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This raven delivered Rumplestiltskin a magical sand-dollar containing a message from a captive Belle, wanting the Dark One to bring the magical gauntlet to Demon's Bluff for what would soon be revealed as the Queens of Darkness, appearing in "Heroes and Villains".


Before the Curse

411 11
Belle sends Rumple a message. ("Heroes and Villains")

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, outside of the Dark Castle where Belle was suppose to be doing laundry, Rumple makes his way out, calling out for her, in search. He looks into the woods and calls out, "Don't tell me you've done something stupid like running away." A raven swoops in above the Dark One, flying around before dropping a sand dollar which Rumple catches. Realizing something is up, he waves his hand on the shell which pops up a holographic message of what appears to be a tied of Belle. The maid calls out to her master, stating she is suppose to ask for the gauntlet from Camelot. He is to bring it to the base of Demon's Bluff or her new captors will kill her. Laughs are heard in the background of the message and a scared Belle begs Rumple to help. The message then ends, and Rumple is enraged by the position he's been put in. He looks back up at the raven that still flies above him, and the Dark One yells that he knows where the bird came from, who it's master is, and she is crossing a line; the raven flies away. ("Heroes and Villains")

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