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The Qaurtermaster is one of Killian Jones' crew members who appears in "The Crocodile".


Before the Curse

Qaurtermaster 204
The quartermaster tells Rumple to rise. ("The Crocodile")

Rumplestiltskin, walking with his crutch, reaches the end of a local dock and makes it to the ship of the crew that have taken his wife. He enters the boat, and as he comes down the couple of steps that lead to the deck, he misses one by accident, which leads him to lose balance and fall on the floor. He tries to recompose himself and finds that his face is now on the same level as the boots of the captain. The quartermaster tells him, "On your feet for the captain.", and two other sailors help Rumple get up, not that he wanted this. The captain looks at the middle-aged man with mockery in his eyes and smile. Rumple points at the man and claims to remember him, from the bar. The captain says that it's always nice to make an impression, and all the members of his crew chuckle, almost mechanically. The captain acknowledges that they haven't been formally introduced, and states his name: Killian Jones. ("The Crocodile")

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