold, who 'owns this place'. Emma asks if she means the inn, and Granny tells her he owns the town. Emma is surprised, and Granny then asks how long she'll be staying with them. Emma says "A week. Just a week." Granny then hands her a key, and says "Welcome to Storybrooke." Emma takes the key. ("Pilot")

102 26
An intriguing conversation... ("The Thing You Love Most")

Regina is seen tending to her apple tree, which was earlier sawn apart by Emma, when Mr. Gold shows up and comments on the mess. Regina wonders what he wants and he explains he was just passing by. He points out her high spirits and Regina tells him that it's been a good day. She soon mentions that this is because she drove Emma out of town, however, Gold tells her not to bet on that, annoying her. Gold tells her that if Miss Swan is becoming a nuisance that she cannot rid herself of, he will be more than happy to take care of the problem, for a price. Regina assures him that she's no longer in the business of making deals with him. It is revealed that she is referring to Henry, who Gold procured to her. Regina then questions if Gold wanted Emma in town and states that finding her Henry was no accident. Gold plays dumb and Regina goes on to ask him who Emma really is, he tells her that she knows exactly who she is. Regina demands the truth about Henry's biological mother but Gold requests that she leave him alone, "Please," which unsettles Regina. Before the pawnbroker leaves, he comments on what a lovely name Henry is and asks her how she picked it, it is seen to be the name of her deceased father. ("The Thing You Love Most")

104 29
Emma and Gold negotiate terms. ("The Price of Gold")

Mr. Gold is robbed by a young pregnant woman, Ashley Boyd, who maces him, knocking him out thanks to the fall, and steals his keys. Gold goes to Emma the next day to help absolve him of his problem by helping him find Ashley and what she has stolen from him. Emma asks Gold why he didn't just go to the police and he explains that he wouldn't want to get Ashley in trouble. Emma agrees to help find Ashley and whatever she's stolen to keep her out of trouble. Emma finds out that Ashley is driving out to Boston and hops in her car to find her, she stops on the side of the road when something catches her attention - Ashley is sitting there, in labor. Emma is horrified to discover that what Gold had wanted her to procure for him was Ashley's baby, which she had promised to him in an obscure deal. The maid pleads that she wants her baby and Emma promises that she will not allow Gold to take it from her. Ashley is taken to the hospital and gives birth. Mr. Gold arrives at the hospital and is immediately confronted by Emma, who is disgusted by the deal he made with Ashley. She wonders why he didn't tell her that his "merchandise" was a baby, he said that the information was irrelevant, however, Emma states that he knew she wouldn't take the deal if she were to find out. Emma negotiates with Gold and comes to the conclusion that Ashley gets to keep her baby, however, in exchange, Emma will have to owe Gold one favor. Emma agrees and the deal is struck. ("The Price of Gold")

105 33
Familiar faces... ("That Still Small Voice")

It is revealed that, thanks to Jiminy, Geppetto's parents were turned into ugly, wooden dolls which Rumplestiltskin had told him he'd collect when Jiminy thought the affliction would be upon his parents. In Storybrooke, over at Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, we see the pawnbroker walking around his shop in the background. He walks through the shop and past some familiar items - Geppetto's parents (in their doll form). This then shows that Rumplestiltskin collected on his deal and obtained the victims of the potion that he gave to Jiminy. ("That Still Small Voice")

Gold 106
David is directed to Mr. Gold. ("The Shepherd")

The moon is shown looking down on David who is following Regina's directions to the Toll Bridge, where he is meant to be meeting Mary Margaret, and comes up to Mr. Gold's pawn shop, he stops, checking for a fork in the road, but sees nothing of the sort. Instead, David decides to walk into the shop and looks out at what's for sale, wondering if anyone else is in there. As he looks around, he is most captivated by a unicorn on a set of wind chimes, as he inspects it, he hears, "Charming," the voice belongs to Mr. Gold who's standing behind the counter. "The mobile. Isn't it charming?", he asks as David approaches him. David asks Mr. Gold if he knows the whereabouts of the Toll Bridge, telling him that the mayor told him to come by the shop but the directions seem to be wrong. "It seems Miss Mills has led you astray," Gold says, David says it's odd that the mayor doesn't know her own town. "Open the door, turn right, two blocks, you'll find a trail," Gold informs David who thanks the pawnbroker before trying to hastily leave his shop, however, something catches his attention: a windmill. Gold asks David if he sees something he likes, David asks him where he got the windmill, "That old thing, that's been gathering dust for... forever," Gold states. David appears captivated by the thing and spins it around with his hand, watching it as it goes around. David says that he thinks it belonged to him, Gold asks him if he's sure, "Yes," David states, staring at the windmill. Gold smiles eerily and David stares at the item in question, he says something, "I remember." This signifies that he has overcome his amnesia. ("The Shepherd")

107 09
Graham finds Mr. Gold in the woods. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

In Storybrooke's forest, Sheriff Graham is running through it and comes to a sudden stop, seeing a rustling in the bushes, having presumably followed the wolf. The person causing the rustling is soon seen to be none other that Mr. Gold, "Good morning, sheriff. Sorry if I startled you," Gold tells him. "Sorry, I thought you were a wolf," Graham tells him. "Did I forget to shave?" Gold jokes. "What are you doing out here so early?" Graham wonders, Mr. Gold says that he was just doing a spot of gardening and asks Graham the likewise question, "I was looking for a-", "A wolf." Gold nods, "Yeah, I think I'm beginning to catch on. You know, to the best of my knowledge, sheriff, there are no wolves in Storybrooke... not the literall kind, anyway. Why are you looking?" Mr. Gold asks. "You'll think I'm crazy." "Try me," Gold says. "...I saw one in my dreams... and then I saw one for real. Just a couple hours ago. Did you see anything unusual out there?" asks Graham. Gold walks closer to Graham, looking at the shovel in his hand. "I'm afraid not," he tells him, saying that he wishes he could be more helpful. "You know, sheriff... they say that dreams, dreams are memories... memories of another life," Mr. Gold informs him. This deeply confuses Graham and he is wished luck by Mr. Gold, "I do hope you find waht you're looking for," Gold says before leaving. Graham continues to trek through the woods. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

108 23
Gold reveals his master plan to Emma. ("Desperate Souls")

Emma visits Gold in his shop, wanting to talk about Sheriff Graham, whose death was a mere two weeks previous. Gold realizes that she's still deputy and tries to convince her that she should become sheriff, however, Emma doesn't feel up for the roll. Gold tries to convince her to take something of Graham's as a keepsake, however, Emma refuses to do so. Mr. Gold goes to see Emma at her apartment later, having heard about Emma being fired by Regina, and convinces the blonde to run for sheriff against Sidney Glass, Regina's candidate, after finding a loophole in the Town Charter that states Emma can do so. Regina soon goes to see Gold in his shop, wondering why he found the loophole in the Town Charter, Gold tells her that legal documents have always been a fascination of his. Regina expresses her belief that Sidney is sure to win the election. Later, when Emma is confronting Regina over something, a fire ensues in the latter's home and Emma rescues the mayor, making her a hero in the public eye, winning many votes. When Emma has to give a speech, she tells the town that it was Mr. Gold who started the fire, after having found this out herself, to make her look good. Emma wins the election, much to her surprise, and Gold explains that it is because she stood up to him and he is feared by the town. Emma realizes that Gold wanted her to expose him in order for her to win. ("Desperate Souls")

Gold 109
Gold helps Emma in her task. ("True North")

When Emma discovers two young children, Ava and Nicholas Zimmer, are living on their own without parents, she tries to do her best to keep them out of the foster system, which Regina is trying her best to enforce. Emma decides to find the pair's father, however, it is harder than she first thought. Emma believes she has broken ground when she finds an heirloom left to Ava by her father, a compass. Emma goes to Mr. Gold for help, asking him about the origins of said compass. Mr. Gold obliges to help the blonde and refers to his files to see who he sold the compass to. After a quick check, Gold tells Emma that it belonged to one Michael Tillman, and Emma uses this information to find the father and he is soon reunited with his children. However, when Emma leaves, it is discovered that the file Gold referred to is blank. ("True North")

111 16
Emma and Sidney encounter Mr. Gold. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

Emma and Sidney are driving through the woods when they crash due to breaks that have been tampered with by Regina. Soon, Emma storms through the woods with her torch, determined to get revenge on Regina. Sidney tries to stop her, but she states she's going to find Regina as she tried to have her killed. Sidney warns Emma to be cautious and think clear. Emma stops walking and tells him "to hell with caution", ready to find out what Regina's doing and why she's out in the woods. Suddenly, Mr. Gold, who's holding a briefcase, approaches them from deeper into the woods, and explains Regina was meeting him. Emma asks what he was doing out in the woods with Regina, so he tells her "just a little business transaction". Sidney asks what's in the briefcase, so Gold tells him that everything comes at a price; land being no different. Emma asks if that's why he met Regina, so she could buy land. Gold confirms, so Emma asks what she wants it for. Gold states that in business he finds it best not to ask many questions as it "hurts the bottom line". Gold however then asks Emma why she's in the middle of the woods with Mr. Glass. Sidney growls that Gold doesn't know what Regina did to him or Henry. He says they can't just sit idly by. Gold smiles and tells him "course you can". As Gold walks away, he warns the two to be careful as emotional entanglements can lead people down very dangerous paths. Emma and Sidney are left confused. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

112 29
Regina taunts Mr. Gold with his sentimental keepsake. ("Skin Deep")

Mr. Gold reposesses a truck from florist, Moe French, after he was late on payments. Moe protests dramatically, stating that the next day is Valentine's Day which will be big for business. Mr. Gold does not care and the truck is taken. Gold is next talked to by Regina, who saw the event transpire. She tries to talk to Gold about something important, however, the pawnbroker tells her that she will have to wait. Regina is forced to oblige when met with a "Please." Gold arrives at his house to discover that he's been robbed, his house having been completely ransacked. He is soon met by Emma, the sheriff, who has a gun in tow. The blonde explains that she will investigate further on the case and Gold tells her that he believes it to be Moe who robbed him. The next day, Emma presents all the things stolen by Moe to Gold, however, something is missing, and he tells her that, until she infds it, she may as well have found nothing. Gold later runs into David when buying duct tape and rope and sees him buying two Valentine's cards, after commenting on this, he leaves. Mr. Gold is soon seen diving down the road in Moe's van, and Moe is seen tied up and gagged in the back. The gun-toting Gold takes Moe into a cabin in the woods, he compresses his throat with his cane and asks him two questions, where is sacred posession is and who asked him to take it. Moe says that he has no idea what Gold's talking about and it's not long before Mr. Gold begins to repeatedly strike the florist with his cane, exclaiming that it's "his fault", however, he is soon stopped by Emma and taken into custody. Mr. Gold is visited in his cell by Regina who uses Henry to bribe Emma for half an hour alone with the man. She requests to know his real name, he says it's Mr. Gold, however, Regina retrieves a chipped cup from her purse and asks for his real name. Gold reveals his name to be Rumplestiltskin and takes the cup back. Regina now knows for sure that Gold remembers his life pre-curse. Later, it is revealed to be out of Gold's knowledge that Regina is keeping the pawnborker's true love, Belle, locked in a cell under the hospital, as she has been doing so for over twenty-eight years. ("Skin Deep")

