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Poole is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. Once the sadistic yet loyal orderly to Mr. Hyde, Poole took things a step too far in his mistreatment of Dr. Jekyll, as well as a group of foreign prisoners. One of said prisoners - the Wicked Witch - ended up shooting him dead with a fireball.


After the Third Curse

Season 5

522 24
Poole stuns some intruders. ("Only You")

When Snow White, Prince Charming, Captain Hook and Zelena are all accidentally sucked into a portal to the Land of Untold Stories, they come across Dr. Jekyll while he's trimming flowers from a garland in the garden of Hyde's mansion. They need magic to get home but he is reluctant to talk to them in fear that Poole will punish him; indeed, Poole shows up and stuns the four heroes, proceeding to lock them all up in a cage. After Hyde has his fun intimidating them, Jekyll returns with the intention of helping them... on the condition that, when they return to the town of Storybrooke where they came from, he gets to come with them. They agree to his terms and end up giving him the Apprentice's wand, which broke as they came through the portal it created. He takes it to the laboratory to repair it, not being able to bring the necessary potions to the prisoners because Hyde would know they were missing, but once he's successfully fixed the magical artifact he is ambushed by Poole and forced to transform into his worse half. Poole suggests killing the prisoners, but Hyde doesn't allow it; instead, he decides that Storybrooke is going to be their new home and he uses the wand to kidnap Belle, Rumplestiltskin's wife, so as to have the leverage he needs to carry out his plan. ("Only You")

523 19
Zelena shoots Poole dead. ("An Untold Story")

Poole pretends to drink too much whiskey and pass out so that Jekyll will steal his key and escape with the prisoners back to his apartment. This is all so he will complete the serum that will allow him to separate from Mr. Hyde, and once it's thoroughly completed Hyde emerges and forces him to transform into his other self. Snow, David, Hook and Zelena all run away and Hyde is able to use the serum to force Jekyll out of his body. Unfortunately, the heroes return and stop him from killing the doctor. Poole emerges with his electronic weapon but is immediately hit by a green fireball thrown by Zelena. He drops to the floor, dead, and drops his weapon in the process. Snow approaches his corpse and takes the weapon away, using it to stun Hyde and help Jekyll escape. ("An Untold Story")


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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