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Queen Elinor, the wife of King Fergus, and mother of Merida, and the former Queen of DunBroch. Once ruling aside her husband over the United Clans, she eventually steps down from the throne following her husband's passing, allowing the crown to be given to Merida. She appears in "The Bear King".


After the Curse

Season 2

When Merida goes to the war front with King Fergus, Elinor makes her husband promise to protect her, and in doing so, he hires Mulan as a tutor. During the battle though, things take a turn for the worse, and Fergus ends up murdered by an unidentifiable knight. With Merida having been unable to save her father in time, the United Clans turn on her, sending her fleeing. Elinor, meanwhile, is exiled, and the triplet princes are captured. ("The Bear and the Bow"/"The Bear King")

Before the Third Curse

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Elinor witnesses Merida be crowned Queen. ("The Bear King")

Merida does eventually prove herself fit to be Queen of DunBroch, when outsmarting the three Lords of the other clans. Settling back into the castle, Merida is soon rejoined by Elinor, and together they mourn Fergus before Merida's coronation. However, Merida's crowning is interrupted by the kingdom's Witch, who has come for payment for the enchanted helm she forged for Fergus years prior. With the threat of turning the entire kingdom into bears, Elinor frantically begins searching for the helm, only to be told by Merida she remembers seeing Fergus pack it when heading out to the war front. She believes it's still somewhere by the battleground. Against Elinor's wishes, Merida later makes a deal with Lord Macintosh to turn the crown over to him if he can find the helm by the Witch's deadline, but this does not come to pass. Merida, with the help of Mulan and Red Riding Hood, battle King Arthur and Zelena for the helm and succeed. Merida refuses to hand the helm over to the Witch though, for she does not want someone to have such power... only for this to be exactly what the Witch was hoping for. It was all a test to see if Merida was a true Queen, and she has passed. Elinor comments that the Witch's deals are never that direct, and from there Merida is crowned Queen. ("The Bear King")


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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