Gold 114
Leroy attempts to haggle with Mr. Gold. ("Dreamy")

Leroy tells Astrid, a nun to whom his affections belong, that he sold all of the candles for Miners' Day, money which Astrd needs to pay rent for Mr. Gold. However, it is soon revealed that Leory was lying and Mary Margaret wonders how he will get out of it, however, he reveals that he has another way to obtain $5000. The town drunk is later seen with Mr. Gold at the docks with the former's boat. Leroy is attempting to sell his boat to Gold for $5000, however, Mr. Gold states that the highest he would be able to buy it for would be $3000. Leroy is disappointed and continues to try and haggle with the pawnborker, however, it is no use. The scene is soon found by Astrid who is confused as to why leroy would sell his boat to Mr. Gold, a boat that she thought was important to him. Astrid then discovers the boxes of unsold candles and runs away, maddened. ("Dreamy")

116 13
Mr. Gold offers his legal services. ("Heart of Darkness")

After Kathryn Nolan disappears and her heart is found in a jewelry box along with Mary Margaret's finger prints, the teacher is taken into custody. After another piece of evidence the hunting knife used to remove said heart, is found in Mary Margaret's apartment, Mr. Gold shows up at the sheriff's station. He offers his services as Mary Margaret's lawyer. They are shocked that he is a lawyer and he tells them that it explains why he is so adept at reading contracts. He assures the ladies of how persuasive he can be but Emma doesn't like the idea, however, the blonde is asked to leave by Mary Margaret who decides to hire Gold. She wonders why he's offering what he is and he replies that he's "invested in her future" (much like Rumplestiltskin told Snow White). Gold is later visited by Emma when in his pawn shop, she tells him that Regina is setting Mary Margaret up and he is not surprised, pointing out she has no evidence that's court-worthy. Emma explains that she needs Gold's help as, even though she doesn't approve of his methods, she approves of his results and remembers that the only time she overcame Regina was when he had helped her in the sheriff's elections. Emma says that she's willing to go as far as it takes. ("Heart of Darkness")

117 34
Regina believes Gold to be breaking his deal. ("Hat Trick")

Mr. Gold and Emma walk into the sheriff's station the next morning to discover that Mary Margaret hl, the latter is utterly stunned. Gold tells her that she needs to find Miss Blanchard soon or she will be damned to jail innocent or guilty. Emma leaves to find Mary Margaret and Gold smiles at the empty cell, wickedly, being the one who had planted the skeleton key under her pillow, prompting her to leave. Mary Margaret is returned to her cell soon enough by Emma who rescues her from Jefferson, who had kidnapped her. Regina walks into the sheriff's station, shocked that Mary Margaret is there, and talks to Gold privately. Regina is furious that Gold did not fulfill his side of their deal, the side where Mary Margaret escapes and leave Storybrooke where bad things happen. Gold reminds Regina that Mary Margraet is still on trial for murder, so she may still claim her vengeance. ("Hat Trick")

118 11
Mary Margaret is questioned in Gold's presence. ("The Stable Boy")

It is revealed that Mr. Gold and Regina had been plotting to frame Mary Margaret for a while, Gold did it in exchange for dropped charges. They planned how to get rid of Mary Margaret and Regina asked how she can trust Mr. Gold, he told her that he honors his agreements. Emma, Gold and Mary Margaret discuss the upcoming court case and Mr. Gold suggests that if they use May Margaret's kind nature as a defence, they could win. During questioning, Mary Margaret doesn't help herself when she is irritated by Albert Spencer into admitting that she wanted Kathryn gone. When it seems that Mary Margaret is doomed, Mr. Gold reminds Emma that there is still time for him to work a little magic. It is then that Ruby bursts in, saying that she saw someone in the alley, Emma investigates only to find Kathryn has returned. ("The Stable Boy")

119 23
Gold threatens August. ("The Return")

Henry goes to see Mr. Gold in his pawn shop in order to buy a present for Mary Margaret as she didn't kill Kathryn, Gold helps the boy browse as August W. Booth sneaks through the back door and into Gold's office. Gold finds the writer in there, clearly looking for something, and questions why he's in there. August explains that he thought he had walked through the entrance. Mr. Gold corrects him before making him leave. Regina confronts Gold about Kathryn's reappearance and he makes clear that all evidence leads back to her, she believes he cheated their deal, extremely angry that Kathryn's not dead and Mary Margaret's gone free. Later, at Mary Margaret's homecoming party, Gold talks to Emma, asking her how much she knows about August, she reveals that she doesn't know much but that she trusts him more than she trusts Mr. Gold. The issue of Kathryn's sudden reappearance is brought up and it is hinted that it was Mr. Gold himself who kidnapped her, however, this is not confirmed. After he discovers that August is looking for the Dark One's dagger after snooping through his room, Mr. Gold follows August to Mother Superior and learns that he was talking to her about a reunion with his father, this leads Gold to believe that August is Baelfire. The pawnbroker goes to Archie for therapy and the conscience tells him to just be honest with his son. Gold obliges and finds August, who greets the old man as "Papa." Gold reunites with his son, happy, and leads him to the dagger which he burried in the woods soon after Emma arrived in town. August tries to use the knife to control Gold, confirming to the pawnbroker that August is not Bae. Soon, Gold pins August to a tree with the dagger to his throat, he wonders what August's aims are and why he's not scared. August reveals that he's sick and dying and that he's there to make Emma, the savior, believe in the curse. Gold lets August go (as he's going to die anyway) and tells him to try and make Emma believe again as that could benefit him. ("The Return")

Gold 120
Gold refuses to help Emma. ("The Stranger")

Emma hires Mr. Gold in order to help her gain custody of Henry, he agrees to help her. August calls Gold and tells him that he wants to meet him concering Emma. Mr. Gold is helping Marco in his shop when August walks in, immediately recognizing Geppetto as his father but not saying anything. After Marco leaves, August tells Gold that Emma is too focused on her custody battle and he needs Gold to push her towards him so that he can get her to believe. Mr. Gold agrees to give Emma a little nudge towards him. Emma goes to see Mr. Gold and he refuses her case, doing what he promised and giving her as nudge towards August so that he may make her believe in the curse. ("The Stranger")

Gold 121
Regina comes to gloat. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Regina becomes worried that her apple tree is dying and so goes to Mr. Gold. He explains it by telling her that the curse is weakening, this worries Regina, Gold tells her that if Emma were to die, the curse would be broken. This prompts Regina to use Jefferson and his hat to create a portal to the fairytale land, however, it's only big enough for her to reach through and grab something, she choses an apple. Regina later goes back to Mr. Gold to gloat that she retrieved a poisoned apple from the fairytale world, Gold reminds her that all magic comes at a price and she tells him that he can pay it. However, once Regina gives Emma the apple in the form of a turnover, her plan backfires when Henry eats it to ensure his mother of the curse's reality. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Belle 122
Belle accompanies Gold to the Storybrooke well. ("A Land Without Magic")

Henry is dying because of the apple turnover baked with the poisned apple by Regina, Emma now believes and her and Regina must now team up to save Henry's life, they start by going to the only other person with magic, Mr. Gold, or, Rumplestiltskin. He reveals to them that he dapped the potion with a drop of true love, made from Snow White and Prince Charming (Emma's parents, hence why she is the savior) which means it contains some of the strongest magic. Gold tells them that he didn't use the whole potion and hid the rest in a golden egg which can be found with the maleficent dragon. Emma faces the dragon and retrieves the potion in the egg. However, when she is going up the lift, it stops, she climbs out of the top to see mr. Gold, he tells her that Regina tampered with the lift and abandoned her, Emma throws the egg to Gold and climbs up to discover that Gold was lying and has now ran off with the otion, having tied Regina up. Gold gets to his shop and an unexpected visitor shows up: Belle (who was earlier freed by Jefferson). She tells him that she was told to say that Regina locked her up, Mr. Gold promises to protect her, despite her not knowing who he is. The two venture to the well in the woods soon after Emma breaks the curse, they arrive, meaning that Belle remembers Gold/Rumplestiltskin and tells him that she loves him. He pours the love into the well creating a purple mist that spreads over Storybrooke, he says that magic is coming back and Belle asks him why, he tells her that it is because magic is power. ("A Land Without Magic")

Season 2

Promise me you won't give into your hate.
201 06
"I will not let this stand!" ("Broken")

Rumplestiltskin and Belle are still at the well after the purple mist dissipates and Rumple asks his true love what happened to her, she tells him that she was taken away and locked up by Regina, Rumple says that he cannot and will not let that stand but Belle makes him promise her not to kill her, he does. However, when Rumple and Belle return to the shop and he goes to get her some clothes, he retrieves the wraith's medallion from a box. Later, Rumple visits Regina in prison and, keeping his promise to Belle, does not kill her, instead, he gives her a fate worse than death by pressing her hand up to the medallion, marking her for the wraith. Later still, Gold is visited by Emma, Prince Charming and Snow White who come baring questions, he answers questions with questions, twisting Emma's words, when a sudden earth-tremor is felt, they look out the window to see Storybrooke fallen into despair, they leave to fight it. Belle emerges and learns what Rumple did to Regina, she mentions how he always twists words and angrily leaves, hoping that he had changed. However, Belle returns and forgives him, happy to see that his most cherished item is her chipped cup. He tells her to leave, saying that he's still a monster, despite her wishes, however, Belle refuses, saying that that's exactly why he needs her. ("Broken")

202 11
Rumple uses magic to help Regina. ("We Are Both")

Rumple walks into his shop to find Regina rifling through his books, hoping to find one in particular. Rumple asks her what she's doing and she says that she wants to get her magic back, she notes that it is only her and him that know at that point that fairytale land still exists. Rumple asks her to leave and uses 'please', however, Regina tells him that his pleases have lost their punch, Rumple conjures the book and gives it to her, the same book he gave to her when he trained her in the first place. Rumple is later visited by Prince Charming who wants something to help him find someone, he asks for something similar to the ring Rumple gave him to find Snow, however, Charming refuses to show Gold the item or tell him to whom it belongs, Rumplestiltskin gives the prince a potion, that, when poured said object, will allow it to find its owner. Charming and Rumple make a deal that each will stay out of the others' way. Rumple asks what happens when they leave Storybrooke, Charming tells him that people lose their memories of their magical selves and their Storybrooke selves becomes their only identity. When Charming leaves, enraged by the truth, Rumple begins to smash up his shop with his cane. Later, Gold is seen merely standing at the barrier around the town. ("We Are Both")

204 27
Rumple explains himself to Belle. ("The Crocodile")

