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I may be a thief, but I have a code, and I have to live by that code. Otherwise, what kind of life am I living?

Robin Hood is a supporting character on Once Upon a Time. He was a well known thief with a heart of gold, who brought radical changes to Nottingham, in the Enchanted Forest, and once he was able to bring down the dishonorable sheriff, Robin Hood became involved with Marian, and fathered her child. When Marian fell ill, Hood took it upon himself to steal a magic wand from Rumplestiltskin, and his life was ultimately spared by the Dark One when the latter realized what the thief had stolen the wand for, and thanks to the influence of the benevolent Belle on the beast as well.


Before the Curse

We have a cause that's bigger than any one of our own needs, and that cause is humanity. When you steal for personal gain, the first thing you lose is yourself.
Robin EL 303
Regina's true love. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

When the unhappily married Queen Regina is approached by a fairy named Tinker Bell, said fairy offers the Queen a way to gain happiness: by using pixie dust to locate her true love. Regina is skeptical as she lost her first love, Daniel, thanks to Snow White, but Tinker Bell assures her that people can love again. The fairy steals some pixie dust from her superiors which, when a spell is performed, lead Regina to a man. Tinker Bell and Regina are led to a bar where a man with a lion tattoo on his arm is drinking with friends. The fairy tells Regina to go in, and leaves the Queen alone to do so, however, Regina doesn't go in as she's too scared to do so. She lies to Tinker Bell, saying that the man was horrible, and because Tink stole the pixie dust, she is stripped of her wings and magic thanks to Regina. It is later revealed that the man with the lion tattoo on his arm is Robin Hood, and by not going in and talking to him, Regina ruined both her life and his. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Marian, a poor farm girl whose family had only a single horse to serve as their source of income, has her steed stolen by Robin. He feels so guilty for committing such an act that he eventually gives them the horse back, along with one of his own, and he and Marian enter a relationship with one another, thus ending her previous one with the Sheriff of Nottingham. The two soon get married and continue a life as outlaws along with the rest of the Merry Men, with Robin having formed a moral code that only allowed him to rob from the rich in order to give to the poor. Marian often finds it hard living this way, but believes that it was worth it to stay with Robin, because she saw good in him that he couldn't see himself. She soon falls pregnant, but also falls ill, and it seems as though she nor the baby is going to survive. ("Lacey"/"The Snow Queen")

Robin OW103
Will Scarlet learns from Robin Hood the code of the Merry Men. ("Forget Me Not")

After he helps the Merry Men pull off a heist, Will Scarlet is accepted amongst their ranks by Robin Hood, their leader. Here, Robin teaches Will that the Merry Men are not thieves as they do not steal for themselves, they steal for others. Will suggests that they break into Maleficent's castle and steal her gold, as rumor has it it's enough to end poverty in the entire kingdom. Knowing how dangerous Maleficent is, Robin is reluctant, but he eventually agrees to do so. Will then returns home and tells his true love, Anastasia, that he's managed to fool the Merry Men into believing that he agrees with their cause, and that they'll finally get what they're looking for after the heist of Maleficent's castle. Robin and his Merry Men manage to break in and steal the gold, however, when inside, Will steals something else also. He is seen celebrating with the rest of the group when the heist is successful, however, Maleficent uses her magic to project her voice and tell them to keep the gold if they must, but to return the other item they stole, or there shall be consequences. An incredibly angered Robin Hood asks who stole something else, and a guilty Will doesn't own up. When Will tries to leave, he is approached by Robin who realizes he stole for himself in Maleficent's castle, and he is bitterly disappointed in him, telling him that he is going to do to him the worst thing of all: nothing. Will then leaves and uses what he stole - a Looking Glass - to transport he and Anastasia to Wonderland. ("Forget Me Not")

219 32
Robin heals his true love. ("Lacey")

