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Quiet Minds
Once Upon a Time 3x15
March 30, 2014
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Flash sideways
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"Quiet Minds" is the 59th episode of Once Upon a Time.


Neal finds himself back in Storybrooke and yearns for a way to reconnect with his son Henry, whose memories of his father are gone, while also trying to find his own father, Rumplestiltskin, whom he has just learned is alive but missing, and Regina discovers a possible connection with Robin Hood. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was over the past year, agonizing over the death of his father, Neal - with the help of Belle and enchanted candelabrum Lumière - attempts to find a magical solution to bring back Rumplestiltskin from the dead.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Zelena looks at herself in a mirror in the Dark Palace, smiling. ("New York City Serenade") Snow asks Zelena who she was in the past life, so the witch lies that she was a midwife. ("Witch Hunt") Zelena and Regina meet in the Enchanted Forest ("Witch Hunt") Charming, Hook, Regina and Emma discover straw turned into gold in a bunker near Zelena's farmhouse and deduce that Rumplestiltskin is still alive. ("The Tower")


315 01
A meeting his held to discuss the witch, Rumple and Neal.

In the early hours of Storybrooke Emma rushes up to Granny's Diner and knocks on the door. Granny lets her in, where Snow, Charming, Regina and Hook are waiting and she explains that if they want privacy they better hurry because nothing gets between Leroy and his bacon. After being asked by Hook, Emma explains she found no trace of Rumplestiltskin at the farmhouse. Charming suggests searching all the places he might go, but a baffled Emma questions how it's even possible for him to be alive as they all witnessed him disappear. Hook butts in, explaining that when they went back to the Enchanted Forest Neal talked about the possibility of getting his father back. Charming asks how, but Hook says Neal didn't know how, he just missed his family and was desperate to get back to this world, so he thought bringing his father back would be the key. Emma states that if that was his plan then something went wrong, because although Gold might be alive, Neal is missing as no one has seen him since the new curse. Charming assures his daughter that he's out there, but Regina interrupts, stating they have more important issues than who brought Gold back. She points out Rumple being in the Wicked Witch's basement is one example, wondering what she was cooking up with him. Snow says the best way to find that out would be to ask Gold and Charming supposes he can tell them who the witch is and help track her down. Regina tells the group she's going to the farmhouse as it's possible the witch left behind some trace of potion or special ingredient. Emma tells the queen to be careful, but she warns Emma that the witch is the one who needs to be careful because she invaded her space, and when she returns the favor she won't be pulling any punches.

315 02
Zelena orders her flying monkey to find Rumplestiltskin.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the woods, on a hill looking down at Storybrooke, Zelena is stood holding the Dark One's dagger. She holds it out in front of her and smiles menacingly as she summons the Dark One. However, when nothing happens, she becomes frustrated and yells for Rumplestiltskin. Realising it's not working, she becomes worried because the Dark One has broken free and knows too much. With that, a Flying Monkey lands on a tree beside the witch, awaiting orders. Zelena turns to it and angrily demands that it find Rumplestiltskin. The monkey obeys and flies away, ready to complete its task. Meanwhile, Rumplestiltskin is running through the woods in a hurry, leaping over all the obstacles in his way, all the while checking behind him to make sure he's not being followed.


Act I

315 03
Belle is informed that Rumple may be alive.

At Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, Belle is examining a golden piece of straw as she questions how it's possible for Rumple to be alive. Emma says they were hoping she'd be able to tell them because she knows the shop and Rumple better than anyone else. She supposes that there must be a clue somewhere in the shop as to how and if he got back, so Belle tells her she's start looking. Charming asks her to keep her eye out for him, because if he's in town he'll come to her. Belle says she knows this, causing Snow to smile warmly. Emma then gives a signally look over to Hook, who offers to stay with Belle. The confused librarian asks if he'll stay with her, so Emma explains he'll protect her if the witch comes. Belle points out that he tried to kill her, so he tells her there was extenuating circumstances. She points out that he tried twice, so he awkwardly tries apologizing, making Emma mock his charming abilities. Hook then offers this as a way to make it up to Belle, so she reluctantly agrees. With that sorted, Emma turns to her mother and suggests heading to the woods, however Charming supposes Snow should stay home. She points out that she's their best tracker, but he reminds her that Zelena told her to get her rest. The family agree with the new plans and before setting off, Emma thanks Belle for her help and assures her they'll find Rumple. Belle thanks the blonde in return before she sets off.