After Belle has a bad dream about Rumple still being the same man he always was, she goes to check on him, she sees him spinning straw into gold for magical purposes. The next morning, Belle confronts him but he refuses to tell her, she accuses him of being a coward and leaves. Rumple goes to Moe French/Sir Maurice with a wanted poster of Belle, he claims to have no idea where she is but makes it clear what a monster he believes Rumple to be. Rumple then goes to Prince Charming, the acting sheriff, and the two of them begin to search Storybrooke for Belle, to little avail. Rumple asks Charming how he makes his relationship with Snow work and he explains that it stems from honesty of the heart, something Rumple rarely gives. They stroke luck with Granny's Diner as Red has seen her, saying that she wanted a job and that she suggested the library. Rec pulls out a sweater that Belle left and asks Gold to return it to her, however, she soon realizes that she can use the thing to sniff Belle out, thanks to her wolf side. Charming, Rumple and Red stop outside of Maurice's florist and Rumple confronts him once more, Maurice tells Rumple that he will make Belle forget she even loved him, at any cost, Rumple realizes that this means he is going to make her cross the wall. Charming wonders how he is planning to do this as each exit is guarded, he soon realizes that Maurice has been down to the mines, so the four of them head there too. Belle is already being carted out of Storybrooke on a mine trail but Rumple uses his magic to pull the cart containing her back. She is grateful but stil mad at him, and with her father, she tells them that she never wants to see either of them again. Rumple gives Belle the key to the library which he has now bought for her and he gains sympathy by explaining that he was using magic to try and find a way out of Storybrooke so that he may find his son, Baelfire, Belle understands and is sorry. It is soon revealed that Rumple has kidnapped Mr. Smee and tied him up, he demands to know the whereabouts of Captain Hook, however, Smee is none the wiser. ("The Crocodile")

205 25
Viktor needs magic. ("The Doctor")

Dr. Whale visits Mr. Gold with only one arm after it is ripped off of him by Daniel. He asks the pawnbroker if he can restore the arm and Rumple says he can. He asks "Viktor" why he wants his arm back and he says that it's so he can use it again, Gold sees this as obvious and pries further, it is then revealed that Viktor wants to continue work on his brother. Rumple still refuses to restore the arm, telling Viktor that there's a difference between "can" and "will" and that he needs to hear something from him. Viktor admits that he needs magic. Taking this as a victory that magic is better than science, Rumple then returns the doctor's arm to his body in less than a second. ("The Doctor")

Gold 207
Regina turns to Gold regarding Henry's dreams. ("Child of the Moon")

Regina goes to check on Henry in his sleep and has to wake him from a bad dream, however, she is shocked to learn that Henry's hand is burned from the fire within his dream, at this odd occurrence, Regina calls in Mr. Gold. Gold explains that when people are put under a sleeping curse, one that Regina uses, their souls are taken to another world, one that can be revisited via dream even after this person wakes up, such as in Henry's case. Regina requests that Rumple do something to prevent this from happening, however, he can't, instead he pours some potion into a medallion that, when worn by Henry, and Henry alone, will allow him to control his dreams. Regina is hesitant about accepting it, saying that Gold always demands a price, however, he says that since it's for Henry, it's on him. ("Child of the Moon")

208 07
Gold tells Henry a little bedtime story. ("Into the Deep")

When Snow and Emma learn that they can communicate with Henry through Aurora due to the sleeping curse, Snow figures that Rumple will have a way to stop Cora. Rumple is having lunch with Belle at Granny's Diner when they're approached by Regina who tells Rumple of Cora's threat to Storybrooke. Rumple, Charming and Regina allow Henry to fall asleep after Rumple tells him that to stop Cora, they will need the ink that resides in Rumple's old cell. Henry tries to tell this to Aurora but she's woken up before he can. Henry is now burned but Rumple soon heals him before they decide to put Charming under a sleeping curse instead so that he can communicate with Snow. Charming is put under the curse by pricking his finger on a spinning wheel and all Rumple and the others an do is wish him good luck. ("Into the Deep")

209 07
Gold and Regina acquire the help of a dead Fairy Godmother. ("Queen of Hearts")

Rumple points out to Regina that they should probably stop a portal from being opened as Cora could get through, telling the mayor that if all goes wrong when she was trying to help, it would make her look very appealing in the eyes of Henry. They later go down into the Storybrooke mines to collect the magic diamonds, Rumple transfers them into magic using the Fairy Godmother's wand. The two of them concoct a spell over the town well where the portal shall open so that if anyone were to come through, they would surely not survive. Henry and Red head them off, enraged that the fairy dust is missing, Rumple sends Red flying with a wave of his hand where as Henry is restrained by Regina. Eventually, Henry asks Regina to have faith in him and so she absorbs the magic from the well and Emma and Snow get through safely. Charming is woken by Snow and Emma talks to Gold, she has realized that she was prophesized by him, however, he tells her that he merely used her to his advantage, he helps her realize herself that she has magic. ("Queen of Hearts")

Gold 210
Mr. Gold interviews the only witness... ("The Cricket Game")

Mr. Gold is in his pawn shop when Belle presents him with a picnic basket filled with bake goods. He thanks her and tells her that everything looks delicious, however, this scene is interrupted when Emma, Mary Margaret and David walk in. Gold comments on how lovely it is to see a family reunited, telling Emma that she has her mother's chin, however, they are not there to small talk and Emma begins to ask him if he's the one who killed Archie and framed Regina, the former's body having been found earlier that day. Belle is stunned that someone is dead and Gold denies having killed him, telling them that they can ask the witness. Emma says that there were no witnesses but Mr. Gold points out that that's not strictly true. Soon, Gold walks into the shop with Pongo, Archie's dalmatian, who saw the event in question, but Emma tells him that unless he speaks dog, Pongo is rather redundant. Gold explains that they will be using magic to extract Pongo's memories, Emma voices that he could as easily just use magic to trick them, but Gold says that he shan't be using magic, Emma will. He takes out a dream catcher and enchants it, passing it to Emma who holds it before Pongo. It glows bright and Gold tells her to "will it" in order to see the memories. Emma does so and in the dream catcher, Regina is seen strangling the life out of Archie, proving that Mr. Gold is innocent and Regina is "guilty". ("The Cricket Game")

Gold 211
Belle stumbles over the town line, after being shot by Hook. ("The Outsider")

Rumple takes Mr. Smee to the town line and pours some potion on his hat, a treasured item, he then gives Smee the hat and pushes him over, and the bumbling servant still remembers his fairytale self. The next day, Gold calls Belle over to his shop to tell her that he's created a potion that, when placed on a precious object, shall take a person over the town line with them able to remember who they are. Belle is happy for her love and asks him what his treasured item is, he tells her that it is a shawl that was worn by Baelfire. Later, Belle calls Rumple from the library and appears distressed, Gold rushes to her aid to learn that Captain Hook attacked her, when asked why by Belle, Gold explains that Hook took his wife, so in exchange, he took the pirate's hand. They discover that the shop has been ransacked and that the shawl is missing, and Rumple is distraught. He vows to go and get it back and tells Belle to hide in the library, giving her a gun for protection. When out searching, Gold runs into Mr. Smee who is trying to leave town, and turns him into a rat for taking the shawl. Belle learns from her books that Hook arrived on his ship and finds it herself, however, Hook finds her there too and takes her gun. She manages to overpower him and run up to the deck, but he soon apprehends her, as he advances, Rumple arrives on board. He begins to savagely beat Hook with his cane and Belle begs him to stop, which, after much, much hesitation, Rumple agrees to, hearing the argument that he still has good in him. Belle and Gold go to the town line and the latter pours the potion on Baelfire's shawl, enchanting it, he then steps over the line and remembers who is is, Belle is happy for him as now he can find his son. He says that he wishes she could go with him but she says that she doesn't need to as she will be there when he returns. Suddenly, Hook turns up and shoots Belle, telling her that he wouldn't count on it. Belle is injured superficially, however, she stumbles over the town line and forgets who she is, Rumple is livid. As he is about to attack Hook, a car is seen driving into town, Gold quickly dives to save Belle but Hook is hit directly by the speeding vehicle. ("The Outsider")

Gold 212
Gold uses Cora's gift to find Baelfire. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Gold is still at the town line with an injured Belle and he quickly heals her bullet wound with magic, she becomes awfully confused, not knowing him or what magic is. Emma, Mary Margaret and David arrive on the scene and Belle, Hook and the mysterious outsider are taken to the hospital. In the hospital, Gold kisses an unconscious Belle, waking her up, however, he does not get the reaction he expected when she screams and he is asked to leave the hospital. On his way out, he warns the Charmings that the outsider saw him throw some magic before entering town. Gold returns to his shop and Cora walks in, wanting a truce, she gives him a peace offering of a white globe that is meant to help Gold find Baelfire, they seal this deal "like they used to" and kiss. Gold later returns to Belle in the hospital with his chipped cup which he has made into her talisman with magic. He continues to force it on her, trying to get her to remember him, however, Belle becomes annoyed and throws the cup against the wall, smashing it, asking Gold to leave. The pawn broker is devastated. Back at his shop, Gold touches some of his blood to the white globe and it magically reveals Baelfire's location in the world. He soon goes to the Charmings' apartment in order to cash in his favor from Emma. He asks her to find someone with him - his son. He tells her that they must leave that day as every minute is a minute closer to him murdering Hook. He also tells them that if any harm is to bestow upon Belle whilst he's gone, he'll kill all of them. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Gold 213
"How terribly uncivilized." ("Tiny")

Gold knocks on the door of Mary Margaret's apartment to be greeted by Emma, who's ready to go, as is Henry. Mr. Gold is confused by this, wondering why Henry is tagging along, but Emma explains that she refuses to leave him behind with Cora lurking around town. The three of them next make their way to the airport by driving across the town line, Emma is worried that Gold's shawl may no longer works but he assures her that it will and is proven right when he still remembers who he is after driving out of Storybrooke. They next arrive at the airport where Gold is confused by the customs, not liking that he has to take off his shoes, as well as his shawl, the latter of which can cause him to lose his memory. He removes it and passes through the airport security gate in a daze before quickly having the shawl returned around his neck, still managing to remember his fairytale self. Henry soon begins asking Gold multiple questions, wondering if he's nervous about meeting his son, at this, Gold excuses himself to go to the bathroom where he repeatedly punches a metal paper-towel dispenser, injuring himself. He goes to heal himself with magic but realizes that he can't, discovering that he's powerless outside of town. The plane is ready to board and Gold takes his place on it along with Emma and Henry, he appears nervous about finding his son and the plane soon takes flight. ("Tiny")

Gold 214
Mr. Gold knows he must kill Henry. ("Manhattan")