When Rumplestiltskin is yelling at his maid Belle for crying too loudly, he hears a noise upstairs and goes to investigate. He and Belle discover a thief, Robin, in the room attempting to steal Rumple's magic wand, to which the Dark One is very unhappy. Robin fires an arrow at Rumple from his bow, one that contains magic so that it never misses its target, however, due to Rumple's own supply of magic, he is able to pluck the arrow fired at him from out of his chest and take Robin prisoner. The Dark One spends a while painfully torturing Robin, much to the dismay of Belle, and when the wizard leaves his castle for a while, Belle sneaks down into the dungeons and gives Robin some water, before untying him so that he is able to run free. He asks her to come with him but she says that if she does that, her family will lose Rumple's protection in exchange for her servitude, and so the thief wishes her luck before fleeing the castle. Rumple grows furious at his maid for letting Robin go and even more so that the thief escaped with the magic wand, and so vows to kill him with his own bow in front of her. After gathering the information he needs from the Sheriff of Nottingham, Rumple and Belle find Robin in Sherwood Forest where the thief uses the magic wand to heal a sick Marian. As she steps out of the carriage, Rumple sees she's pregnant, and as he doesn't want to leave a child without a father, when he fires the arrow, it misses, and Robin Hood and Marian are able to ride off with one another to safety. ("Lacey") Marian goes on to bear her and Robin's son, Roland, but she eventually dies because, unbeknownst to her husband, she is caught and executed by the Evil Queen. ("Snow Drifts"/"There's No Place Like Home")

After the Curse

Season 3

He spared my life once. I owe him a debt.
Robin 301
Has he had work done? ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

It is revealed that Robin Hood has been living in Rumplestiltskin's Dark Castle ever since the Evil Queen's curse ravaged the land. He is surprised to find two trespassers - Mulan and Neal - inside his castle, and fires an arrow at them as a warning shot. Neal says that he's looking for something and Robin asks him what gives him the right to take from the castle, at which Neal explains that he's the Dark One's son. Robin, who feels he owes a dept to Rumple for sparing his life, decides to aid Neal in finding whatever it is he needs to find, and Neal soon approaches his father's old cane which has been abandoned on the floor. Robin is skeptical, not believing that the cane holds any magic, however, once Neal handles the thing, a door magically appears in the wall. Robin wonders how this is possible, and Neal explains that Rumple tuned the stick to only perform magic for him or those with his blood, such as his son. From behind the door, Neal retrieves a crystal ball and uses it to view his true love, Emma Swan. He is shocked to learn that she is not in Storybrooke, but in Neverland. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

Robin 303
Mulan is welcomed amongst the Merry Men. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Robin and Mulan remain with Neal Cassidy in Rumplestiltskin's Dark Castle as he frantically looks for a portal in his father's magical possessions. He becomes angry when he's unable to find anything, and when Robin Hood's Merry Men sense disturbance, they enter the castle. Robin assures them that he's okay, and Neal is surprised to see that Robin has a young son named Roland, which gives him an idea. When Neal tells the archer that he'd like to use his son as bait for Peter Pan's shadow, Robin initially refuses, but Neal then reminds him that his father spared his life, meaning that Marian and Roland were able to survive. Due to his need to repay his debt to Rumple, thinking he can do it through Baelfire, Robin agrees to let Neal use Roland as bait under the assurance that his son remain safe. Robin, Neal and Mulan hide whilst Roland utters the phrase "I believe..." which causes the shadow to burst through the window. It attempts to take Roland but Mulan fends it off, allowing Neal to hitch a ride to Neverland and find his own son, as well as his true love. Robin takes note of Mulan's skill and offers her a position as one of his Merry Men, making her the first female member. After a disappointing conversation with Aurora, Mulan decides to join Robin Hood and the Merry Men on their travels through the Enchanted Forest. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Before the Second Curse

He smells like forest...
Queen Regina
Robin 312
Robin Hood to the rescue. ("New York City Serenade")

When the Dark Curse is undone, those who lived in the town of Storybrooke, Maine are transported back to their home in the Enchanted Forest; a group of them begin trekking to the Evil Queen's palace, for it was untouched by the curse. Whilst on the journey, Regina and Snow White are attacked by a flying monkey, and the former fails to fend it off with her magic. Suddenly, Robin Hood appears and shoots at the creature with his bow and arrow, injuring it and scaring it off. Snow is grateful but Regina is disgusted by the thief, and his Merry Men, who hold a likewise opinion their former tyrant, having spent many years running from her Black Knights. Robin and his band join the others on their trek, and on the way, Snow points out that Robin is kind of cute, however, Regina retorts that he "smells like forest", clearly uninterested. Robin spots Neal and begins catching up with him, wondering what became of his son, and Neal reveals that he is not with his child but that Henry is safe with his mother. When they finally arrive at the palace, they are surprised to discover a protection spell has been cast around it - one that isn't Regina's - meaning someone has taken up residence inside. ("New York City Serenade")

