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Quon is an episodic character on Once Upon a Time, appearing in "Selfless, Brave and True". He is the young man who led August to the Dragon, so that he may be cured.


After the Curse

Season 1

218 08
August is told of a man of magic. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

Inside the doctor's office, August is seen lifting his pants' leg to reveal his wooden leg, however, as the doctor doesn't believe in magic, all he sees is a normal leg, with no traces of wood. He tells August that he doesn't see anything but the writer stretches his leg and places it on a table, assuring the doctor that his leg is turning into wood. The doctor tells August that he thinks he should go but the writer asks the doctor to wait, assuring him that he can prove it. He proceeds to move his wooden leg in front of him and grab a scalpel. The doctor begs him to stop but August stabs his leg with the scalpel and it jams into the wood, the doctor being shocked that there is absolutely no blood or wound in the flesh leg. In Thai, he calls for the orderlies to restrain August and take him to the psych, but August pulls the scalpel out of his leg and runs out of the doctor's office.We see the writer running through the halls as the doctor and several security men chase him, but August is far ahead of them and pushes a gurney sideways down the hall to block them off. He soon reaches a dead end as the people chasing him begin to catch up, and as he doesn't know what to do, someone (Quon) opens a door from behind him and grabs him, pulling him into an adjacent, secluded hallway. August tries to shake the man off of him but soon gets thrown against the wall, asking the man who he is. He states that he's "someone who can help", saying that he heard August yelling about his "situation" and knows a man who fixes those kind of problems. August peers out of the window of the hallway's door and sees that the doctor and security guards are looking for him outside of it, before turning back to the young man and asking him what kind of problems the man sorts out. The man says "the kind people just dismiss", assuring August that for the right price, he can cure anything. August peers out of the window yet again before backing against the wall and asking who this man is. "They call him the Dragon," the young man tells August, who appears less than impressed. Soon, Quon leads August to the Dragon's office, and the former puppet meets with the man of magic. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

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