Mr. Gold arrives with Emma and Henry to Bae's apartment building in New York. He enters after hesitation and Emma deciphers that the apartment without a name assigned to it is Bae's, pressing the buzzer. At this, running is heard along the fire escape and the three of them go outside to see a man running away. Gold tells Emma that her favor is to get him to talk to him, not being able to run himself, and the blonde chases him through the streets. When she catches up with him, she is shocked to discover that he is in fact Neal Cassidy, her old flame and Henry's father. As Neal delivers Emma some answers, he tells her not to bring him back to his father, having spent his whole life running from that man, and Emma agrees. She returns to Gold, telling him she lost Bae, and he decides to break into his son's apartment, waning to know more about him. Judging Emma's strange behavior, Gold figures that he lied to her about losing Bae and begins to question her, yelling, but as he does this, Neal enters the apartment, ordering Gold to stop. Rumple appears happy to be seeing his boy again, but Neal seems none too interested in a reunion, merely wanting to make sure that Emma was alright. Gold realizes that the two of them know each other and Emma soon reveals that Neal is Henry's father, much to the shock of him, Henry and Gold. As Emma talks to Henry, Gold talks to Bae who gives him three minutes to say what he has to say. Gold apologizes to his son for what happened to him, wanting to make amends for his actions, but Neal shows no interest in this. The three minutes are soon up and the reunion hasn't exactly flown smoothly, Neal next talks to Henry, his son, and Rumple realizes that he is the young boy who is to get in the way of he and his son reuniting, who he vowed to kill long ago when this was prophesied. ("Manhattan")

Gold 215
Gold is stabbed by Hook's poison hook. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Neal and Henry continue to bond as Emma and Gold commiserate over the trouble each of them are having with their respective sons. Gold asks Emma if she could convince Neal to return to Storybrooke with them, suggesting that if she doesn't do so, Henry will leave to find Neal as he once did with Emma. Before the topic can be discussed further, Hook runs into the apartment building and stabs Rumple in the chest with his iconic hook, telling him that he took Milah, his one true love, away from him. Emma knocks Hook out and imprisons him as Gold is taken upstairs by Neal. Emma soon returns to them, revealing that Hook made it to New York on his pirate ship, and Gold tells her that the hook used to stab him was laced with poison and is currently killing him in a city that has no magic. Emma suggests getting a flight back to Storybrooke, which does have magic, but Gold tells her that he'll be dead by the time they get there. At this, Neal reveals that he knows how to sail a ship and will be able to sail his father back to Storybrooke. As preparations are made to accomplish this, Emma receives a text from Mary Margaret, stating that Cora and Regina are after Rumple's dagger. Gold tells Emma, who tells her parents, that his dagger is hidden within the Storybrooke clock tower, however, once Mary Margaret and David retrieve it, they are apprehended by Cora and Regina who take the dagger for themselves. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Gold 216
Mr. Gold is saved by Cora's death. ("The Miller's Daughter")

Mr. Gold is still dying from the poison he received when he was stabbed by Hook and is sailed back to Storybrooke by Neal. They soon arrive at the Storybrooke docks and Gold is soon escorted to his pawn shop by Emma, Bae, Mary Margaret and David, where he is placed in the back room until a cure can be found. Knowing that Regina and Cora are on their way, Gold tells Emma to mark all of the entrances using invisible chalk, once she's done this, he tells her to cast a protection spell, which she succeeds at, causing the chalk lines to form an invisible barrier. As they begin to defend themselves, Gold asks Mary Margaret for an extra blanket, however, when she looks for one, she instead finds the magic candle that was given to her as a little girl, one that when lit, can save one life by taking another. Gold tells the teacher that she must whisper Cora's name over her heart, which is in Regina's vault, and Gold's injuries will be transferred to her. Mary Margaret is hesitant at this idea, but soon sneaks out of the shop to carry out the task. Cora and Regina arrive and break the protection spell with ease, before battling briefly with Emma, Neal and David. The former two seal themselves off in the back room with Gold using the invisible chalk whilst David is outside, unconscious, and Regina goes to her vault to intercept Mary Margaret. As Cora continues to try and break the barrier, Gold asks for his cell phone so that he may call Belle. When on the phone to her, he tells her that he's dying before going on to explain to her who she is, a hero who helped her people and a beautiful woman who loved an ugly man, always able to see the good in others. After this phone call, Neal comments that he didn't know Rumple had it in him, to which the pawnbroker replies that he's sorry for breaking his deal with Bae. Cora soon breaks through and transports Neal and Emma to the woods, she admits that Rumple is the only man she's ever truly loved, and before she can stab him with the dagger, she has her already poisoned heart placed into her by Regina. Gold's affliction is transferred to Cora who dies, meaning he is completely fine. Mary Margaret then runs into the store and sees Regina crying over her mother's body, and the mayor knows that Snow is to blame. ("The Miller's Daughter")

Gold 217
Gold acts as Mary Margaret's "guard dog". ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Mr. Gold shows up at Regina's family mausoleum where she is currently burying Cora and the mayor seems insulted that he turned up. He professes that he merely came to pay his respects to her mother before placing a rose on the coffin, and Regina begins to talk about how she plans to kill Mary Margaret for killing her mother. Gold tries to tell her that vengeance will get her nothing, and certainly not Henry, but Regina assures him that she will have everything. Gold goes to the Charmings' apartment to warn them of Regina's upcoming attack and David tells the pawnbroker that he's going to help Mary Margaret as she saved his life, making him in her dept. Gold and David investigate Regina's vault and discover that a curse is missing, one that makes someone think they love another, and they deduce that Regina is planning to use it on Henry. Gold suggests that the only way to end this blood feud is by killing Regina, but Henry doesn't like this one bit, before running off. Still needing to protect Mary Margaret, Gold stays behind at the apartment, and, when Regina turns up, he stands in her way. Regina assures Snow that Rumple can't be her guard dog forever, before leaving. When Regina's curse plan is thwarted, Gold is able to leave, but before he does, Mary Margaret asks him how he is able to live with himself knowing all the evil he's caused, as she's currently going through this herself after murdering Cora. Gold tells her that he tells himself he did the right thing, and eventually, one starts to believe this. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Gold 219
Lacey is impressed by Mr. Gold's dark nature. ("Lacey")

Mr. Gold dreams of murdering Henry, having been told that the boy will be his undoing, but feels guilty about it. The next day, he watches Neal and Henry sword fight in the park and is soon approached by Regina, who is surprised to discover that Rumple's son is Henry's father. Gold then goes and visits Belle in the hospital and promises to help her jog her memories, however, she is later visited by Regina who gives her her memories back - her cursed ones. When Mr. Gold goes looking for Belle, he finds her at a club called The Rabbit Hole, where he discovers she is a woman of loose-morals named Lacey, who has little interest in him. He goes to David to ask him how he managed to fall in love with Mary Margaret when cursed, and David says that Snow and Charming were still within them, just buried. With this, Gold returns to the club and asks Lacey out on a date, and she agrees to go with him. Later, the two of them are seen at Granny's Diner on said date where Lacey is surprised to discover that Gold is so much nicer than the rumors she's heard. He seems excited when Lacey shares a line that Belle once said, but this excitement soon fades when she goes to the bathroom and doesn't return. Gold finds her in the back alley making out with Keith, formerly known as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and gets rid of the latter, very disappointed in Lacey for what she did. She reminds him once more that she isn't the Belle that loved him, before leaving. Later, Gold is approached by Keith who tries to apologize, but Rumple removes the sheriff's tongue and begins beating him with his cane. Lacey strolls and by and sees this, taking pleasure in the fact that Mr. Gold is as dark as people say. Gold assures the girl that he's darker and she continues to watch in delight and he continues to beat Keith presumably to death. ("Lacey")

Gold 220
Hook is unhappy to see that Rumplestiltskin is alive and well. ("The Evil Queen")

When Tamara and Greg drive a captive Hook into Storybrooke, they keep him tied up in the clock tower, where they ask him to do a job for them. He initially refuses, saying that he's already killed Rumplestiltskin, meaning that his being is sated and his life's purpose has been fulfilled. The two of them then pull his chair up to the transparent clock face and put his telescope to his eye where through it he sees Mr. Gold and Lacey walking out of an establishment, talking happily after a presumable date. Hook is extremely angered to see that Rumplestiltskin is alive and Tamara makes it very clear that he's failed. Greg brings up the matter of the job again, and asks Hook if they have a deal. Later, when Hook and Regina become in cahoots, she reveals a way to completely wipe out Storybrooke and all of its inhabitants. Hook asks if this includes the crocodile, and she assures him that Rumplestiltskin will die. However, she is taken hostage by Greg and Tamara before she can enact this plan. ("The Evil Queen")

221 05
Rumple makes Whale kiss his boot. ("Second Star to the Right")

Gold is seen with his foot over Dr. Whale's face telling him to kiss his boot, with Lacey standing nearby. He accuses Whale of staring at Lacey in a lustful manner, and as he's about to stomp on the doctor's face, Neal restrains his father, and Whale leaves. Bae points out how non-redemptive Gold has been since he arrived, and so he asks his son why he's still there, and Neal states that he's staying for Henry and no one else. Later, Gold is visited at his pawn shop by Mary Margaret and David, who tell him that Regina is missing. Gold is happy to hear this, but David points out that he's still owed a favor, and so the pawnbroker asks Lacey to leave the room as he tends to his business. He takes out a vile of Regina tear from his cabinets and asks for one of Mary Margaret's, to make his spell work. Snow consents and offers a tear, Gold then charms the vile to make a potion that when poured into Mary Margaret's eye, will make her able to see and experience everything Regina can. The Charmings then leave and Lacey appears, having heard everything and being very impressed that Mr. Gold can do magic. The two of them are still talking about it later and Lacey asks if he could keep her young forever so she can be immortal, like him, and he says he could, but that the immortal can still be killed. He tells her that he was told someone would be his undoing, and so Lacey tells him to get rid of him. Gold tells her that it's not that simple, but she reminds him that he's someone who would never let anyone stand in his way. ("Second Star to the Right")

Gold 222
Belle assures Rumple that she will see him again, before he leaves for Neverland. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning")

Rumple is watching Henry play in the park and contemplates using magic to make his swing snap and cause him to go flying into the nearby, sharp rocks, however, he is halted at this when the Charmings approach. As Emma talks to Henry, Mary Margaret and David tell Gold that Neal was shot by Tamara and fell through a portal. They then tell him that Tamara and Greg are in possession of the curse's fail-safe and have the power to destroy the town and kill them all, but Gold doesn't care, blaming himself for Bae's death, and leaves in grief. He arrives at his pawn shop where the dwarfs are raiding his shelves in search of something of Sneezy's, explaining that Mother Superior concocted a potion to return the memories of those who have crossed the town line, if it is drunk from a treasured item. The dwarfs take what they're looking for, but before Grumpy leaves, he gives Rumple some of the potion to be used on Belle. Later, Gold shows Lacey the broken chipped cup and repairs it with magic, before pouring out some potion and serving it to her. Lacey then fades away and Belle returns, hugging Mr. Gold who apologizes, saying that he didn't want to wake her up to die. Soon enough, Emma and Regina stop the fail-safe and the town is turned back to normal, however, Gold and Belle witness Greg and Tamara jump through a portal - with Henry. They plan to use the final bean to find Henry and return him home, but when Belle tries to get on the ship, Gold tells her that he needs her in Storybrooke to cast a protection spell, to stop Greg and Tamara's people from entering town. She assures her love that she will see him again, before he boards the ship, deciding that Henry may be his undoing, but he's still his grandson. Gold then uses the magic globe he used to find Bae to discover that Henry is in Neverland. Hook throws the bean in the sea and sails Gold, Regina, Mary Margaret, David and Emma through it, although Gold warns them of someone they must fear on the other side. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning"/"Dark Hollow")

