This portal shows the minor supporting characters of Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, meaning the characters who have been featured in at least five episodes, not as series regulars, but whose actors either aren't credited for at least five appearances; or never receive at least one guest starring credit (not inclusive to instances where a character appears solely by impersonating another character). The characters are organized by episode count and, in case they are in the same number of episodes, alphabetically.


Portal Female
 Enchanted Forest
Portal Male
 Land Without Magic
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Portal Male
Portal Female
Portal Male

Minor Supporting Characters

Doc Portal
Sleepy Portal
Portal Sneezy
Happy Portal
Portal Dopey
Portal Neal
Donna Portal
Portal Baby Hood
Portal Roland
Portal Amara
Portal Pongo
Portal Shadow
Portal Nimue
Portal Chief
Portal Gus
Portal Tuck
Portal Bishop
Portal Daniel
Portal Lily
Portal Sven
Portal Zoso
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