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The Queen's Guard is a guard working for Queen Regina, who accompanied her when she ran into Hansel and Gretel in "True North".


Before the Curse

Queen's Guard 109 1
The guard captures Hansel and Gretel. ("True North")

When Hansel and Gretel lose their father in the woods, they start calling out for him. They become worried and then they hear a noise coming from the nearby road. They rush in the direction of the road, continually calling for their father, until they are met with a pair of black knights riding their horses. The horses come to a halt before the children, but the startled Gretel falls on her back to the road. When she does, she accidentally cracks the glass of the compass her father gave her. Hansel comforts her, but a black knight soon grabs them by the shoulders and brings them to the black carriage being escorted. He then lets go of them and heads toward the carriage, while Gretel puts her compass pendant back around her neck. The door to the carriage is opened and the Evil Queen pokes her head out and asks, "What are you doing in my forest?" Hansel and Gretel look with some surprise at the feared individual before them. ("True North")