Season 3

Oh, but I'm a villain. And villains don't get happy endings.
Gold 301
Rumple has quite a strong reaction. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

Rumple, along with Emma, Regina, Snow, Charming and Hook, arrives in Neverland via a magic bean and the Jolly Roger. Whilst aboard, he changes into his Dark One gear and explains to the other passengers that Neverland is fueled by belief, and that they, namely Emma, have to stop needing proof in order to believe something's true. He then disappears in front of their very eyes, leaving his cane behind, and arrives on the main island where he finds an injured Tamara crawling through the sand. He heals the arrow wound in her back and asks her if Henry's alive; she answers positively, saying that she told him to run, and he ran. Gold is happy to hear this and Tamara goes on to apologize for killing Neal, asking the Dark One if he's able to forgive her. He answers negatively, and rips out her heart and crushes it. Later, Rumple sits in a clearing and calls upon one of the Lost Ones - he is met by Felix. Felix tells Gold that if he's there for Henry, he can't have him, and that Pan will have to regard him as an enemy. Gold makes clear that nothing's changed, and Felix comments that the two of them shall be seeing each other again under less friendly circumstances. As Rumple tries to leave, he is thrown a small straw doll by Felix, who says that Pan wanted him to have it. The doll appears to have a large effect on Gold, causing him to break down and cry at the sight of it. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

Gold 302
Gold abuses his vision of Belle. ("Lost Girl")

Rumple uses his magical dagger to cut his shadow from his body. He then instructs the shadow to hide the dagger where no one can find it (not even him), and the shadow does as its told. Whilst wandering the Neverland jungle, the straw doll that Felix gave to Rumple is stolen and Gold chases the thief, shocked to discover that it's Belle. She explains that she's back in Storybrooke, safe and sound, but that he conjured her there with his imagination because he needs her for some reason. She notes his outfit and assures him that he doesn't have to resort to being the Dark One in order to defeat Pan, and soon asks him what the doll's significance is. He tells her that it's the last thing his father gave to him before absconding him, and Belle says that the only way to let go of the past is to let go of the doll. She then leads him to the edge of a cliff from which he drops the straw doll, meaning that the conjuring of Belle is now free to wander off into the jungle and dissipate. Rumple is then seen to be again scouring the jungle, but the straw doll drops from the sky, much to his surprise. He tries to use his magic to destroy it but it appears to be immune, and so Rumple pockets the doll and continues searching for Henry. ("Lost Girl")

Gold 304
Rumplestiltskin is ensnared... again. ("Nasty Habits")

Rumple applies some face-paint over his eye, leading the vision of Belle to comment on him putting back on the mask of a monster. He explains that he needs to become "the monster" again so that he's able to save Henry, which he has decided to do despite him supposedly being his undoing. When a couple of Lost Boys attack, Rumple knocks them out with a sleeping spell; he is then very shocked to see his son Baelfire emerge from the jungle. Thinking he's another vision, Rumple attacks him, but Neal assures his father that he's real, that when he fell through the portal he ended up in the Enchanted Forest but got healed, and now he's found his way back to Neverland to save Henry. The two of them make it to a beach where Neal uses a conch shell to call upon a magical squid, meaning that Rumple can extract its magical ink and use it to ensnare Pan and take Henry. Rumple casts a sleeping spell over Pan's entire camp, including Henry, but Pan is immune, and so Neal fires an arrow covered in squid ink at the demon child, and a surprised Pan becomes immobilized. Neal then carries his son away from Pan's camp on his shoulder and he and Rumple lay the boy to rest until the sleeping spell wears off. However, having heard from Pan that Rumple wants to murder Henry, Neal asks what this means, and Rumple explains that there was a prophecy stating that Henry would be his undoing. Scared that Gold will kill Henry due to his nasty habit of self-preservation, Bae uses the squid ink on his own father and carries Henry through the jungle on his own. When the ink wears off and Rumple is able to move again, he is again visited by a vision of Belle. She tries to offer him advice but he insists that she go away, and meanwhile, Peter Pan and his Lost Boys corner Neal and take Henry back to their camp. ("Nasty Habits")

Gold 306
Regina destroys Rumple's fantasy. ("Ariel")

Rumple is visited by Peter Pan, who tries to convince him to give up his quest to save Henry and go home to his fertile Belle, with whom he can start over with. Gold refuses, and the vision of Belle soon begins a conversation with him. However, at this instance, Regina, who's abandoned the others, shows up and begins choking Belle, much to Rumple's horror. But he soon sees that the vision of Belle isn't Belle at all, nor is it a vision - it's Pan's shadow in disguise. The two then decide that they need to work together to save Henry and take down Pan, as they're the two most powerful practitioners of magic. Rumple claims that he may have something back in Storybrooke that could help them stop Pan, without him having to die, but it'd require them travelling between realms. Regina gets an idea and summons Ariel, a mermaid, using a conch shell, offering her a deal: if she goes to Storybrooke (as mermaids can travel between realms) and gets what they need, then she can have legs and be reunited with her true love Prince Eric. ("Ariel")

Gold 307
Gold gets a message across to Belle. ("Dark Hollow")

Mr. Gold draws a picture of the Storybrooke clock tower in the sand of Neverland's beach, telling Ariel the mermaid that that's where she needs to go, and once she's there, she needs to find an object that will help him defeat Pan. Ariel says that she'll need a bit more to go on than that, but Gold is unable to say anything as Pan could easily be listening. Instead, he enchants a seashell and gives it to her, telling her to give it to a person called Belle, and she'll know what to do. Ariel makes her way to Storybrooke and does just that, and in the shell is a magical message from Gold - he tells Belle that she'll be able to find the object using the power of their strong love. Belle takes this to mean she has to use the chipped cup in some way, and this then leads her to uncover Pandora's Box (legend says it contains the world's darkest evil). Ariel takes the box back to Mr. Gold who thanks her, and the mermaid passes on a message from Belle, saying that Gold has to save a girl named Wendy as her two brothers are back in Storybrooke and waiting for her. Gold promises to do what he can, which surprises Regina, and when she goes on to mention Gold's love for Belle, he asks her if she's jealous of him having someone. Regina doesn't answer. ("Dark Hollow")

Gold 308
Rumple becomes trapped in Pandora's Box. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

Rumple is moving through the jungle with Regina, who is shocked to learn that Neal really is alive (her not believing this being the reason she left the others), and the two of them soon come across Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Neal, Hook and Tinker Bell, all of whom have begun trekking to Pan's camp in order to save Henry. Everyone turns on Rumple when Neal tells them of the prophecy and that Gold is there to kill Henry, but Rumple argues against these claims, handing Pandora's Box over to his son and promising not to use magic. He later offers to help cure David of his Dreamshade poisoning back in Storybrooke, believing he's able to do so after having been poisoned himself. When he begins to ask for a price in exchange, Neal tells his father that he will save David because it's the right thing for do, and beg for nothing in return. Rumple is begrudged with this, but agrees, and later takes Hook's sword in order to storm Pan's camp, where Regina knocks out all the Lost Boys. After realizing that Pan and Henry aren't there, they find out from Wendy, Pan's prisoner, that the demon child plans on taking Henry's heart in Skull Rock, killing him, in order to ensure his own immortality. Whilst Hook and Tink stay and guard the unconscious Lost Boys, and Mary Margaret and David begin trekking up Dead Man's Peak in search of the latter's temporary Dreamshade cure, Rumple, Regina, Emma and Neal make their way to Skull Rock. Gold is the only one able to pass Pan's protection spell due to the fact that he doesn't have a shadow like the rest of them, and Neal is forced to reluctantly hand over Pandora's Box so that Rumple can use it to defeat Pan. Mr. Gold then confronts his father, but learns that Pan switched the box in Rumple's hands for a fake, having the real one himself, being able to do so with the power of his belief. He then opens the real box, trapping Rumple inside. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

Gold 309
Rumple traps his father in Pandora's Box... or so he thinks. ("Save Henry")

Rumple is freed from Pandora's Box by Neal aboard the Jolly Roger, after the mission to save Henry was a success. Gold is asked by his son why he never told him Pan was his father, and Rumple admits he was ashamed of being the same as him, as they both abandoned their sons. Neal assures his dad that he's not the same as Pan, as at least Rumple returned for his son, and soon enough, the ship begins flying back to Storybrooke thanks to the shadow. Meanwhile, Henry is below deck and approached by a stowaway Pan, who tries to take his shadow, but Rumple, who feels a disturbance, stops his father from doing son by trapping him in Pandora's Box. But as this occurs, Pan uses his magic to switch his consciousness with Henry, meaning he now possesses the young boy's body, whereas Henry, who now possesses Pan's, becomes trapped in the box, to no one's knowledge. ("Save Henry")

Gold 310
And the fangirls did scream. ("The New Neverland")

Rumple, along with the others aboard the Jolly Roger, returns to Storybrooke where he reunites with Belle, who is overjoyed that he true love is back. He traps Pan, who's already in Pandora's Box, under a magically-sealed floorboard in his shop, never planning to set his father free. But after he rekindles his romance with Belle and gives David an elixir that permanently cures his Dreamshade problem, he is told by Emma and her parents to let Pan go after Mother Superior is murdered by the shadow, meaning the demon child must be controlling it. Gold and the others take Pandora's Box to the town line where they open it on the other side, meaning Pan is powerless. However, as Emma is about to shoot him in the head, killing him once and for all, Pan begins professing that he's Henry in Pan's body, meaning the Henry that's walking around Storybrooke is actually Pan. Gold is reluctant to believe this at first, but soon accepts it as the truth once the boy proves himself to his mother, Emma. The group then head to Regina's mausoleum, where they find the Mayor unconscious in her vault, having been knocked out by the real Pan. Gold soon realizes that something has been stolen: the Dark Curse. This means that Pan is currently in possession of something that will wipe the minds of the townspeople all over again, and without Snow and Charming's true love woven into the parchment, even Emma will be powerless to stop it. ("The New Neverland")

Gold 311
Rumplestiltskin makes the ultimate sacrifice. ("Going Home")