Robin 313
Regina and Robin bond over some death threats. ("Witch Hunt")

Another flying monkey attacks the group and attempts to snatch up Roland whilst pursuing Regina, leading the Evil Queen to rescue the little boy and turn the creature into a new plush toy for him to play with. Robin sincerely thanks the Queen, and so secretly goes with her when she decides to trek beneath the tunnels of the Dark Palace, figuring he owes her a dept. She is annoyed when she realizes he's been following her, but allows him to come anyway, navigating him through the tunnels and telling him how to avoid her booby traps. On the way, he tells her of his deceased wife, Marian, whereas she tells him of her lost son, Henry, who she can never see again. They soon make it to the palace's crypt and Regina is shocked to find that it's already open due to the fact that she previously sealed it with blood magic; this means that the Wicked Witch of the West, who they're up against, must be immensely powerful. When they make it to one of Regina's old room, she begins mixing a dark potion, which spurs Robin to pull his bow and arrow on her. She begins strangling him with magic in retaliation, but he points out that his arrow would still leave his bow if he died, meaning he'd take her with him. Regina relinquishes and explains that she's making a sleeping curse so that she can be awoken by the only person she'd want to be awake for: her son. He tries to stop her but she freezes him to the spot, keeping her word and disarming the shield before she pricks herself with the magic needle. However, she has a run-in with the Wicked Witch and learns that she's her half-sister, telling Robin that she doesn't need to go into a sleeping curse for she took his advice and found something to live for; something she hasn't had for a very long time... someone to destroy. ("Witch Hunt")

Robin 314
Robin tells Charming of night-root. ("The Tower")

As payment for helping her break into the palace, Regina gives Robin a collection of golden-tipped arrows, much to his surprise. He later finds Prince Charming in the stables, drinking, and asks his comrade what ales him. Charming explains that his wife, Snow, is pregnant and he is scared that he won't be a good father because he was forced to abandoned his first child. Robin tells Charming that, when his wife died, Friar Tuck spoke of a root that, when ingested, rids the consumer of any and all fears. The prince wonders if it works, but Robin reveals that he never tried it, having never dabbled with magic unless he had to. He gives Charming directions to this night-root, before returning to his son, who he has decided to keep in the castle for it is the safest place with a Wicked Witch on the loose. ("The Tower")

Robin 319
Robin tags along on a quest, to the annoyance of the Queen. ("A Curious Thing")

Eight months after Snow falls pregnant, Robin Hood sits on the royal council and offers to help them break into Rumplestiltskin's castle, where the resurrected Dark One resides as the Wicked Witch's prisoner, for he knows his way around the traps that surround it. Regina is against the idea, not thinking they should be trusting a thief, but Snow disagrees, thinking that Robin will be useful and decreeing that he should tag along. The Queen is about to touch an enchanted door when Robin fires an arrow at it, revealing that it would have burned her alive. However, despite him having just saved her life from this magical booby trap, she is enraged that he almost fired an arrow into her head. He asks for thanks, but she refuses to give it. Once Rumple offers all the information he's able to give on how to defeat Zelena, the witch. Ultimately, a Dark Curse is cast over the Enchanted Forest by Snow White so that Emma Swan may be located in order to defeat Zelena with her light magic, and everyone in the land is transported to Storybrooke, Maine, Robin Hood included. However, due to Zelena's tampering, Snow does not remember what she set out to do and her memories are lost along with everyone else's. ("A Curious Thing")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

I've heard many stories about the great and terrible Evil Queen, but, from this angle, the 'Evil' moniker seem's somewhat of an overstatement.
Robin SB 313
Modern-day Merry Men. ("Witch Hunt")

