Protection necklace
Protection necklace
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Protection in the Netherworld
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The protection necklace is an enchanted necklace owned by Mr. Gold that was given to Henry and David during their visits to the Netherworld.


After the Curse

Season 2

Protection necklace 207
Henry is given protection from the Netherworld. ("Child of the Moon")

After visiting the Netherworld in his dreams, Henry Mills soon finds himself being burned in real life by the flames. A concerned Regina asks Mr. Gold for help stopping her son visiting the realm, but he explains he cannot do this. Instead, he gives them an enchanted necklace that will allow him to control his actions in the Netherworld, meaning he'll no longer have to fear it. A suspicious Regina asks what the price will be, but Gold tells them it's on the house since it's for Henry. Later on, when Henry visits the Netherworld, he's able to control the flames. After doing so, he sees Aurora standing at the other side of the room. ("Child of the Moon") After Charming decides to go under the sleeping curse so that he can communicate with Snow, Henry gives him his necklace and explains it will help him control the flames. The prince takes it and promises to guard it with his life. Once in the Netherworld, Charming follows the necklace, which is glowing, as it leads him to a hot area. He breaks through the floor and falls into the fiery room where Snow awaits. However, the necklace smashes when it falls to the floor. ("Into the Deep") Charming continues to wear the necklace around his neck whilst under the sleeping curse. After Snow wakes him up with true love's kiss, he removes it. ("Queen of Hearts")