Still are the Mills' mausoleum, Rumple explains that Pan's curse may be preventable should Regina - the curse's original caster - tear the scroll and send everyone back to their old home in the Enchanted Forest. They know the only way to get the scroll is for Pan and Henry to switch back into their own bodies so the latter will have it and can willingly present it to them, but switching them back will require a powerful spell that can only be cast with the wand of the Black Fairy. Tinker Bell, David, Hook and Neal head to Mother Superior's funeral where they kill the shadow to revive the fallen fairy, which leads her to give them the wand they need; it is then given to Rumple, who's gone back to his shop and placed a mechanic cuff on Henry so that Pan, when he returns to his own body, won't be able to perform any magic. Rumple then uses the Black Fairy's wand to do the spell, and as everyone else leaves to go find the proper Henry, Gold decides to stay behind and talk to his father. Pan soon wakes up, annoyed to be faced with his son, and he soon reveals that the cuff that has been put on him doesn't work, because he himself made it for Greg and Tamara to use, and so he's able to take it off and magic it onto Rumple's wrist. With his magic gone, Gold is beaten up by his father, who heads outside to murder those who his son holds most dear (Neal and Belle, who are with everyone else). Rumple grabs a sword and contemplates cutting his hand off to get rid of the cuff, but ultimately decides against it, eventually stepping out into the street where his father has immobilized everybody, about to murder Bae. Gold approaches Pan, having come to terms with what he must do, but the demon child simply mocks the Dark One when he bids farewell to his frozen loved ones. He then reminds his father that the two of them are similar in one respect: neither of them have a shadow. And with that, Gold's shadow, who bears his magical dagger, is summoned and reattaches itself to its host, thus reuniting Rumple with his powerful weapon. Hugging Pan, Rumple stabs him in the back, and it's not long before the boy turns back into the man he once was. Malcolm begs his son to stop, assuring him that they can still be happy, but Rumple reminds him that he's a villain... and villains don't get happy endings. The dagger further penetrates and causes the wound to glow brightly with magic. When this glow finally dies down, the two men have disappeared, the curse scroll that was taken back by Pan drops to the ground, and Rumplestiltskin is dead. ("Going Home")

Before the Second Curse

You've got your son... but you've lost yourself.
Rumple 315
Rumplestiltskin returns. ("Quiet Minds")

After the original curse is undone by Regina and everyone is sent back to the Enchanted Forest, Belle and Neal believe there to be a possibility that Rumple's alive, heading to his castle together so that they can find some sort of magic to resurrect him. There, they find the enchanted candelabra known as Lumière who gives them a key that will lead them to the Dark One's vault, where the powers of the Dark One first originated; this is where they should be able to bring Rumple back. However, Lumière is in fact under the control of the Wicked Witch, known as Zelena, who has orchestrated the entire event. Belle and Neal learn of this just as the latter is about the open the vault with the key, but Neal decides it's worth the risk because at least his father will be alive. He opens the vault and inky blackness takes the form of the now resurrected Rumplestiltskin... but in order to restore a life, one must lose theirs in return, and Neal collapses, much to the Wicked Witch's delight. Rumple tries his best to save his son, but Zelena tells him that he'll have to choose between Baelfire's life and his dagger, for he cannot have both. He hands over the dagger and uses his magic to absorb Neal, saving him, but two minds in one head drives Rumple to madness, and with Zelena in possession of his dagger, she orders him to kill Belle. He tries to, but Lumière manages to retrain the Wicked Witch with his fire, allowing Belle enough time to run. ("Quiet Minds")

Rumple 319
Rumple offers up some information. ("A Curious Thing")

The insane Rumple is locked in a cage within his own castle, having been given nothing but a spinning wheel by Zelena, his captor. One day, Snow White, Prince Charming, Queen Regina, Robin Hood and Belle break in so that they may talk to him and learn how to defeat the Wicked Witch, but he is unable to keep up a coherent conversation. Belle tries talking to him, thinking she can get through to her true love, and contact with her allows Rumple to think straight for a moment. He tells Snow and the others that Zelena can be defeated with light magic, which they'll find by meeting Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. They wonder if she's in Oz, but Rumple reveals otherwise, saying that she was banished to the north. Events transpire and Snow White casts a Dark Curse over the Enchanted Forest so that they may return to Emma and use her magic to defeat Zelena, who alters the curse to her own suiting and devises a memory potion to drink once she's in Storybrooke so that she'll remember what she's setting out to do. She offers Rumple a spare vial and he prepares to drink it, however, at that moment, Neal emerges from his body and sends the the potion to Captain Hook via dove, so that he may give it to Emma. Neal then returns to Rumplestiltskin's unconscious body and the Dark One lays there whilst the new curse washes over. ("A Curious Thing")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

You feed the madness and it feeds on you...
Gold 313
"You feed the madness and it feeds on you." ("Witch Hunt")

Zelena, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West, returns to an isolated house in the newly-cursed Storybrooke with a tray of food in tow. She heads down the stairs to the basement and slides the tray beneath a small gap in a large cage. A hand protrudes from the gap and grabs her arm, and an unshaven, unkempt Mr. Gold tells the Wicked Witch that she shouldn't have brought him back. She simply smiles evilly and kicks the tray into the cage, releasing his grip and heading back upstairs after instructing him to eat up, for they have work to do. As he prepares to eat, Rumple repeats the phrase "You feed the madness and it feeds on you", having returned to the high-pitched, manic tone he had before the original curse was cast. He then lets out his signature giggle, and eats. ("Witch Hunt")

Gold 314
Rumple is shaved by Zelena. ("The Tower")

Rumplestiltskin remains in his cage, spinning at the wheel, when Zelena visits with his magical dagger in tow. She notes how much he's let himself go and begins to shave him with with the knife, explaining that she learned to do so when her father returned home drunk every night but demanded that appearances be kept up. She then notes that that was always an impossibility for the two of them back in the Enchanted Forest, because no matter what they did, their outside appearances always reflected what was rotting on the inside. Rumple claims that she doesn't care about appearances, because if she did, she'd change his shirt. She remains cryptic, and soon leaves, allowing him to continue spinning straw into gold. Later, Emma, Charming, Hook and Regina enter the storm cellar that Gold was being kept in... only now he's escaped. When they find his spinning wheel in his cage, they deduce who must have been in there, and become shocked that he's apparently returned from the dead. ("The Tower")

Gold 315
Rumple stays with his son has he dies. ("Quiet Minds")

Rumple is running through the woods, having escaped Zelena, whilst she fails to summon him with his dagger. He is later found by Emma and David but manages to get away, complaining about there being no room in his head for all the voices. It is later revealed to Emma and the others the events that transpired when Rumple was resurrected: he and Neal became one in the same body, hence Gold's insanity. Emma manages to use her magic in order to separate them, per Neal's request, and Gold is horrified to be faced by his dying son, who cannot be sustained after having sacrificed his own life to bring back his father. Neal thanks his papa for allowing him to make a true sacrifice, saying that he loves him, before dying. Rumple and Emma are devastated but the latter soon leaves to confront Zelena, who Gold told her is the Wicked Witch. However, Zelena soon emerges, with Rumple's dagger in tow, and with him now being in his right mind, it works properly. She assures him that she will use his beautiful brain to get what he wants, before ordering him to get back in his cage. He does so, leaving Neal's corpse alone in the woods. ("Quiet Minds")

Gold 316
Rumple sends a message. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

As Neal's funeral takes place, Rumple remains in his cage, taunted by Zelena. She asks him if Baelfire was worth all the trouble of casting the curse, and Rumple assures her that he was worth every moment because he's family, something she can never understand. Zelena proceeds to crash Neal's wake where she publicly comes out as Regina's half-sister and challenges the Evil Queen to a fight on Main Street at sundown. In order to give Regina a fighting chance, Emma plots to lure Gold away from Zelena's side, and she does this by allowing Belle into the storm cellar. She tries freeing him but he tells her to leave, worried for her safety. Soon enough, Zelena reveals herself to be in the room, and Belle runs away whilst Rumple is forced to tell the others that if they interfere with the Wicked Witch's chance to destroy Regina again, they will all die. Gold accompanies his jailer to the fight and is made to magically push Emma aside when she attempts to battle Zelena single-handedly. Regina soon shows up, however, and the witch retreats on her broom after discovering that the Evil Queen doesn't have a heart to steal, having hidden it. Back in his cage, Rumple taunts Zelena by saying, if he had to do it all over again, he'd still pick Regina to cast his curse. Zelena then asks if he hasn't realized it yet - they are doing it all over again, and when her plan succeeds, he will choose differently for the Queen will never have been born. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Gold 318
Rumple makes a ploy for his dagger. ("Bleeding Through")

Rumple is forced by Zelena to go into the woods and steal Regina's heart, which is being guarded by Robin Hood. When the Merry Men refuse to reveal its location, Rumple threatens Roland, Robin's son, though he assures the thief that he really doesn't want to harm the child. Robin soon hands over Regina's heart, meaning Roland goes unharmed, and Rumple gives it to the Wicked Witch. That night, Zelena dresses Mr. Gold in a nice suit and prepares a meal, proceeding to dine with him in civility. She tempts him with the prospect of bringing Baelfire back to life, but he believes this to be impossible, leading her to explain her plan of going back in time so that she can claim the life she deserves; she says that she could bring Neal back too. Later, he begins kissing her, attempting to sleep with her, but Zelena is incredibly angered when she realizes it's a ploy to take the Dark One's dagger from her person. She tells Rumple that he just lost the chance of seeing his son again, but Rumple explains that his son died so that Zelena could be defeated, and the only way to honor that sacrifice is by killing her. He promises to murder her one day, but she simply orders him back into his cage, and he obliges. ("Bleeding Through")

Gold 319
Special delivery. ("A Curious Thing")

Zelena approaches Mr. Gold, who's still under the dagger's control, with a rose in her hand, and he comments how lovely it is. She asks him if he's earned it, at which he opens the trunk of his car, revealing Captain Hook to be tied-up and gagged inside. This gladdens Zelena, who presumably ordered Rumple to do this, and she goes on to wonder why Hook, who's had his lips cursed, hasn't kissed Emma and drained all her magic. Rumple stands by and watches as Hook states that he likes to be courted, but Zelena angrily tells him that this isn't a joke, explaining that she needs Emma to be powerless before Snow White's baby is born. She orders Hook to kiss the savior or else she'll have to begin killing people Emma loves, starting with Henry. She says that, should he not do what she requests, then the next rose she bears shall be upon the "little brat's" grave. Gold watches as the trunk is slammed shut, presumably going on to drive the pirate back into town. ("A Curious Thing")

Gold 320
Rumple murders Zelena, thus betraying Belle's trust. ("Kansas")

Whilst Mary Margaret goes into labor with her son, Rumple spins rapidly at the wheel, producing copious amounts of gold. Zelena takes this gold and points out how he always said spinning cleared his mind, or more specifically, his brain; she transforms the golden thread into a golden brain and adds it to her other ingredients. He accompanies her to the barn in which she plans to enact her time travel spell, helping her to mark the large geometric symbol in the soil as she places each of her ingredients (David's courage, Regina's heart, Rumple's brain) onto dishes, sans the baby. Rumple is forced to hold off Emma and Hook when they try to interfere, going on to drown the pirate, and Emma is forced to drain herself of magic when she performs CPR to revive him. Once Zelena steals Snow's baby, the spell begins to enact, but Emma, David, Regina, Hook and Robin Hood then show up to stop her. Rumple is again forced to hold off these threats, telling them to get the dagger so that he can fight for their side, but they point out that that's easier said than done. However, Regina uses her own light magic to defeat the Wicked Witch, making her drop the Dark One's dagger and stealing the pendant which houses her magic, causing the spell to stop and Zelena to become utterly powerless. Rumple tries to kill her to avenge his son's death, but Regina uses his dagger to stop him, instead wanting to lock her sister up because that's what a hero would do. Gold returns to his shop where he's met by Belle, who returns his dagger to him. However, he wants her to keep it, assuring her of his love and stating that he is forever hers. She wonders what this means, and he asks her to marry him; she accepts his proposal. Against Belle's wishes, however, he goes into the sheriff's station and reveals to the captive Zelena that he gave his new fiancée a fake dagger, meaning he has the real one. He teleports into her cell and she begins begging for her life, but Gold points out that he promised his son that he would avenge his death, and Rumplestiltskin never breaks a deal. He stabs her, turning her to porcelain with magic and making her shatter, but later that night, the magic from her pendant begins to spill across town, causing her time travel spell to enact. ("Kansas")

