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The purse snatcher robs Marian of her purse, thus resulting in Robin chasing after him until he is able to retrieve it. He appears in "Heart of Gold".


After the Second Curse

Season 4

417 04
"A thief who steals from those in need has no honor." ("Heart of Gold")

Along the busy and noisy streets of New York City walks Robin Hood and his family. "It's loud," Roland exclaims, to which his father replies that they'll get use to it. He proceeds to pull out a map of the town; Marian asks what it is they're looking for, and Robin reveals it's their new home. He goes on to tell that Regina gave him the keys to Mr. Gold's son's apartment. "Baelfire," Marian exclaims, going to say that he was from the Enchanted Forest, but still lived out many years in their current world; she now believes that they can too. Robin agrees, but the two are interrupt by Roland, who tells his mother that he's tired. Marian agrees to carry her son while Robin leads the way to their new home, but as she places her purse on the ground to pick Roland up, a thief runs by and steals it. "Mama," Roland tries to warn, but it's too late. Marian calls out for the thief to stop, but it proves to be useless. Robin leaves his wife and son to run after the thief, who has now stolen a bicycle to get away from the Merry Man. Contemplating what to do next, Robin looks around, where he sees a classic horse drawn carriage, driven by a carriage driver, and all. Moments later, as the purse snatcher continues riding away on his stolen bicycle, he is caught up to by Robin Hood, who has borrowed one of the horses from the carriage. The two of them each cut in the middle of traffic, and after a bit more chasing, Robin finally jumps from his horse and tackles the purse snatcher, throwing him off of his bike. Robin goes to punch him, but seeing people crowed around, he instead says, "A thief who steals from those in need has no honor." "What are you talking about, man?" the purse snatcher asks, confused and frightened. Robin doesn't answer, but instead gives the thief a shove and stands to his feet. The purse snatcher proceeds to run off, presumably leaving Marian's purse behind. ("Heart of Gold")

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