After the Enchanted Forest is cursed again, Robin and his Merry Men end up in the reformed town of Storybrooke, Maine, with everyone having lost a year of their lives. He is seen hunting in the woods with his men and Little John is trying to use the crossbow he stole to do so. He ends up missing the turkey he had his eye on and begins chasing it, crossing the town line in the process. When he does so, he is carried away by a flying monkey, and found later with a large bite mark on his shoulder by David and Robin. They accompany him to the local hospital, but here, Little John sprouts and tail and turns into a flying monkey himself, before smashing through the window and flying through the night sky of Storybrooke. ("Witch Hunt")

Robin 315
Robin and Regina get acquainted. ("Quiet Minds")

When Regina comes to check out the Wicked Witch's farmhouse, Robin fires an arrow at her from his crossbow, thinking she herself to be the witch. She catches the arrow in her hand, remaining unharmed, and he apologizes after realizing his mistake, suggesting that the two of them work together in order to track this witch down. Before they go, Regina asks Robin if she knows him, for he seems familiar, but he points out that he'd remember meeting the famous Evil Queen, unless perhaps it was in that pesky year no one can remember. Inside the house, Regina is searching for anything of magical origin whilst Robin begins to have doubts about the name she was assigned, not believing her to be evil at all. She assures him that the name served her well, for fear is an effective tool, and Robin grabs a bottle of something from the shelf, wondering if it's magical. Regina sees that it's whiskey and tells her new comrade that it has the ability to provide the drinker with courage, as well as act as a love potion of sorts, but that it's not magical. Realizing it's alcohol, Robin pours the two of them a drink, thinking they deserve it after the rough deal they've been dealt. He goes to hand her a glass, but when he does, she sees the lion tattoo on his arm, signifying that he's the man Tinker Bell tried to introduce her to many years ago: her true love. She leaves abruptly, and later, when Robin is spending time with his son, Roland, in the woods, she watches with sadness. ("Quiet Minds")

Robin 316
Robin keeps hold of the Queen's heart. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Robin attends Neal's funeral and the proceeding wake at Granny's Diner, where Tinker Bell spots his lion tattoo and realizes that he's Regina's soul mate. He then witnesses Zelena, the Wicked Witch, storm in and announce herself as Regina's half-sister, going on to challenge the Evil Queen a fight on Main Street at sundown, giving her time to learn the truth of their familial connection. Later, as Robin is searching for flying monkeys in the woods, he comes across Regina crying over a letter which she found in her mother's belongings. She allows him to read it and he sees that it's from Rumplestiltskin, telling Regina's mother that he found her first born and she is an extremely powerful sorceress. This distresses the Queen because she always thought the letter was about her, but she now realizes it's about Zelena, and if the man who taught her everything she knows about magic thinks that the Wicked Witch is more powerful than her, she doesn't stand a chance in this fight. Before she shows up that night, she requests that Robin Hood hides her heart in the woods, lest Zelena try and steal it. He stands guard as the fight takes place, and Regina emerges relatively unscathed after the witch tries and fails to take her heart, flying away on her broom afterwards. Regina then returns to the woods where Robin returns her heart, but she puts it in a leather pouch and requests that he holds on to it, trusting that it will be safe in his hands. He takes this obligation with much esteem, and as the Queen leaves, he points out that she still owes him a drink; she concedes to this. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Robin 318
Regina takes a risk. ("Bleeding Through")

Rumplestiltskin, under the control of the Wicked Witch, heads into the Merry Men's camp and demands to be given Regina's heart. Robin refuses, aiming his crossbow at the Dark One, but when he fires, Rumple uses his magic to redirect the arrow towards Roland, threatening to kill him if the heart isn't handed over. He assures Robin that he doesn't want to kill the boy, but he will, for he's being controlled. The Merry Men take Regina's heart from its hiding place and hand it over, meaning Roland goes unharmed and Mr. Gold leaves. Regina then shows up, wondering if her heart is safe, and Robin explains what happened, apologizing. Regina assures him that her heart is not worth the life of a child, and so forgives him, but she goes on to grieve over the fact that she's still alive. This confuses Robin, and she explains that Zelena hasn't crushed her heart, meaning she needs it for something far worse. That night, after a hectic day, Mary Margaret convinces Regina to be impulsive, and so Regina arrives in the woods and begins kissing Robin Hood passionately. He kisses her back. ("Bleeding Through")

