Quinn Lord
Quinn Lord
Character Nicholas Zimmer/Hansel
Season(s) S1 - S2 - S3 - OW - S4 - S5 - S6 - S7
Date of Birth February 19, 1999
Origin Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
IMDb profile

Quinn Lord is an episodic actor on Once Upon a Time, portraying the role of Nicholas Zimmer/Hansel in "True North".



Quinn Lord was born in Vancouver Canada but holds dual citizenship with the United States which allows him to work in both countries. He started his acting career doing commercials at age 5. His most notable appearances were a series of commercials for Kohls department store. He quickly proved his talent in acting with smaller roles in TV shows and shared his dramatic prowess as Sam the minor demon in the movie Trick 'r Treat, a movie he is still best known for.

Other significant roles you will find him in are the top rated episode of season 6 of Smallville: Phantom, where he plays the Phantom. Also in the TV series Fringe he plays Peter in the season 2 episode: Peter (a fan favorite). He was also nominated for a Young Artists award for his performance in this show.


Gallery of behind the scene stills released to promote the actor.

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