One Year Ago

315 04
Belle and Neal start their search.

At the Dark Castle in the Enchanted Forest, Belle tells Neal that if there's anyone that can defeat the witch and get him back to his family, it's the Dark One. After she supposes the way to resurrect him must be in this castle, Neal realizes that she really believes in Rumple, so she tells Neal she loves him, even the parts the belonged to the darkness. Neal tells her it took him a while to see past the darkness and see a good man trying to get out. Belle states that he did get out, so Neal sadly agrees that he did, adding that now he needs to use the dark part to get back to his family. He looks at something in his hand, so Belle asks what it is. As he holds it out, he explains that it's a necklace of Emma's that was supposed to represent their life together. He wonders how it survived the trip, so Belle tells him it's because it was born out of true love. She then tells him to follow her as she thinks she knows where they can find what they need.

315 05
Lumière offers his assistance.

A short while later, Belle enters the library in the castle, only to be followed by Neal, who asks her if she thinks there's magic in here. She tells him there's something better; books. She lists that there'll be books on history, witchcraft, and hopefully some on the Dark One too. She begins lighting a candelabra to get light in the room as Neal asks her where they should start, she tells him to start one shelf at a time. "Hello there" a voice calls out quietly, confusing Belle and Neal, who look for the source of the sound. The voice speaks again, causing them to look at the candelabra Belle just lit. The flames begin to take the shape of a male face. Belle and Neal are both baffled, so the candle tells them not to be frightened as he's just a humble servant of the castle; he introduces himself as Lumière.

315 06
Neal decides to show up.

In Storybrooke Belle passes Hook some books she wants to study, warning him to watch the covers on them. He points out that he's dealing with a hook here as he takes them and awkwardly holds them. Suddenly, there's a banging sound from one of the doors. Assuming it's Rumple, Belle excitedly runs into the main part of the shop and Hook follows her. They look at the side door and see a man trying to barge in, attempting to push past the boxes that have been placed there to block the door. The person eventually breaks through and enters the shop, collapsing to the floor from exhaustion. It's Neal. A shocked Belle rushes to Neal's side and attempts to wake him up by calling out his name.

Act II

315 07
Henry tells Emma he doesn't believe her.

At Granny's Bed & Breakfast, Henry is sat doing some homework when Emma enters, passing him a bag and a cup. The boy asks his mother if she was out all night as he didn't hear her come in, but she explains that she was working and got him breakfast because she's "super mom". She tells him it's cocoa and a sesame bagel, but when he opens the bag he scoffs at the contents, asking if it's really a bagel. She apologizes, telling him they're not in Manhattan any more and then they both take a sip from their drinks. She moves, getting ready to leave, so Henry asks if she's going back out. She tells him she is and asks if he remembers Leroy. When he confirms he does, she tells him he's going fishing and asks if he wants to go too, Henry says he will, but only because he likes fishing, not because he believes her. Emma asks what he means, so he explains that she's not fooling him, stating something is up. She lies that she's working a case so he knows how she gets focused, but Henry points out its something more than that.

315 08
Emma promises to reveal everything eventually.

He adds that it's the town and all these old friends she's never mentioned before who whisper around him. He tells his mother there's something she's not telling him, but she tries to lie again, shrugging it off as the bail bonds business being dirty. Seeing through the lies, he states she's not getting off that easy and tells her if she can't tell him the truth then he wants to go home. Suddenly Emma gets a call, so she apologizes to her son before answering it. The person on the other line tells her something shocking, so she asks "what" in disbelief. She then tells them she'll be right there before hanging up. She awkwardly tells Henry she has to go, but he stops her, asking what's going on. His mother confesses that something is up, but tells him it just got even more complicated. She asks if he can trust her for now that she's doing what's best, promising to fill him in later. He tells his mother that he trusts her, so she thanks him before leaving, kissing him and telling him she loves him.

315 09
Emma and Neal are reunited.

Over at the Storybrooke General Hospital, Neal is sat in a bed with Belle and Hook by his side when Emma and Charming arrive, shocked to see him alive. Emma asks what happened, but he tells her he doesn't know and all he remembers is the yellow bug car crossing the town line and then suddenly running around the woods in Storybrooke, where apparently a whole lot has been going on. Hook asks Emma if she's going to tell him or if he should, so Neal curiously asks what he needs to be told. Charming explains that they think his dad is back. Neal angrily asks what they mean by "back", stating that he just saw him die. Emma tells him to take it easy before suddenly noticing a strange burn mark on Neal's hand; a triangle with lines surrounding it. She asks what it is as she takes a picture of it, but Neal says he doesn't know as it was there when he woke up. The blonde asks Belle if she can do more research, offering to send her the picture, the brunette says she will.