Robin SB 319
Romance blossoms. ("A Curious Thing")

Over at Granny's Diner, Regina and Robin Hood are seen making out in the back rooms when the former asks her new boyfriend what he sees in her. He says he sees a second chance, and goes on to wonder what she feels when they kiss, since she doesn't have a heart. She informs him that she can still feel, just not fully, and that it's complicated to explain, but he assures her that he will feel enough for the both of them. They continue to kiss, but to their surprise, Henry walks in on them, casually heading back to the diner and greeting "Madame Mayor" as he does so. She appears saddened and Robin asks her if she's alright, which she replies to negatively, going on to say that Emma, Snow and Charming are waiting for her, and so she leaves. Before she does, he gives her one last passionate kiss and wishes her good luck. Later, when Henry's memories have been restored and the curse has been broken by a kiss of true love, Robin finds Regina and her son down at the docks where they are discussing the kiss he witnessed earlier that day. He then introduces himself to the lad, who finds meeting the real life Robin Hood "awesome", and Regina simply comments that the curse is broken. Remembering all that's happened over the past year, Robin points out that things were a bit rocky between them, but Regina jokingly assures him that, for some reason, he's so much more likable in Storybrooke. Laughing, he leaves with Regina and Henry. ("A Curious Thing")

Robin 320
Robin attempts to hold off Zelena. ("Kansas")

With Mary Margaret having gone into labor with her son, Robin Hood and his Merry Men are amongst those who gather at the hospital to try and secure the premises against Zelena, who wants to steal the child. However, when the Wicked Witch arrives, Robin attempts to pelt her with arrows but she merely knocks he and his fellow thieves to the ground effortlessly with her magic. Once she's taken Snow White's newborn son and with Emma Swan's magic having been earlier drained, it is unknown how Zelena will be stopped from casting her time travel spell, and Henry suggests that Regina use her own light magic, which she obviously possesses if she was able to issue a kiss of true love in order to break the curse. Robin Hood agrees, and he, Regina, Emma, Hook and David head to the barn where the witch has already begun her spell. They do battle with Rumplestiltskin, who's still under Zelena's control, but Regina is ultimately able to summon enough light magic to defeat her sister, taking the pendant which houses her magic - making her utterly powerless - and freeing Rumple from her influence. Zelena's lack of magic means all her flying monkeys are returned to their human forms, including Little John; Snow White reunites with her baby, and all is right with the world... until Zelena dies at the hands of Rumplestiltskin and the magic from her pendant spills across town and causes her time travel spell to enact. ("Kansas")

Robin 321
Robin and Regina continue to get to know one another over the matter of lost loves. ("Snow Drifts")

At Regina's house, she and Robin are enjoying an indoor picnic and toast to the fact that the former has her heart back. Inbetween kisses, he asks her how it feels, and she tells him that it's stronger than ever. She goes on to comment that she never thought she'd have what she now has with her boyfriend, which leads the two of them onto the topic of lost loves. Robin admits that he never thought he'd find love again after his wife, Marian, died, but Regina has ended his old pessimistic point of view. She says that that's how she felt when her first love, Daniel, was sadly taken from her, but Tinker Bell told her that she could find love again; she used pixie dust to track down her supposed soul mate, but she was too scared to approach him... however, she did see his lion tattoo. Robin realizes that she's talking about him and suggests that now is simply their time to be together, as opposed to back then. They then attend the coronation at Granny's Diner together in order to hear the announcement of Snow and Charming's newborn son's name, but everyone is soon distracted by the opening of Zelena's time portal, which Emma and Hook accidentally fall down. ("Snow Drifts")

