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Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine
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May 5, 2017
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"Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine" is a song featured in the musical episode of Once Upon a Time. It was written by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner and performed by Colin O'Donoghue.


Until he mentions that 'crocodile" is his name for the Dark One, Hook ignores the Charmings offer. When they offer to bring him to Rumple to enact his revenge, Hook accepts and finishes his number on a high note, believing that at last his quest will end.


Captain Hook: My dear prince and princess
Your offer is meaningless
Don’t give a damn ‘bout your rank

The gold in your sack, well
It isn’t worth jack
I should make you fools go walk the plank
Your riches would fill other pirates with glee
But none of those pirates are me!

Pirates: They’re not he!
Captain Hook: Singing yo-ho
keep your jewels divine

Captain Hook & Pirates: Yo-ho

Captain Hook: And your manners refined
‘Cause even more precious than rum in a stein
Is revenge, revenge, revenge
And it’s gonna be mine

Captain Hook & Pirates: Revenge, revenge, revenge

Captain Hook: Is gonna be mine

Snow White: Revenge? On whom?
Captain Hook: Wait for the second verse, love
I’ve savaged and pillaged and pilfered each village
My conquests I’m justly proud of

Pirates: He's proud of

Captain Hook: Each town that I plunder
I leave torn asunder
A pirate’s life is one to love

Pirates: One to Love
Captain Hook: And yet my heart’s hardened as hard a rock
Won’t rest till I’ve skinned me a croc

Pirates: Gonna skin him a croc!

Captain Hook: Singing yo-ho, you can beg, plead and whine

Captain Hook & Pirates: Yo-ho

Captain Hook: You are wasting your time
That croc in my hand
Wanna tear out his spine
Revenge, revenge, revenge
Is gonna be mine

Captain Hook & Pirates:
Revenge, revenge, revenge

Captain Hook:
Is gonna be mine

Prince Charming: Let's go.
Snow White: Wait, you want revenge on a crocodile? For taking your hand?
Captain Hook: Afraid he did more than that
Captain Hook: Once I sailed toward a horizon

Pirates: Horizon

Captain Hook: Where I might find happiness waiting
Until that croc

Captain Hook & Pirates:
Destroyed my life

Captain Hook: And filled me with hate unabating
Some say

Captain Hook & Pirates:
Let it go!

Captain Hook:
But I say

Captain Hook & Pirates:
Hell no!

Captain Hook:
I'm finally on the right path
Soon the Dark One will feel

He will feel!

Captain Hook:
The fire of this pirate's wrath

Pirates: Feel the fire of his!
Feel the fire of his!

Snow White: Wait. Did you say the Dark One?
Prince Charming: I think I know why you can't find him. We have him. In our dungeon.
Captain Hook: Bloody hell.
Snow White: Captain, if you give us safe passage to the Queen's castle, you've got yourself a crocodile.
Captain Hook: Aye, love. You got a deal. Have one last drink, mates! Then we've got a date with destiny!

Captain Hook & Pirates: Sing a yo ho

Captain Hook: I'll slaughter the swine

Captain Hook & Pirates: Yo ho!
Must be fate's design

Captain Hook: At last our tales will again intertwine
Revenge, revenge, revenge
Is gonna be mine

Oh it's gonna be, oh it's gonna be (Revenge, revenge, revenge, it's gonna be)
Oh it's gonna be mine (Revenge, revenge, revenge, it's gonna be)
Oh it's gonna be, oh it's gonna be (Revenge, revenge, revenge, it's gonna be)
Oh it's gonna be mine (Revenge is gonna be)

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