Purple gem necklace
Purple gem necklace
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Queen Regina (formerly)
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The purple gem necklace is a magical necklace that was owned by Sir Percival, which he gifted to Queen Regina so that he could spy on her.


Before the Third Curse

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Regina receives a gift from Percival. ("The Price")

As Percival, King Arthur and their guests arrive at the castle, he stands as the king introduces them to his queen, Guinevere, before announcing there will be a ball held in their honor. After Hook asks about Merlin, Percival is present as Arthur takes them to a tree in the courtyard and explains that he's trapped inside. When Arthur asks which of them is the savior, Regina lies and claims that it's her. Later on, Percival approaches Regina as she examines the tree with Robin. He gives her a purple gem necklace, stating that it's a gift from Arthur that he wishes for her to wear at the ball. However, this turns out to be a lie as Percival uses the magical necklace to spy on Regina's conversations with Snow and David, which reveal she isn't actually the savior. During the ball, Percival interrupts Robin and Regina's dance, asking for a turn to dance with the savior. As soon as they're alone he begins questioning who she is and tells her a nightmarish story of a boy coming home to find his family murdered and village destroyed, and the "angel of death" who smiled at him. Regina realizes that Percival is talking about her when she was the Evil Queen, so demands who else he's told. He claims to have kept it secret, and when asked why, he confesses that Arthur wouldn't have let him "do this". He proceeds to draw his sword and attempt to kill Regina, but Robin intervenes and is injured in the process. Before Percival can deliver a fatal blow to the thief, Charming saves him by stabbing Percival in the chest, killing him. ("The Price")