Robin 322
Robin is reunited with his supposedly deceased wife, much to the Queen's dismay. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Having ended up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, Emma is arrested by the Evil Queen and locked away in the dungeons along with Marian, Robin Hood's wife, who's there because she refused to reveal the location of Snow White. Emma appears happy to hear that the prisoners are only remaining in cells for one more day, but less happy to hear that it's because everyone's to be executed on the morrow. However, the blonde manages to use the thievery skills she learned from Neal Cassidy to pick the lock and escape and takes Marian with her. Knowing that the fair maid was meant to die in the original timeline, Emma knocks her out and decides to take her back to the future with her, to avoid messing up the past. Marian comes to when she arrives in the present day, and as she's caught up to speed by Hook, Robin happily heads back to Granny's Diner along with Regina and Roland. The couple shares a tender kiss before entering, but Marian is inside, and she soon spots her husband and son. Having thought she was gone forever, Robin is overjoyed to be reunited with his wife, but Regina is devastated, angry with Emma for having completely wrecked her new relationship. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Season 4

If you find someone you love enough to ruin your entire life for, it's always worth it.
Will Scarlet
Robin 401
Robin ends things with Regina. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Following Marian's return, Regina storms out, angry, and Robin tries chasing after her with his formerly deceased wife in tow, trying at the same time to convince her that Regina really isn't the Evil Queen anymore. Marian refuses to believe this, insisting that Regina is a monster, and the Mayor leaves all the same. The next day, Robin goes to see her and he tells her that he loves her, and that the woman he's known is anything but a monster; he adds that he can relate, because he used to be quite a different man himself... but he made a vow to be with Marian until death do they part, and he has to do right by that vow because - despite being a thief - he has a code, and if he didn't abide by that code then he'd question what kind of a life he was living. He tearfully says goodbye to his true love and returns to his wife, son and Merry Men in the woods. A giant snow monster soon attacks, chased by the Charmings, and knocks out everyone but Marian. When it looks like she's about to die, Regina steps in and melts the creature, saving the life of the woman who ruined hers. Marian is thus able to come to terms with the fact that maybe Regina isn't a monster as she thought, but the Mayor disappears via magic before anyone can talk to her. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Robin 403
Robin's kiss is lacking. ("Rocky Road")

Robin, Marian and Roland are out for a stroll when the latter decides he wants an ice cream, goading his mother into buying him one by telling her that Regina used to let him have it. Having never eaten ice cream before, Marian decides to try some, but the ice cream vendor - who's actually the Snow Queen - curses it and causes the amid to fall into a deep sleep during the fireside chat with the Mayor. It is explained that ice is slowly making its way to her heart (and when it finally reaches it, she will die) but that acts of true love are able to thaw such magic as this. Robin then kisses his wife, but she doesn't wake up, and Regina reveals that she might be able to stall the process with drastic measures. As they wait for Henry to retrieve a chest from Regina's vault, Robin admits to her that the reason his true love's kiss didn't work is because he's in love with someone else... Regina. Henry soon arrives and Regina rips out Marian's heart and places it in the chest, meaning that the ice is unable to reach it and they have time to find a cure for her affliction. ("Rocky Road")

Robin 406
Robin is told to stick with his wife. ("Family Business")

Emma and the others have the idea to search the Snow Queen's ice cream truck in order to discover what it is she's hiding, Robin Hood and his Merry Men discover it near their camp in the woods and lead everyone there. As they do, Robin and Regina become sidetracked with one another, and she reveals that she's had absolutely no luck in thawing out Marian; she's read every spell book she owns, tested every potion in her vault and even tried to track the Snow Queen down in order to get her to reverse her magic, but nothing works. Robin has faith in Regina and believes that she will find a way, but Regina tells her true love that he has to lose that faith and give up on her, adding that he should keep his distance and try to fall in love with his wife again so that he'll be able to wake her up with true love's kiss. Still in love with her, Robin is saddened to hear her say this. ("Family Business")

Robin 407
To hell with morality. ("The Snow Queen")

Robin visits Regina in her vault, thus prompting her to remind him that she told him to stay away from her so that he could fall back in love with Marian and revive her with true love's kiss, but Robin feels unable to do so, being in love with Regina and not thinking himself able to love Marian again, as well as not knowing what to do in general. Regina convinces him to leave and he's next seen drunkenly playing darts over at Granny's Diner when Will Scarlet walks in, not going unnoticed by his former leader. After being berated for nearly having gotten Robin and all the other Merry Men killed, Will is asked if he's ever heard the story of how Robin and Marian met. Will has heard said story, and several times, but that doesn't stop Robin from telling it anyway, going on to recount how he stole her family's horse back when he was a hapless thief but felt so bad about it that he ended up giving them two of his own and, from that day forward, he became a man with a code who only robbed from the rich to give to the poor. Will goes on to recall a talk he once had with Marian about how she was adjusting to life as an outlaw, which she didn't particularly like, but she found it easy because she was with her true love and knew she had to stay with him because she saw goodness in him that he didn't see in himself. After a brief discussion bout such love and what it means, Robin feels somehow convinced to abandon his moral code and pursue Regina, who he again visits down in her vault and begins kissing passionately. ("The Snow Queen")

