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The Royal Doctor is an unnamed doctor who tried to cure Queen Eva's sudden illness in "The Queen is Dead".


Before the Curse

Royal Doctor 215
The royal doctor worries for Queen Eva. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Snow White asks the royal doctor if he knows what's wrong with her mother, who's lying down in her bed seeming weak, and he replies that he doesn't know yet but has hope that they shall soon. Snow asks if her mother will be alright once they do find out, and the doctor remains speechless, before Eva calls Snow to her. The little princess runs to her mother's bedside as the royal doctor tells Johanna, who was standing back with Snow, that she should call for the king immediately. Johanna wonders what message she should give him and the doctor advises her to say that whatever business he's attending to can wait as he should be at his wife's side. Johanna leaves as Snow begins to talk to Eva, telling her that they'll cancel the ball and turn it into a celebration once she's better, but the queen states that they cannot cancel her birthday. She assures her daughter that she will be well by then, saying that she wants to see her walking in in that tiara, but Snow kisses her mother's hand and tells her that she doesn't care about her birthday, as all she cares about is her. Eva smiles at her daughter before coughing heavily into a napkin, and Snow steps back from her mother as she chokes, being advised to do so by Johanna who kindly tells her to leave her mother alone as she needs her rest. The doctor re-approaches Eva as Snow watches, being dragged out of the room by Johanna, and he begins to check over her as we see she's coughed up blood onto the napkin. ("The Queen Is Dead")


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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