315 10
Neal finds out Henry doesn't remember him.

Neal asks Hook, Belle and Charming if he and Emma can have a minute, so they all leave, leaving the former couple alone. He tells her it's good to see her and even better to have her remember him, so she tells him it's good to see him too. He asks if its really been a year, so she confirms it has. He then asks when he can see Henry, but she doesn't know how to answer that. He says he understands that he can't just come barging back into her life, but she stops him, explaining that Henry's memories never came back, so he doesn't remember anything about the curse, his old life, and Neal. He asks what Henry knows about his father, so she tells him its that he let her go to jail and never came back for her. He defends himself, stating he didn't have a choice and she knows that, so she tells him she knows that now, but she didn't during the whole year. He asks if his son simply thinks he's a jerk that abandoned him, but when Emma doesn't reply, he insists they have to get his memories back and fix this. Emma tells Neal that Henry was really happy in New York with their new life, so Neal realises she doesn't want him to get his memories back. She supposes that it's maybe for the best, but Neal tells her he's his father and he wants him to know who he is.

315 11
Lumière tells his story.

Back in the Enchanted Forest during the missing year, a confused Belle and Neal stand before the magic candelabra, Lumière. Belle explains that she's dusted every nook and cranny of the place so wonders how their paths have never crossed. He explains that it's a big castle and he only awakens when his candles are lit, stating those are the rules of his punishment. Neal wonders who the punishment was from, so Lumière mockingly tells him it's obviously from Rumplestiltskin. As Neal examines the magical candle, Lumière explains that he made a deal with Rumple a long time ago and when he couldn't keep his end of the bargain he was made sure to pay the price. He fearfully asks if he's here, but Belle sadly tells him he's dead. Neal adds that they're trying to bring him back, shocking Lumière. He asks if he knows anything that could restore the Dark One since he's spent a lot of time here, so Lumière tells him he knows a great many things. Neal begs the candle for his help because without him he'll never see his family again.

315 12
Belle and Neal discover a key.

Lumière angrily asks why he should help resurrect the man who put him in this wax prison, so Belle tells him the Rumple he knew may have seemed cold and hard, but insists that he's changed since then. She promises him that if he helps them then she knows he'll restore him to his human form. As he contemplates helping, Belle begs him one last time. He finally agrees and tells her to look in the bookcase behind her in the bottom cabinet. As she opens it, Lumière tells her she'll know it when she sees it as it's a volume befitting the Dark One. Once Belle looks inside, she sees a giant ancient looking book that stands out from all the rest. She grabs it and puts it on a table, tentatively opening it. As she looks through it, Neal asks what kind of book it is. However, she reveals that it's not a book, but a hiding spot, as she pulls out a giant key hidden within the pages. The marking on the key resembles the same pattern on Neal's hand in Storybrooke. As she and Neal examine it, the latter asks what it is. Lumière tells them it's a key to the Vault of the Dark One. Confused, Belle asks what the Vault of the Dark One is. Lumière tells them it's where the first Dark One was made, born out of the darkness.

315 13
Zelena threatens Lumière.

Lumière tells them that it's where they must go if they intend on bringing back the Dark One. Belle asks if he'll guide them on their journey, so the candle confirms that he will if her promise of being returned to his human form is true. They put the key back into the book and Neal states they'll set of first thing in the morning. After blowing out the candles, the two leave the library. Once they're gone, Lumière's candles magically begin lighting on their own...and Zelena comes out of the shadows, telling him "nicely done". She tells him she doesn't think they suspected him for an instant, which says more about them than it does about him. She mocks Belle for not being as smart as she thinks and calls Neal dumber than a box of hair. Lumière sadly states that they're merely desperate to bring back their Rumplestiltskin, but Zelena adds that they're also blind. The candelabra then demands to be released as he's aided her enough, but she tells him to watch his tone as there's more to be done, stating he shall do it unless he desires being the wax seal on an envelope.

315 14
Zelena helps Snow in a time of worry.