Robin 408
Robin finds a new page of the book. ("Smash the Mirror")

Robin wakes up, having slept with Regina, and she goes on to explain how she feels locked into the role of a villain due to Henry's storybook, and thus believes that a happy ending is beyond her. Later, at Granny's Diner, Will is pouring copious amounts of alcohol into his coffee cup when Robin enters and sits opposite, taking away the cup which his former Merry Man claims to be his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Robin explains that he needs Will sober if he is to perform the task needed, presenting him with the storybook which he stole from Regina, proclaiming that she needs their help in finding out its origin. Will explains that the center of magic in Storybrooke seems to be its clock tower, underneath which is a library, so that is the logical place to start. However, Will refuses to leave without his breakfast, lunch and dinner, and so Robin hands him back his alcoholic mug before the two of them set off on their mission. Will tries breaking into the library the same way he did before, until Robin simply pushes the door open, pointing out that they haven't reached closing hours yet. The two men search for anything that might clue them in on the storybook, but find nothing. That is until Robin discovers a page in his satchel that wasn't originally there which partially rectifies his situation, depicting what would have happened if he and Regina had met earlier when they were set up by Tinker Bell. This page fits exactly with the one in the book where Regina leaves the tavern, and Robin calls Regina over to show her this and consequently makes her feel better about her no-longer-seemingly locked destiny. ("Smash the Mirror")

Robin 409
Robin is told to fear his true love. ("Fall")

Robin is teaching his son about arrows when Regina shows up at the Merry Men's camp in order to warn her true love that the Snow Queen's spell of Shattered Sight has been cast, which will make it so that everyone in Storybrooke turns against one another come sundown. She advises he and his men to stay well away from each other and their weapons, in case a bloodbath ensues, and Robin has Will Scarlet take Roland away and hide him somewhere in secret along with the frozen body of Marian. Regina savors the look of love in Robin's eyes, knowing that this spell will revert her to the Evil Queen she once was and fearing that he'll look at her the same way everybody else does - with hatred. They share a kiss before eventually parting ways and, after Regina seals Henry safely within her office, she is met by Robin just moments before the spell is about to rain down on them all. He tells her that he'll go and chain himself to a tree in a minute, unless she'd like him to go with her, but she refuses, saying that she needs to lock herself inside her vault and get as far away from anyone else as possible, for their safety. Robin says that he isn't afraid of her, but she says that he really should be, before leaving. The spell is soon complete, and the darkest side of all those in town surfaces as a result. ("Fall")

Robin 411
Robin bids his true love goodbye. ("Heroes and Villains")

Following Ingrid's sacrifice, which caused the spell of Shattered Sight to break, Elsa is finally able to use her powers to take down the ice wall surrounding Storybrooke; however, some of the Snow Queen's magic remains, and her desire to protect the town from intruders has made it so that anyone who leaves cannot return. But her death has also caused Marian to unfreeze, and so Regina places the maid's heart back in her chest and she revives, happy to be reunited with her husband. She later approaches Regina and thanks her for saving her life, offering to step out of the way and allow her to be with Robin, for she doesn't want him to be with her merely out of obligation. Robin makes clear that he chooses Regina, but it soon becomes apparent that some remnant of the Snow Queen's curse still exists within Marian, and she collapses to the ground and starts to freeze. Regina realizes that the only way to save her is the put her across the town line into a world without magic, but she'll need someone to go with her since returning is not an option. Marian leaves with Roland whilst Robin shares a tearful goodbye with Regina. He gives her one final kiss before stepping over the town line and leaving forever. ("Heroes and Villains")


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