Gold 321
Rumplestiltskin appears to Emma in a different version of the past. ("Snow Drifts")

Belle returns to the shop saying that she doesn't feel right carrying the dagger round with her, but Rumple, having just safely stored away the real dagger, assures her that she'll be find and tells her to focus on the wedding. The two of them attend the coronation at Granny's Diner for the naming of Snow White's baby, but everyone is soon distracted when they see that Zelena's time travel portal has opened. They go to the sheriff's station to investigate and Rumple uses his magic to edit the security footage so that it looks like the Wicked Witch killed herself, and they realize this caused the magic in her pendant to open the portal, which Emma and Hook soon fall down. Having ended up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, they call upon Rumplestiltskin to help get them back home. He initially tries to kill Hook, but Emma stops him, explaining who she is and why she's there, and that she accidentally made it so her parents never met. Rumple says he can open a portal to the future using a fairy's wand which he stole, but Emma and Hook must sort out their own mess. He gets them an invitation to King Midas' ball, where Snow and Charming will be, and puts a glamor spell on them so that they won't be recognized. ("Snow Drifts")

Gold 322
Rumple and Belle finally tie the knot. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Emma and Hook manage to set time right again by getting Snow and Charming to fall in love and so they return to Rumplestiltskin, who's making a forgetting potion so that he can forget all he's learned about his future, however, he reveals that the wand he planned to use to get them back to the future will only work for the ones who used the portal - but neither of them have magic. Instead, he locks them up in the room full of magical artifacts he doesn't understand, but Emma manages to re-harness her magical abilities and open a portal. Just as she's about to go through it, Rumple grabs her and demands to know what happens to his son. She reveals that he died, much to his dismay, but assures him that she loved him too and that she must let her go so that Baelfire's sacrifice wasn't in vain. Rumple lets her go and drinks the forgetting potion, not remembering why he's even where he is, and in the present, Mr. Gold witnesses Snow White announce that her baby is named after his son: Prince Neal. Later that night, Gold marries Belle in the woods, and the two of them make sweet vows towards one another before kissing, which seals the union. However, it's soon revealed that a pot from Rumple's room of dark artifacts escaped when Emma and Hook did... one containing the Ice Queen, who walks free amongst Storybrooke. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Season 4

Once... I saw the man behind the beast. Now... there's only a beast.
Gold 401
Rumple finds a hat. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

The newlywed Mr. Gold and Belle head to the local graveyard so that the former can talk to Neal's grave alone. He recounts a story of his son's childhood wherein Bae climbed into bed with him and Rumple felt, for the first time, like an adult because he was able to protect his child... until the Dark One's dagger came along and changed everything. At this point, he admits to having given Belle a fake so that he could avenge Neal's death, revealing that he keeps the real one on his person. He and an oblivious Belle then drive off to a lovely abandoned mansion which she believes would be a nice place to spend their honeymoon. Once they're inside, a guilty Rumple freezes Belle with magic and takes away the fake dagger, leaving her with the real one. The two of them then head to another room where the Dark One uses his magic to dress he and his wife in fairytale attire and play a familiar song on the nearby gramophone; the two of them then share a romantic first dance. That night, Rumple wakes up and approaches a small gold container that he's found in the mansion. He takes the dagger back from Belle and waves it over the box, releasing the Sorcerer's hat. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Gold 402
No help from Rumple. ("White Out")

Elsa, the Ice Queen, decides that no one is leaving town until she finds her sister, Anna, and so she erects an ice wall around the perimeter of Storybrooke in order to stop people from being able to escape. Events transpire and Emma becomes trapped in an ice cave with Elsa, slowly freezing to death. Charming and Hook decide to pay a little visit to Mr. Gold, who's standing behind the counter of his shop with Belle, because they know that this is where Elsa stole Anna's necklace from and they think he might be able to help. They wonder if he would be able to melt the ice wall, but he retorts that he wouldn't be able to do so without killing Emma. When David sees the necklace's inventory photograph, he recognizes it and has the idea visit Bo Peep and steal her magical crook, going on to use it to confirm that Anna is alive after he goads Elsa into melting the ice herself. It soon becomes evident that someone with Elsa's powers is keeping the ice wall up, for Elsa herself is unable to melt it. ("White Out")

Gold 403
Gold explains the nature of magic. ("Rocky Road")

Emma, Hook and Elsa visit Mr. Gold at his shop in order to ask him how the Ice Queen and the urn she was in ended up in his magical vault in the first place. However, he doesn't remember, and he claims to have no idea that there was even a person in there. He then suggests that Belle use the dagger on him to prove that he's telling the truth, and she does so despite her reluctance, forcing him to reveal the urn's origins; but still, he doesn't know. Later, Hook visits him again and forces the pawnbroker to help him under the threat that he'll tell Belle about the fake dagger she wields, which the pirate figured out for himself. Rumple decides to give Hook, and Elsa, a way of tracking down the culprit behind a curse that Marian is currently under. He takes a lock of Marian's frozen hair and reduces the magic to its natural form - a group of snowflakes - and explains that all magic is unique, and its fundamental nature compels it to find other magic like itself; as such, it should lead them to the assailant. The two of them follow the snowflakes to the Snow Queen, who Rumple later meets in the woods at the dead of night for a little discussion. He asks the Queen if Emma Swan remembers her, but she assures him that the savior remains oblivious of their past together. ("Rocky Road")

Gold 404
Rumple launches his new master plan. ("The Apprentice")

Gold is visited by Hook, who continues blackmailing him by threatening to tell Belle the truth about the dagger and requests that his hand be reattached. The Dark One obliges but warns the pirate that he lost the hand when he was his old self, and that personality may begin to shine through now that it's back. Hook doesn't buy it and accepts his hand anyway, proceeding to his date with Emma, but he soon begins to realize that Rumple was right and asks him to take the hand away. Rumple refuses and Hook tries blackmailing him, but the Dark One insists that he switched the daggers back, which Hook has no way of knowing. As such, he is forced to make a deal and, the next day, the pirate meets Rumple at the town docks. Gold enchants a broom to lead them to the house of the sorcerer's apprentice who guarded the hat and uses said hat to absorb him, wanting to collect enough magic to be able to break free of the dagger's thrall on him. Hook acts as Gold's muscle whilst all this takes place, and Gold takes the pirate's hand out of gratitude, revealing that it actually wasn't affecting Hook's personality - that was just him. Hook, having seen Rumple use his dagger to activate the hat, contemplates telling Belle everything, but Rumple magically alters the security tape from the house to make it look as though Hook acted alone. Later, Henry approaches his grandfather and asks for an after-school job in the shop; Gold accepts the boy's offer, unaware of the fact that he's only doing it in an attempt to find out more about who wrote his book of fairytales. ("The Apprentice")

Gold 406
Belle "controls" her husband. ("Family Business")

Belle and Gold are summoned to the sheriff's station with everyone else where they learn that Emma, despite having no memories of such a thing, used to be the Snow Queen's foster daughter. When they all search the woods, Gold meets up with the Snow Queen in secret in order to threaten her into making a deal, but she ultimately doesn't bite, and he returns to his shop only to have Belle beg him to accompany her to the Snow Queen's lair as she believes her to possess a hat that can steal magic from sorcerers - unaware that Rumple himself possesses it. When he refuses, she uses her fake dagger to try and control him, and Gold pretends to be under her thrall as he leads her to the lair and gets told to keep watch outside. Belle is taunted by her own reflection in the Snow Queen's evil mirror and it tells her that the dagger is a fake, which she begins to believe when Rumple comes running inside in spite of her orders. Once he's teleported them both back to the shop, he points out that she told him to keep watch, not stay outside, and explains that he heard the Snow Queen coming, so they had to leave. She apologizes for having doubted him and goes on to admit that she knows Anna and was in fact the reason why the Snow Queen captured her so long ago. As Belle admits this to the others, Gold pays the Snow Queen a visit and reveals that he's in possession of the sorcerer's hat, meaning that he has leverage over her. ("Family Business")

Gold 407
Rumplestiltskin makes a deal with the Snow Queen. ("The Snow Queen")

Henry begins his apprenticeship with Gold, having to wear a suit, and would like to learn something more magical after sweeping the floor twice; Gold gives him a magic potion that can turn old objects brand new... furniture polish, which a disappointed Henry then begins using in the back room, forbidden to touch anything he's not supposed to. David, Elsa, Hook and Belle then enter the shop, alarmed because Emma is trapped in the sheriff's station with the Snow Queen, and Gold only agrees to help when asked by his wife. Hook lags behind with the Dark One, wondering what his ploy is and theorizing that he has a history with Ingrid the Snow Queen, but Gold remains determined to keep his history his business. When he arrives at the sheriff's station, Emma's magic has gone out of control and she's blown a hole in the wall. She ends up running away and, back in his shop, Gold congratulates the Snow Queen on the number she did on the savior. Ingrid says she's there the strike the deal he offered her earlier, wanting back the ribbons he took from her and her sisters years earlier, which leads Rumple to wonder what she has for him in return. She reveals that she has information he needs if he wants to cleave the dagger's control over him for good and make it so he can leave Storybrooke for good and retain his power and his wife (in short, have what every villain wants: everything), and he gives her the ribbons in exchange for this information... which she whispers. Once she's done so, Rumple smiles and says that he can not only do that, but will do it with great pleasure. ("The Snow Queen")

Gold 408
Gold explains his attachment to power. ("Smash the Mirror")

With Emma's powers continuing to spiral out of control, she visits Mr. Gold in the hopes that he can take away her magic and make her safe to be around. He tells her of a spell that can do just that, neglecting to tell her that what he really plans on doing is absorbing her with the sorcerer's hat, and arranges to meet the savior at the abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town where he and Belle had their honeymoon. Knowing that the Snow Queen may wish to stop him, Rumple pays her a visit and, as he does so, spreads a circle around her using the dust of the smashed urn, thus keeping her contained for the meanwhile. At the mansion, he prepares the hat to absorb Emma against her knowing and anticipates the blonde's arrival; when she finally does arrive, she has second thoughts about stepping into the bright light on the other side of the partially-open double doors, having been warned by an apparition of Ingrid not to do so. Gold convinces her that that's exactly why she should go, since the villain doesn't want her to, and Emma agrees, going on to ask the Dark One what he would do. He admits that he would never give up his power, pointing out that everything he's ever done has been in the interest of preserving it and even his selfless deeds such as finding Baelfire, sacrificing himself to save Storybrooke and marrying Belle have been meticulously undone by his scheming. Hook is trying his best to warn Emma of imminent danger, but Rumple soon finds him outside and ties him up with magic. It soon appears that, thanks to Elsa's intervention, Emma doesn't go through with sacrificing her powers and embraces them instead, whilst Mr. Gold removes Hook's heart because, as Ingrid told him as part of their deal, he needs the heart of someone who knew him before he was the Dark One to finally cleave himself of the dagger. With Hook under his control, Rumple orders him to retrieve the hat and use it to collect all the magical power he needs. After another brief chat with Ingrid, Rumple exits her lair and she goes on to cast her notorious spell of Shattered Sight. ("Smash the Mirror")