Back in Storybrooke, Snow opens the door to her apartment, letting in a smiling Zelena, who's carrying a bag of groceries. Snow comments that the midwife got here fast, so Zelena tells her she could hear a little panic in her voice. She assures Snow that there's no need to be anxious if you don't feel your baby move for a while, claiming it doesn't mean a thing. She pulls out a bottle of orange juice, shocking Snow. As she pours the soon-to-be-mother a glass, she explains that babies move less when they're about to go into labour, so it's possible that she's closer to delivering than they think. Snow says it could be, or it could be that she's getting anxious with everything going on and getting ready for the baby. Zelena adds that it could also be stress from the wicked witch, claiming everyone in town is talking about it. She asks if they've find out anything more about her, but Snow explains they haven't before becoming frustrated over the fact that she's cooped up inside while everyone is working hard to find her. Zelena calms her down, explaining that no one is working as hard as her right now because she's creating a whole new person. She then tells Snow to drink up, so she does. As she drinks the orange juice she eagerly watches her. Suddenly, moments after drinking, Snow becomes shocked when she feels a kick. She places a hand on her stomach and so does Zelena, who tells her it works every time; Snow tells her she's amazing. Zelena explains that her little prince or princess can be here any day before telling her she's not going to let her have the baby without her. She then smiles sinisterly at Snow, although the princess doesn't pick up on the creepy look on Zelena's face.


At Zelena's farmhouse, Regina is pacing outside when she hears a twig snap behind her. Assuming it's a Flying Monkey, she tells the "winged freak" to show itself. However, she's met with an arrow flying towards her, shot by Robin Hood's crossbow. As she catches it in her hand, the thief apologizes, stating he thought she was the Wicked Witch; she says she thought he was a flying monkey. He tells the queen he hopes his mistake hasn't cost him his head, addressing her as "your majesty". "So, you know who I am?" she asks, leading him to say her reputation in the Enchanted Forest precedes her. She says she didn't catch his name, so he introduces himself as Robin of Loxley. He holds out his hand to shake hers, but instead she drops the arrow her shot at her into it, pointing out he's the thief. Robin points out that since they're "tossing labels around" that she's known as the Evil Queen She tells him she prefers Regina before asking if he thinks he can take down the Wicked Witch with "sticks". He says he'll try, but she warns him they're too late as she's long gone. Robin supposes she left a trail, so the mayor reveals she thought the same thing, "Then you've got yourself a partner" Robin tells her. Uncomfortable, Regina says she doesn't remember asking for one, but he simply tells her he didn't. She turns to him, trying to hold back her smile, and tells him not to get in her way, "I wouldn't dream of it" he responds. A confused Regina asks if they've met before, but he tells her he doubts he'd forget ever meeting her...unless it was during the year that nobody can remember, which would be all the more reason to find the witch, as she could possibly provide some insight into their lost memories. The two walk towards the farmhouse, ready to investigate.

Meanwhile, at the Storybrooke Memorial Hospital, Neal is sat in his bed looking at the strange mark on his hand when Hook approaches him with a bowl of jelly, saying he thought he could use some sustenance. Neal jokes about the jelly, so Hook says he gathered it has "great medicinal properties". Neal goes on to ask the pirate who put him on babysitting duty to make sure he doesn't run off, so he explains it was Emma. Neal thanks Hook for getting Emma the message to come back, so Hook says he'd have done the same. Neal asks what it feels like to be the hero after being a pirate for so long, so Hook tells him it's unfamiliar before asking how it feels to play the villain. "I'm a villain now?" Neal asks, leading Hook to point out that if he truly brought his father back then he'd have had to use the darkest magic to do it. Neal unstraps himself from the machines and attempts to leave, stating he should be out there looking, asking Hook if he's going to stand in his way. Hook tells him he is in his way before grabbing Neal and hugging him. A confused Neal asks what he's doing, so Hook tells him the hug was long overdue, stating that when he looks at him all he sees in a man and he forgets that underneath it he's still "that boy" who he looked after all those years ago. Neal says he hasn't forgotten, leading Hook to point out how they got caught up in so much nonsense a woman. Neal tells the pirate that he doesn't need to do this, realising what's about to happen. Hook tells him he has ten minutes before he alerts the others he's gone. Neal rushes out of the hospital to find his father.

Act IV

Act V

Act VI


315 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode features Lumière, the enchanted candelabrum.






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