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Queen Sonja - Mother
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Queen Astrid - Grandmother
King Olaf - Grandfather
Queen Daphne - Grandmother
King Magnus - Grandfather
Kristoff - Son-in-Law
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Queen Gerda is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. Once a princess with two sisters she loved dearly, Gerda ended up becoming the Queen of Arendelle when one sister - Ingrid - killed the other - Helga - with her secret powers of ice and snow. Gerda took extensive measures to make sure that no one in the kingdom would be able to remember them, but all magic comes with a price, and she ended up with her own empowered daughter Elsa, followed by another normal daughter Anna. These girls were left alone after Gerda and her husband died at sea, and went on to discover some questionable things about their parents.


Before the Curse

Gerda 407
Gerda traps Ingrid in the magic urn, fearing her. ("The Snow Queen")

As children, Ingrid and her two younger sisters, Helga and Gerda play in the gardens of their castle in Arendelle. They come across a man who attempts to kidnap the latter two, but Ingrid accidentally kills him with ice magic. She fears she's an uncontrollable monster, but her sisters promise to be there for her and they make ribbon bracelets to symbolize their love. Many years later, a ball is held at their castle to find suitors for the girls. As Helga and Gerda prepare themselves, Ingrid reveals she isn't going because of her unstable magic. However, as the ball takes place, Ingrid pays a quick visit to it, but when she sees her sisters having fun, she becomes sad and decides to leave. As she packs her things she's caught by her sisters who persuade her to stay as Gerda has heard of a powerful sorcerer that can help contain magic; it is none other than Rumplestiltskin. They visit Rumple and he gives them a magical urn, which can trap any magical being, in return for their ribbon bracelets, as they're a symbol for love and this makes them tainted with magic. Once they return home, the Duke of Weselton, Helga's suitor, makes a move on Ingrid, but she defends herself with magic. He attempts to lie to Helga about what happened, but she doesn't believe him. A fight breaks out and the Duke makes threats, so Ingrid attempts to stop him with magic. However, Helga gets in the way and she turns to ice before crumbling into pieces. Gerda discovers Ingrid beside their sisters dead frozen body and she begins to fear her. Despite Ingrid's pleas for help, Gerda uses the magic urn to trap her. Gerda then visits Grand Pabbie and asks him to remove everyone in Arendelle's memories of her two sisters. ("The Snow Queen")

401 01
A crucial message is sent. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Lightning flashes amidst the night sky as rain thrashes down on the stormy sea below, on top of which a ship is struggling to sail, being tossed about by the enormous waves. Its flag blows wildly as its crewmen try in vein to keep it steady, but still water continues to gather. Below deck, which is beginning to flood, a woman in a crown - the Queen of Arendelle - bursts forth from a doorway and heads over to a stationery set, from which she eventually manages to find a pen to write something down on a sheet of paper. As she writes, her husband - the King of Arendelle - begins descending the stairs in search of her and asks her what she's doing, reluctant to approach due to all the water. His wife exclaims that she has to finish "this", but he speaks out against it, managing to make his way over to her as he tells her that the vessel is going down and they have to abandon ship. She simply continues writing and replies, "They have to know." She then finishes her note and rolls it up in her hands, pointing out that, while they might not may it home, this could. The King is wearisome. With the message now enclosed in a glass bottle, the King and Queen make their way above deck, trying their very hardest, under these conditions, to make a few small steps. The King asks his wife if she's sure they're doing the right thing, and she answers positively, saying that Anna and Elsa must know the truth; it's the only thing that will save them. With that, the King hurls the message in a bottle out at sea and the royal couple look on as their ship is enveloped by water and soon capsizes. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")


Season 4

Ingrid 411
A portrait of Gerda and her sisters is found. ("Heroes and Villains")

Following Ingrid's death, Elsa is finally able to use her powers in order to take down the ice wall surrounding town; however, some of the Snow Queen's magic remains, and her desire to keep intruders out of Storybrooke has made it so that anyone who leaves cannot return. This disappoints Anna, who wants to go home to Arendelle in order to dethrone Hans, but she's told that walking wouldn't get her there anyway; she needs a portal. Wanting to get rid of Anna, who knows of his plans which ultimately fail, Mr. Gold heads to the sorcerer's house and manages to reverse the spell that brought Ingrid into the land without magic, meaning that a door leading back to Arendelle appears. Elsa, Anna and Kristoff go through it with the intention of bringing back the memories of Ingrid and Helga to the people of the kingdom. Just before Anna's wedding, she reveals to Elsa that she found a portrait of Ingrid, Helga and their mother, Gerda, amidst the things locked away in the East Wing of the palace. They decide to display it in deference to their late family members. ("Heroes and Villains")


Gallery of promotional stills released to promote the character.

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