Gold 409
Rumplestiltskin makes another deal with the Snow Queen. ("Fall")

Rumple meets Ingrid atop a hill and congratulates her on having won, watching as the spell of Shattered Sight begins to spread over town, ready to go off at sundown and turn the whole of Storybrooke against one another. She wonders why he's there, and he reveals that he'd like to make another deal, wanting to leave town, and points out that he, as the Dark One, is immune to the spell but would like for Belle and Henry to be spared, or else he'll spend the rest of his life figuring out a way to kill her. He asks if they have a deal, and she tells him to enjoy his trip. He later meets Hook at the docks and orders him to use the magic hat on all of the fairies that will be occupying Granny's Diner in an attempt to stop the spell, thus gaining the Dark One the magic he needs, getting rid of the creatures he despises and ruining the town's only hope of escaping its looming and terrible fate. However, Hook cannot do this until Gold has gotten Belle out of the way, and so he heads to the diner himself, much to the dismay of Mother Superior and the others, and only manages to convince Belle to leave with him once the spell appears imminent. Knowing that Henry is safe thanks to Regina, Rumple seals Belle in his shop with magic to keep her out of harm's way. Meanwhile, Hook manages to regretfully absorb all of the fairies, and so the spell of Shattered Sight successfully rains down on everyone. ("Fall")

Gold 410
The world ain't safe from Rumplestiltskin. ("Shattered Sight")

Hook enters Gold's shop and wonders why the spell of Shattered Sight didn't affect him, to which Gold explains that it's because the pirate's heart wasn't in his chest when the spell hit, and he's still under the Dark One's control. As such, Rumple orders Hook to go and find Henry and bring the boy to him, so that they and Belle can leave Storybrooke for New York where she and Henry will have their memories of the last day erased and simply believe that the town was destroyed and that they're the only survivors. Hook tries collecting Henry, but the boy escapes, and the spell is later broken when Ingrid sacrifices herself. Hook returns to Rumple, who checks on a sleeping Belle, and wonders what the Dark One will do now. Rumple still plans to perform the spell that will allow him to leave without losing his magic, and so Hook begs him not to harm Emma and the rest of Storybrooke as he does so. Gold promises not to, unless they get in his way, but is unable to make the same promise for the rest of the world. ("Shattered Sight")

Gold 411
Rumplestiltskin is forced out of town. ("Heroes and Villains")

After creating a portal back to Arendelle and ordering Hook to make sure Anna and the others go through, Rumple wakes Belle and reveals that he intends on taking her out of town on a honeymoon to New York, while in reality he plans on leaving the town with her and never returning, giving her the gift she's always wanted - to see the world. Meanwhile, Elsa, Kristoff and Anna prepare to leave, and it isn't until just before she's gone that the latter learns it is none other than the Dark One who has been helping them, and she reveals their history together. Emma, remembering Rumple claiming to have never even heard of the princess, realizes that the sorcerer has been playing them the whole time, and she, along with the others head for the clock tower where they catch Rumple as he is performing the spell to cleave himself from the dagger. Before he can succeed, however, Belle stops him by taking control over the real dagger. After making him return Hook's heart, she commands him to transport them to the town line where they can have a chat alone. There, she confronts him about finding the gauntlet and how it made her realize all the signs she had been seeing were correct - he would never give up power for her, he never has and he never will. Rumple tries to explain himself, but Belle won't hear of it, instead she continues with how he once told her the gauntlet could lead to someone's weaknesses, and that's exactly what it did, leading her to the real dagger. She exclaims that his real true love is his power. Rumple tries to argue this, but Belle won't hear much more of it. She then uses the dagger, commanding him to cross the town line, thus making it impossible for him to ever re-enter Storybrooke, leaving him utterly heartbroken. Six weeks later, he is limping through the streets of New York before entering an aquarium whereat Ursula is one of the menial employees. He offers her the chance to take part in his new master plan to find the author of the book, for which they'll need to make two more stops in order to involve Cruella De Vil and Maleficent as well. ("Heroes and Villains")

Gold 412
Mr. Gold is back in business. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Mr. Gold has been staying in Ursula's apartment and mooching off of her, much to her displeasure, but it isn't long until a plan is set in motion and the two of them garner the help of Cruella De Vil, whose husband and source of income has just been arrested by the FBI. She gives them a ride to Storybrooke in her vintage car, but she and Ursula are surprised to learn that this town Gold tells them of cannot be seen or entered, leading them to believe that he's playing them once more. However, Gold points out that he can't be playing them because so much of his newly-laid plan relies on them; he has to place his trust in the two of them, as opposed to the other way around. After Cruella and Ursula make contact with Regina via Gold's cell phone, they are offered safe passage into Storybrooke because they help defeat Chernabog, an evil demon released from the Sorcerer's hat due to some external measures taken by Rumple. Later that night, Cruella and Ursula allow Rumple into the town as well with the Sorcerer's scroll, and his limp is immediately lifted upon entry. He reveals that he plans to resurrect Maleficent so that their crew is complete, and when Ursula begins to worry about the threat that is Regina, Rumple tells her to worry instead about the threat that is Emma Swan, for the fact that Chernabog was chasing her means that she has the potential for a very dark heart indeed. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Gold 413
Rumple sees Belle with another man. ("Unforgiven")

Rumple makes his way to the caves beneath the town's library and gathers Maleficent's ashes with his magic so that she may be resurrected for part of his plan. Snow and Charming soon make their own way down to these caves to stop this from happening, but they're quickly subdued by Cruella and Ursula, the latter of which takes a knife and cuts open the Charmings' hand. She then drops their blood onto the ashes - because for the spell to work they need the blood of those who wronged Maleficent most, and the Charmings made it so that she lost her child - and Maleficent rises as a result. Mr. Gold remains out of the way during all of this, not wanting people to know about his return, and he makes sure that neither Snow nor Charming has any idea as to his involvement. When he asks the Queens of Darkness about Belle, they laughingly reveal that she's "moved on", and so Rumple later heads up the the surface in order to spy on her from across the street. However, he soon sees her kissing Will Scarlet, apparently having entered into a relationship with him, and is deeply hurt by the revelation. ("Unforgiven")

Belle 414
Rumple goes to some extreme lengths to get to second base with Belle. ("Enter the Dragon")

While Regina goes undercover with the Queens of Darkness, who are careful not to reveal Rumple's involvement with their plans, he goes undercover himself, disguising himself magically as Captain Hook in order to perform a ruse on Belle. He interrupts her date with Will Scarlet under the pretense that she needs to give the dagger to him so that he can hide it, being a pirate and therefore being able to hide treasure very well. She later meets with him in order to do so but is unsure about letting go of the dagger, seeing it as her only protection against Rumple should he return. "Hook" tells her to use it to make the Dark One face her and, if he's in town, he'll have no choice but to do so. She does exactly this, but since the disguised Rumple is already with her and thusly facing her, it makes no difference. Her mind at ease, she hands the dagger over, and Rumple, still in his guise, later enters his shop and asks Belle a few questions about her budding new relationship. She reveals that she'll never be over Rumple, but for now it's nice to have someone who makes her smile; Rumple is comforted by this, and heads back to the cabin he's staying in where Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella reintroduce Regina to him. She is shocked to find him there, and he proceeds to work his magic over young Pinocchio, who's been kidnapped by the Queens. Because he won't be able to remember anything about the book or its Author as long as he's a boy, Rumple turns him back into the man he once was: August W. Booth. ("Enter the Dragon")

Gold 415
Gold congratulates Regina on joining the winning side. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

Some initial torture of August is done, involving a knife and a fireball, but Rumple soon returns to the wood cabin in the woods with a potion stolen from the fairies - one which will temporarily reverse any spell they've cast. He forces it down August's throat and he turns back into wood, before reverting to his human form almost instantly. However, the potion has made it so that his "built-in lie detector" has been activated, meaning that his nose will now grow every time he fails to tell the truth. Rumple grabs him and aims him in front of the fire, learning from him that he tore an illustration of a door from the book, and the Author is trapped behind. Rumple demands to know where this door is, but all August knows is that it's in Storybrooke. Since Regina took August's things, the page is in her possession, or rather, Henry's. She is tasked with retrieving it while Cruella is left with August, but the Charmings quickly storm the place and rescue him while Ursula betrays her associates and leaves town with her father, telling Hook before she does so about Rumple's plan: he wants to fill Emma's heart with darkness so that the savior's presence doesn't interfere with the upcoming shift in happy endings. Everyone begins to digest Gold's return, including Belle, who now realizes her tricked her in the form of Hook, as Regina retrieves the page from Henry, learning from August that the door and the page are one in the same, so the Author isn't sealed away in the Sorcerer's house like Rumple thought - the Author is trapped inside the book. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

Gold 416
Rumple pervs on his ex. ("Best Laid Plans")

Regina is "unable" to retrieve the page, and so brings Gold, Maleficent and Cruella a photo of the door instead, taken on her phone. Cruella sees this as useless, pointing out the glare on the picture, but Gold soon realizes that this is no glare: it's magic. He works out that the Author is trapped inside the book, and he employs Maleficent to use her magic to put the whole town to sleep so that they can search for the door. Maleficent wants the Dark One to show her what happened to her child, but he only promises to do so later if certain criteria are met during this mission of theirs. They head to the Blanchard Apartment, where Regina says she last saw it, but it is soon figured out that Henry - who's immune to Maleficent's spell because he's been under a sleeping curse before - has run off with the page to the Sorcerer's mansion, for he knows the villains are after it. Regina goes to collect it from him and Gold sends Maleficent and Cruella after her to make sure she gets the job done. In the meantime, he heads to his shop and finds Belle asleep on the floor. He carries her to somewhere more comfortable and tells her unconscious self that magic always comes at a cost, and he has racked up so much debt that it can never be repaid unless he changes the world. And the hard truth is that something else is changing, so if he's going to change the rules then he has to do so quickly. The Queens of Darkness then return, but Regina brings with her a forgery of the page made by Emma, and Gold figures this out quickly, forcing Maleficent to knock her out. He has her carried to her vault where he says that he has something that will make Regina do his bidding forever. Once she's taken care of, he takes pity on Maleficent and uses her baby rattle to show her what happened to her child - it was a girl, and adopted into a nice family. She is joyous to learn that her baby is alive. ("Best Laid Plans")


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