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The Portland Cop is an unnamed officer who almost caught Emma and Neal with a stolen car in "Tallahassee".


After the Curse

Early Life

206 03
Neal talks he and Emma out of trouble. ("Tallahassee")

Emma is still driving her stolen bug down the road with the mystery man sitting in the back seat, he tells her to keep on driving. She reminds him that she just stole his car and that his life could be in danger, he ignores this and introduces himself as Neal Cassidy, however, Emma refuses to tell him her name. He tells her that she doesn't need to and that her messy little robbery is showing little progress. "Emma... Swan.", she tells him, he says that that's a good name. She asks Neal if he lives in the car or is just waiting for it to be stolen, "Why don't I tell you over drinks?", he offers, Emma is taken aback by this and Neal reminds her to keep her eyes on the road, the car speeds past a STOP sign. Emma tells Neal that she's not having drinks with him as he might be a pervert, he says that he might be a pervert, but she's definitely a car thief. "I told you, I'm sorry!", she exclaims, "You didn't, actually.", he points out. Police sirens are heard and Emma looks behind herself to see police cars gaining on her, Neal tells her that that's why he said "eyes on the road". Emma finds a clear spot and pulls over, the police stop behind her. Neal demands Emma's screwdriver, he quickly pulls it out of the ignition and puts the actual key in their place. A policeman walks over to Emma's window, which she winds down, he asks her for her license and registration. Just as the blonde begins to talk, Neal leans in behind her and begins to talk to the officer, apologizing for what's happened and lying that Emma's his girlfriend to whom he's teaching how to drive a stick. The officer mentions that she still has a lot to learn, "I know, but you know... women.", Neal says. Emma looks at him angrily but the officer lets the two of them off with a warning. Neal thanks the policeman as he walks back into the squad car. ("Tallahassee")

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